Thursday, September 10, 2009

One more thing...

The pitching in Milwaukee is by far the worse I have seen in some time. In fact, it's the second worse in the league! From top to bottom, even including Yovanni Gallardo at times...this rotation is purely laughable.

Doug Melvin, despite my fondness for him, should be held accountable for this atrocity. Why? Because he actually felt that this rotation would be okay for 2009.

"I thought we had middle-of-the-pack pitching," he said. "If we were seventh or eighth in ERA, between 4.30 and 4.50, we'd have a chance. It didn't happen." -Doug Melvin

Really? Even wit out pitching coach Mike Maddux; who went to the Rangers last winter? We can't blame you for parting ways with Ben Sheets and losing out to CC Sabathia. But adding another arm to the rotation, other than Oliver Perez, would have worked last winter.

Grow some nuts and kick Suppan to the pen. Who knows, he may actually be okay down there.

Michael Hunt hinted at a pretty good idea in the above mentioned story in yesterdays Journal-Sentinel....

Milwaukee has to a little more gutsy in going after solid pitchers this off-season. Not reckless, but will to take more chances with injury-laden pitchers. Granted, Ben Sheets has probably scared the living bejesus out of this sort of thinking. But look at the risk that the Cardinals did in signing John Smoltz? Or the Phillie's with Pedro Martinez?

This day and age, you have to take chances and hope that it works out. Of course, I will probably be bitching if it doesn't...but you know what? That's okay. I'm a fan of Brewers baseball.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 weeks left

Well, not much to get excited over. Carpenter made the Brewers look like complete morons by limiting them to 1-hit...the day after Prince Fielder and the Crew beat the SF Giants in walk-off fashion that was seen all over the Sports Centers of the world.

I don't get it. Why would the Crew think it's swell to do the bombs-away / bowling theme after Sunday's game? Honestly....I don't get it. I seldom get mad at the Brewers and especially Prince Fielder...but that was simply retarded. Sorry folks.

Yes, it looked kind of cool...but then I opened the paper to see that the Milwaukee Brewers are virtually a couple of games from being officially out of the post-season race. Not to mention that the Crew is under .500 and threatening to break their consecutive seasons of winning records.

Here's an idea....act like you have been there before. This single-handidly topped the list of uneeded celebratory shinanigans that Ryan Braun has ever done.

Enough with that....

JJ Hardy is 2-15 since coming back from Nashville. Honestly, this kid pisses me off to high heaven. It's like he doesn't honestly know why he was sent down to the minors. Nobody elses fault but his own, would be the best way to handle this ordeal. But no, he claims stupidty. pointed out the obvious today when they did a piece on the looming threat that Milwaukee's grass-roots movement is coming to an end. The JACK Z days are numbered where Milwaukee's fans could look to the future. JJ and Corey's days are (hopefully) numbered and the Rickie Weeks that we say in the first 1.5 months may not return; it is Rickie Weeks afterall.

If Melvin wants any chance to returning to the post season, he will have to part ways with Prince Fielder...or....hope that he can deal the farm away for a solid ACE. I hate to see Prince go, but it's going to happen in 2010-2011. Get the most that you can for him!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 weeks left....

Hi, my name is JJ Hardy and I played my way out of the starting SS position...all on my own!

Who would have thought that the Milwaukee Brewers would be sitting two games under .500 and in 3rd place entering the final month (5 weeks) of play? If you would have told me that JJ Hardy would be apart of the September call-up, I would have said you were nuts. Oh, and if you would've told me that Jeff Suppan sucks...I would have responded with a "no shit".
So goes the long season that is baseball. Milwaukee enters, what should've been, a key 3-game series in St. Louis this week. However, instead of fighting for first place the Milwaukee Brewers are fighting to get to .500 on the year.

JJ Hardy is expected to be called up today and may even start for Milwaukee. This may be a kind gesture on behalf of Macha and Melvin to Hardy, seeing that he has some hard feelings on what went down in August. Wwhaaaaaaa (crying to myself). Get over it JJ. How many times has Melvin given you excessive amounts of time to jump out of your constant slumps that often times last more than 2 months?!?!? Business is business and it's moves like this that will make Milwaukee in to a contender team. You can't think like a small-market team, you have to act like the Yankees and not look at the situation as being personal. Melvin may have just graduated from "Small team thinking like big team: 101".
With Hard spending the 20 days down in the minors now allows Milwaukee to have one more year of control over the 27 year-old SS. This is great! Why you might ask? Well, because his trade value has sunk to an all-time low this season. With Escobar playing well and JJ refusing to move to 3B...Melvin has no other option but to trade him. By packaging the SS up with an additional year of control on the contract, thus allows teams to look pass this horrid 2009 season. Granted, JJ will flourish with a change of scenery and this is a huge risk by Melvin. To gamble on something young and immature while giving up on a veteran (so-to-speak) who has proven to hit 20+ HR's in a season.
Something has to be done though. This nucleus has to be broken up. It started with Geoff Jenkins not coming back and continued with Billy Hall being shipped to the minors before being dealt to Seattle for a bag of bats. It starts here gentlemen. Melvin has shown that he can be tough, finally!
So where does Milwaukee go from here? It's time to start wheeling & dealing! Prince Fielder? I love ya, but you can bring the team 2 solid pitchers (one possibly an ACE). Yes, certainly this leaves a gap in the middle of the order and it takes away 1/2 of the productivity. But as San Fransisco is proving to the MLB this're only as good as your pitching. What good is it to have a 1-2 punch in the line-up with out a solid 1-2 punch in the rotation? Bring back Looper, Bush, and Parra. Throw Suppan in the bullpen (who cares that he's a veteran) and go pull off a trade that will land us a valid ACE and a back of the rotation hurler.

1. New guy
2. Parra
3. Bush
4. Looper
5. New guy