Friday, August 29, 2008

Brewers head to the 'burgh

Make no mistake about it people, this series could nip the Brewers in the arse and the Pirates could play spoiler. Milwaukee will hopefully be prepared for any and all sort of surprises this weekend against the Pirates. Let the Phillies worry about the Cubs. They will split this 4-game series with the Cubs, so says my gut.

Well everybody...we did it! The Brewers sold 3 million tickets this season setting a club record. Magnificent job to all of the Brewers' personel. Not just the players, but all the office scrubs, announcers, parking attendants, ownership, great marketing, and a loyal fan base. You look at the Tampa Bay Rays and see that they are ahead in the "toughest" division in baseball, yet they average 9-10k fans during the week days. That's sick. The Rays look at this and see hope. However, it's much tougher for them to do it. You have a state of transplants who have no allegiance to the "Devil Rays". They wait for their hometown team to visit before they buy tickets. Nice job Milwaukee.

-Perhaps we should slow our role on the post season. I am as confident as the next guy....but we still have a lot of baseball to play. This sort of thing is needed...proper planning. But hopefully it's not a sign of assumption.

-Dave Bush (8-9) takes to the mound against the struggling Tom Gorzelanny LHP (6-8 / 6.82) tonight.
Here is the series line up.
Let us not forget that PNC Park has been unkind to us in the past!

-Nice to see the Red Sox Nation suffer. Beckett is the artery to that team. If Beckett is out, so it the team. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when thinking back to that series. Although that did light a fire underneath them.

-Nice break down of prospects who may get the call in a week, around the league. I said it from the start....Escobar and/or Gamel will get the call. I don't care if Escobar is in AA or not. He is the future cornerstone of this team (along with Braun).

-Matt LaPorta (I miss you dearly) updated his blog...finally. Good insight on the Olympics.

-Mark Attanasio is very, very rich. I like it that he is investing in Milwaukee. Not just with the Crew...but with other areas.

-I feel that Milwaukee has a great owner in Mark Attanasio. This guy will only make Milwaukee better by increasing the pay roll in years to come, and may even surprise us this off-season with CC. I am sick of pretending that pay rolls don't win a World Series. Tell that to the Yankees of the 90's and the Boston Red Sox of the 21st century. It's not everything. But when you partner it with Doug Melvin's farm's a lethal combo! Congrats Mark.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

St. Louis is really distraught

The entire city of St. Louis is distraught about what went "down" last night (take your pick at any story in the Cards Section) in their ball park last night. Their top newspaper is having a field day with what occurred with Villy and Mr. Albert. The mentally challenged fans in St. Louis have knit picked the Brewers apart, even saying that Villy is a "jouneyman-over the hill" pitcher who doesn't know any better. Hmmmm. K. He's 24 and this is his 2nd or 3rd season in the bigs. Then the posters bring up facts like "no big wins since '82". Hmmmm. K. Live in the now man.

It's all good. The Cubs are losing in the 8th. And Milwaukee is idle. Oh....and I'm watching college football in HD. Love it.


The game last night between the Cards and Crew gave me heartburn that lasted through out the entire night. It was pitiful. Manny Parra pitches an exceptional game only to have it ruined by David Riske and Brian Shouse. Thanks to Eric Gagne being off to tend to his family (wife giving birth), Riske was tasked with the 8th. He had to follow Carlos Villenueva's fantastic 7th inning where he was able to fend of bases loaded. Riske came in and just flopped. What can you do? The guy has been very limited in his innings as of late and he had to face a pissed off line up consisting of Pujols, Ludwick, and Glaus. In all, the Cards rally to beat the Brewers 5-3 in a game that was great through 7 innings for the Crew...only to end in utter disbelief. You can't lose these games Milwaukee...not when you have a 3 run lead through most of the game.

Manny Parra was spot on last night, striking out 7 batters and giving up one run. This kid can flat out throw. There have been 3 or 4 games this season that he had exited the game with the lead.

Albert Pujols claims Carlos woke a sleeping giant. What is this...WWII? You guys have been soft the entire season. Perhaps Phat Albert should shut his fat yapper. Look no further at your own teammates who "respect" the game by slamming down their batters helmet in front of all to see. Or even yourself, telling JJ Hardy that you were gonna get him (Carlos) the next time, after you reached second on your double. Your pathetic. I have always read right through that prick. Milwaukee should not forget last years incident during the last week of baseball. Despite Ned's boneheaded call to beam Albert. These two teams should hate each other the same, if not more than the Cubs. This team is filled with pricks. The sad thing is that they could very easily leap frog us in the September. This game last night, was one of those do or die games. We blew it.

Prince Fielder had better start heating up again in September. He was awful at the plate last night (not at first though), going 0 for 5. He now has 10 hits in his last 51 at-bats and is hitting .233 in the month of August. His play this year has been spotty at through out the season.

Corey Hart leads the national league in Doubles @ 39

Call me selfish, rude, or unethical....but shouldn't Gagne be in the bull pen, despite his wife giving birth? It's almost September. There are soldiers in Iraq getting shot at who make 30k-50k a year, not able to see their kids....yet this Canadian takes a couple of days off against Milwaukee's arch rival, Cardinals. You know, the ones who are nipping at our heels for the post season. You make 10MM in one fricken year, perhaps you should give up some of the freedoms like watching your kid be born? Is that rude of me to think this way?

Do NOT blame Carlos Villanueva for "waking a sleeping giant". The kid flat out beat the Cardinals in his inning, when we needed him. That's an excuse for a celebration in my book. Headlines like this one piss me off.

St. Louis' press gives credit where credit is due. Despite their heralding of Pujols.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trenni is a nice lady.

I have facebook and sometimes venture on it in search of lost friends. I became "friends" with FSN's Trenni Kusnierek. The coveted sideline reporter for the Brewers. Class act, I must say. I wrote her a simple message....she responds:

August 26 at 6:51am
Thank you for being smart and actually bringing some substance to the sideline reporting. I trust you will be working with the Badger games? Y may have to start late won't be reporting to them until October. Just wanted to let you know that you are a class act. Cheers!

Scott Olson

August 26 at 11:12am

Thank you so much! I will not be on the Badger beat this fall. I follow the same schedule as Craig and will be moving to Bucks basketball in late October/early November. (Hopefully after a Brewers World Series run!)

Thanks again for the compliments...


August 26 at 2:17pm
That's too bad. Well, good luck to you on the rest of the Brewers season and with the Bucks w/ Craig. Let's hope the Crew can pull of a sweep and the Cubs drop at LEAST one to the Pirates. That could position us for a run this week, especially with the Cubs taking on the Phillies.

My wife thinks I'm strange.

Brewers Stay Hot

Milwaukee walloped the St. Louis Cardinals 12-0 in the first of a two-game series.

Ben Sheets (12-7) pitched a great game and finally notched a win, an important win at that. Numerous times the righty had to work his way out of jams consisting of runners on the corners with zero or 1 out. I know of at least two times he was able to keep runners on third from scoring with the likes of Ankiel and Pujols batting.
Big Ben threw 6 complete shut-out innings while striking out only 4 batters. Thanks impart to well positioned pitches that had Cardinal batters flying-0ut left and right, he was able to get the support defensively and offensively from his teammates.
Shockingly enough, Ben has only tied his career best in wins for the season, at 12. That is what happens when you have season after season of low run support and a mediocre offense. An argument to that could be this season, when the team is good enough to supply that. Since the All Star break, the Brewer bats have not been too active, thus effecting Sheets' numbers of wins.

Depending on whether or not Yost decides to go to a 4-man rotation (which he wont), Sheets will have another 4 to 5 starts (depending on match-ups) left this season. If he wins at least 3 of those starts, his record could be 15-9 on the season. Best case scenario is 17-7.

The bullpen finally had to punch in their time cards last night. Sheets was pulled after only 100 pitches, which was a smart move on Yost's part. Why work him harder than what is needed? We have been lucky (knock on wood) that he has only had to miss one start this season. That's unheard of for Mr. Sheets. In three innings, the pen only gave up 2 hits (Gagne & Shouse) between 3 relievers. I still feel that the Brewers bull pen will surprise the National League down the stretch. Their limited use by Yost, thanks impart to inning-eaters like CC and Sheets, will only prove how good they are in September and in to October. Hell, they may not be great, but they will be effective come autumn.

Now for the fun part of this game....

The bats were alive last night at Busch! Both Ryan Braun (33) and Billy Hall (15) went yard for the Brewers. Braun's shot was a Badger Mutual Insurance run provider, by nailing a two-run blast which made it 5-0. I could breathe a little easier after that!
Three different Brewers hit doubles last night: Counsell, Kendall, and Hart.
Counsell/Braun/Fielder all had 3 hit games!

The Brewers erupted for 16 hits last night!

Concern: Ray Durham exited game early with a strained shoulder and is listed day-t0-day.
If this turns out to be worse than what is reported, you can expect Gamel and/or Escobar called up in a week or so, especially with the extended rosters.

-Brewers buy a human-being: St. Paul Saints outfielder Brent Krause has been purchased by the Milwaukee Brewers. The Saints are member of an independent league and provide late season acquisitions like this to teams who are making a post-season push. Krause was hitting .317 with 19 HR's and 56 RBI's in only 93 games. He will be shipped to Huntsville immediately. The 26 year old could be a feel-good story if he cracks the Bigs. Here is more on his trip through baseball. Welcome aboard!

-Mat Gamel rebounded from an 0 for 4 game on Sunday, to go 3 for 5 and 2 rbi's in last nights game. Lets hope he kicks some ass down there and can get the call up!

-Sports Illustrated, or at least Steve Ascheburner feels that CC should get the Cy Young. This is a tough one. Webb will probably win 25 games or so this season yet. You can't deny that Webb is deserving of the award too! In fact, if Webb doesn't get the award, we will all know the system is severely flawed...which most realize already.

-You ever notice Ted Simmons just kicking-back in the dug out with a baseball in hand, as if he's checking it for knicks or bruises? It is as if he's the calm, relax coach who simmers Yost down when things get rough? Like he smokes medical marijuana before the game and he is just relaxing in the dug out, barely noticing the game? Well, I notice it. I laugh every time I see it. Here's a story on his career.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Important Week for the Central

Milwaukee vs St. Louis in a two game series (shoot for a split)
Chicago @ Pittsburgh (shoot for a 2-1, Cubs take series but lose one)
Philly's @ Chicago in a four game wrap-around (shoot for a Philly surprise, 3-1...long shot)
St. Louis @ Houston (shoot for at least 1 Houston win).

Here is a look at the 2-game series match up.
Hopefully Sheets can finally earn a win tonight.

By the end of the week...actually Monday night (9/1) the Central could very well look the same as it does now. With the Brewers having another day off on Thursday (8/28), that only adds salt to the wound (Cubs 5 game lead). You know the Cubs will win the series in Pittsburgh, but could lose one. The Pirates are certainly due right? What's his nuts....Nate McLouth is back and should spark something. Ah hell. They (Cubs) will probably end up sweeping them, indicated last night with their 12-3 ass-kicking at PNC park.
We need to pray for a Philly beat down at Wrigley this weekend. They are playing trying to keep up with the Mets, who have a 1/2 game lead. This weekend could close the gap between Milwaukee and Chicago if the Brewers sweep the Pirates and the Philly's win the series, which is possible. If anything, I anticipate a split.

I love this part of the year! You have baseball of course, and come Thursday we will have college football starting too! Hell, throw in a little NFL in action next Thursday...and BOOOOOM! You have the start of Autumn.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brewers stay hot / Sweep Pirates

The Milwaukee Brewers continue to press the Cubs and stay with in striking distance of the division lead. They welcomed the Pirates to town on Friday and sent them packing with 3 more losses on Sunday.

* Dave Bush (8-9) continued his second half success by pitching 7 complete innings (again) earning the win. Milwaukee routed the Pirates 10-4. Similar to the past couple of seasons, he has been reliable in the second half of the season.
-Hardy and Cameron both went yard

*Jeff Supan (9-7) had his share of troubles in Saturday's 6-3 win, giving up a lead-off hit 6 different times in 8 innings. However, he managed to keep them off the scoreboard until giving up 3 runs in the 8th inning. A win is a win in late August.
- Ryan Braun hit his 32nd HR of the year, moving him in to 3rd place in the NL.
-Cameron was quiet in only this game....otherwise he's red hot. He went ofer on Saturday.

*Shocker of the week: CC did not pitch a complete game and he threw a no-decision. He looked a little rough at times laying out some higher pitchers in the strike zone. Regardless, he only gave up 1 run and 8 hits with only 5 k's. That being said, he still did pretty decent. Milwaukee won 4-3 in 12 innings. Way to grind it out Brewers!
-JJ Hardy hit a game winning single in the 12th inning that won the game. Plus it was JJ bobble head day. Swell.
-Cameron hit his 23rd HR of the season to put the Brewers ahead in the 8th. The veteran was 5 for 5 batting too. impressive.
-Torres finally blew a save in the ninth inning. That will happen. He will bounce back.

I. Mike Cameron is the hottest Brewer on the team right now, with JJ following closely behind (10 game hitting streak). Hard to imagine he might hit 30 HR's by the end of the season, missing the first month!

II. Mota is pitching good. It's about time. I still don't trust him and thought he would be gone by now. I will not say I'm sorry like Tom is doing from the Journal-Sentinel. He blew a shit load of leads in the first half and we may be 25 games over .500 at this point.

III. Mat Gamel got the call from Nashville....FINALLY. This should've been done in July. His numbers have dropped since then and a change of scenery may have been in order at in late July. If he does well in AAA, he will get the call in a couple of weeks.

IV. For those who don't know what a sell-out is.

V. Milwaukee plays their most important series of the season (to date) this week in St. Louis. This series is crucial. Like the old rap group Crucial Conflict.

Sorry for not writing more. I have been cur-azy busy at work and at home. The two or three that do check this apologies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parra & Bullpen Team Up On Houston

Despite Manny Parra (10-6) lasting a lowly 4 innings, the young lefty was awarded a win today against the Astros. The young hurler K'd only 2 batters and gave up 6 hits. The Brewers were able to hold of the pesky Astros in the third game of the series and the final match up of the 2008 season. The game was pretty much neck and neck until JJ Hardy blasted a two-run homer in the 7th. Parra's win today was his first since July 20th.

Milwaukee's bullpen turned out to be a reliable crutch for the Brewers this afternoon. Carlos Villenueva threw two complete innings striking out 3 and giving up no hits in an impressive showing. Torres notched his 24th save of the season, giving Milwaukee assurance that his groin may be okay.

-Another sell out for Milwaukee! 41,419 in attendance. That makes 18 straight Wisconsin.

-Hardy hit his 19th HR, as mentioned earlier, to give the badger mutual insurance!

-Weeks went o'fer....but he did get walked 3 times in first game back since re-injuring his thumb.

-Prince Fielder has certainly cooled off, going 16-66 in August thus far. In his last 21 at bats he has only 3 hits.

-The Houston Chronicle called Manny Parra's performance "unimpressive". Sour puss'. He earned his 10th win of the season, that means something here Texans. It wasn't his "A" game, but it delivered a win. Parra should thank Gabe Kapler for throwing out Loretta at the plate to preserve the 3-2 lead before he exited the game!

-Kapler also had a 1-run double today! Way to make up for last night. This is the guy who's work ethic is second to none. He is a working-class hero.

-Kyle Louse was suspended 5 games today, but is appealing it, allowing him to pitch against Milwaukee.

Bucks Fans: Bogut Injured

Great news from the Olympics.

Braun still out / Line Up (1pm game)

As expected, Ryan Braun is sitting todays game out. Thus allowing the left fielder to take two days off. I could even see him being rested Friday since the Pirates are coming to town. Not a team to be taken lightly, as they just ended the Mets' hot streak a couple of days ago. But this would be an ideal situation to get Braun some rest. Hence the idea of placing him on the DL when this first occurred. He would have been back for the series against the Cards had he been put on it right away. Either Braun is playing "tough guy" and didn't disclose the severity of the injury, or Yost is thick-skulled. My money is on the latter.

Kendall is getting the day off too, allowing him to get a couple days off which should spark some more offense in his game. He certainly has been hitting well the last week or so. Mike Rivera is now a wee-bit happier.

Weeks is back in the line up. Yea.

________________________ is reporting that the stubborn city of Waukesha has ok'd the creation of a baseball team in the Northwoods League. Good news for the league, as most teams are situated in isoloated-medium sized cities (Duluth, St. Cloud, Madison). Where as Waukesha is a suburb of Milwaukee (close 2 million people). The park will be built at Frame Park, which is located downtown. I was just there this weekend and there is a lot of work to be done. It will also creat a stir because the wild-life type setting of the park will be rolled over by a parking lot and bleachers. This park will be a great addition to the city, but conservationists are summoning the 'wham-bulance'.

Sheets' cold streak continues

The agony. Last nights game was a buzz kill like none other. It was as if the wind was knocked out of my lungs. I was on cloud 9 in the first couple of innings and then ending my night in a deep depression.

My man crush, Gabe Kapler, failed to deliver last night...not once, but twice. The Hebrew Hammer was unable to seal the deal twice when bases were loaded last night.

One can't only blame Ben Sheets for last nights game. Surely, the offense had most to do with it. Even with Sheets giving up 5 runs last night the offense had plenty of opportunities to drive in runs. Yet, having bases loaded two times for Gabe wasn't enough. Well...what can you say? Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don't.

Sheets (11-7) continued his cold streak last night by losing a pitchers duel against Brian Moehler (9-4). It was Geoff Blum's home run in the 6th inning that sunk the ace to his 7th loss of the season (7 strike outs too). Sheets looked squared away early on but then lingered down the stretch, prematurely in the 6th. With his pitch count already at 96 the usually reliable Sheets was taken out of the game by Ned Yost.
Big Ben has to get his game together if we plan on locking up the wildcard anytime soon.

Since the Brewers acquired CC the righty has gone 1-3; being blamed for not living up to his role in the second half of the season.

Will his second half performance effect his value as a free agent in the off season? Milwaukee can only hope so.

Ben is getting a little pissed. One can only imagine what's going through his mind right now. He is not pitching horribly, in fact he's pitching decent games. The only thing against him is the lack of run support and making 1 or 2 bad pitches that lead to 3 to 5 runs. He should be able to work out of it and will get his next chance against St. Louis.

-Right Field Bleachers does a swell interview with 'Rillo.

-New book on the old...very old Milwaukee Brewers of Borchert Field. This old park, which is not gone thanks impart to I-43 (north of downtown) being built on top of it, is being honored with a small monument a couple of blocks away.

-It looks like Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman are recruiting Ben Sheets to play for Houston next year. If Sheets leaves, I can only see him going to the American League.

-Let us see if Milwaukee can rebound from last nights ugly outing with Manny Parra taking the mound against Wandy (love that name) Rodgriguez. That name reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was managing a restaurant. There was a girl named "Leetha"...which sounds like "Lisa", only whoever says the name sounds like he/she have a lisp. I literally couldn't handle calling her by her given name Leetha, so I would just call her "L" or "Lisa".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CC Does It Again, On Both Sides

CC continued his quest to obtain the NL Cy Young last night with a convincing 9-3 win over the always-threatening Houston Astros. Again, the sturdy southpaw delivered Ned ANOTHER complete game in notching his 8th win for his new club. Although there was some mistakes, especially in the fifth inning when CC gave up a homerun to a guy named Abercrombie & Fitch, Sabathia was able to lock in. Coincidentally, that was the inning CC struggled the most. In his at-bat prior to that inning, CC blasted a two-run single that gave the Brewers some breathing room. He later slid sort of awkward in to third base later in that inning. A big guy like that who isn't used to sliding, I would imagine that shook him up or even tightended up his legs. That being said, CC was still able to right the ship and corrected himself after the sixth inning. Sabathia struck out 9, giving up 11 hits and 3 runs.

CC has now won 11 straight.

At the plate the Brewers were on point the entire game. Clutch hitting with runners in scoring position. That's the key ingredient in making it to the playoffs.

Corey Hart crushed his 19th homerun of the season. He almost cleared one early on in the game too, but the it hit the wall for a double for a 3 hit night.

Most impressive on offense was the filler Ray Durham. He had a nice double that scored two runs and advanced CC to third (awkward third). In all the grizzley veteran had 3 hits.

-Braun came out of the game in the 6th inning with his nagging injury. Looks like ol' Ned should have placed him on the DL afterall. Yes. If it wasn't for Braun we would have lost Saturdays game (double) and Sunday would not have been a contest (HR). But let's face it. If Milwaukee wants to make it to the playoffs and compete, they need a healthy Braun.

Braun says it's no big deal (injury) while Yost was pretty quiet after the game. This is not a no-brainer....he's obviously hurt. Despite this ordeal not occuring until the 6th inning a solid lead, it's still a problem.

Yost should have placed Braun on the DL. The schedule would have allowed it safely, even if the Brewers were swept in LA.

-Cecil Cooper predicted a sweep in Milwaukee. Although Bill Schroeder said it was probably taken out of context, the win last night made Cecil look like an inexperienced skipper. For team who's front office expecting the team to make the Wild Card, this isn't the way to guide them. If the Stros don't make it to the playoffs, you can safely assume that Cooper is out of a job.

-Weeks has ANOTHER injury. Great. When the team will need him most, he won't be 100%. That's called pulling a 'Weeks'. This HAS TO BE Weeks' last year as our starting second basemen. HAS TO BE.

-Here is a link to two stories. One on the initial "injury" to Torres' groin, and one to the closer being available this series. Give him some time off and give Mota a close....yes you heard me correctly....MOTA. He's been throwing some solid innings as of late. That, or have Riske close.

-Cubs fans feel that their team can win 100 games this year. Even with playing 7 of their last 13 games on the road. Against Milwaukee. Someone will play spoiler.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Brewers Comeback Not Enough

Wow. Yesterdays game taught me a lesson, never turn off the game in the 8th to do yard work. I drove home from Irish Fest (Milwaukee) on Sunday listening to the first 8 innings of the game and then turned it off to do work. It was absolutely gut wrenching. No hitting, Soup getting the proverbial ass kicking, and Jim Powell talking about Jeff Kent and Vin Scully.

I won't even comment on this game, simply because I am embarrassed I missed the ending.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Way to go JJ....Damn you JJ....Way to go JJ

JJ Hardy provided the heroics late last night (central time) right after he almost lost the game for us. The heart throb blasted a two-run dinger in the 8th to put the Brewers ahead.

Then he made a costly error in the 9th trying to turn a double play. I was sad. Then...JJ hit an RBI single driving home Ray Durham. It was Durhams patience at the plate and stealing that put the Brewers in a position to win the game. Wonder how Rickie Weeks would've fared? Ah, he wouldn't have even made it on the pond.

Dave Bush continued his hot streak by lasting 7 innings giving up only mistake, that being a homerun in the first inning to Ethier. Other than that Mr. Bush was pretty much squared away and finished strong. It seems like he has been going back to his old ways as of late. That being Bush giving up early runs and then settling down to finish the rest of his start strong. That's fine and all, but it relies heavily on run-support...which can be minimal at times.

-Ryan Braun hit a "blooping" double while pinch hitting for Bush in the 8th. That eventually brought him in to score. Clutch, even when taking time off.
-It appears that there is a Topps Baseball card error. Rickie Weeks is Billy Hall this year.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weak Showing

TinselTown was unkind to the Brewers last night. The Dodgers rallied to win the first game of the series 5-3. Manny Parra was unable to work through many jams he pitched in to. The only bright spot on the night was Gabe Kapler who hit a two-run homer in the first inning. Mike Cameron also added a triple, continuing his superb hotstreak on the road.

Manny Parra (9-6) struggled early, and struggled often by getting himself in to jams that were at times, impossible to get out of. The ending result was Parra giving up 10 hits, 4 runs, and striking out 6. As expected, the young hurler is little pissed at himself. He has a good point. Early on in the season he was rescued by the Brewer bats and they saved his ass a couple of times. Shake it off young-one. You'll be fine.

-Rickie Weeks, at .229 batting average, had the second-worst batting average for a lead off hitter in the NL, in last nights line up. The only d-bag that was worse was Bonafacio (.223) of the horrid Washington Nationals. Rickie Weeks' BA is so bad, that the closest to him is a couple of lead-off hitters in the .250's.

My question to Ned is simply this:

Why the hell do you continue to start Rickie Weeks? It's a worn out question from most fans in Milwaukee and the state. But valid nonetheless. He isn't the only one who is holding the Crew back from surpassing the Cubs....but he plays a pretty big role in it. Wise-up, write it off, and play the grizzly veteran. Spot-start Weeks and you may actually have a surge of activity.

-Brewers merchandise is flying off the shelves. Welcome aboard the band wagon, Brewer fans. It's been lonely up here for quite a while. This of course is good news, because it is merchandise and ticket sales that typically boost pay rolls.

At Miller Park, sales are up 25% to 30% over last year at this time, Schlesinger said. "The big sellers are the player T-shirts from Majestic," Schlesinger said. "Majestic has told us we are the No. 1 team in baseball in terms of player T-shirts."

-Braun should pinch hit tonight. And be back in the line up by Sunday or Monday, this according to Uecker on the radio.

-Here's a picture of the ugliest player in the NL. His hair is a nappy forest of mangled knots and fleas. Anyways...notice his helmet. He just came to LA a couple of weeks ago, yet is helmet looks weathered and looks as if it was worn during the Tet Offensive. A lot of players have these type of dirt-ass helmets. My question is this:
Do they take a blow torch and melt away the layers of plastic? Then wipe their asses with it? Because not only does this players hair look like soup sandwhich....his helmet looks rancid.

Friday, August 15, 2008

NCAA Football Predictions...Again

Hello everybody who reads this (Jon & K).

I entered my final selections for my College picks to an undisclosed website.

I wised up, since money was involved for this one, and went with:

Oklahoma & Ohio State University
Oklahoma BSC Champs

Rose Bowl: USC vs Michigan
Fiesta Bowl: Texas Tech vs Georgia
Sugar Bowl: WVU vs Missouri
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs BYU

Prior to this post, I picked two teams from the same division, same conference in OU & Texas Tech. I strongly feel that this will be the first year that two teams from the same conference will make it to the title game. Similar to the argument for OSU and Michigan back in 2006-07 season.

For financial reasons...I will play it "kewl" and go with Oklahoma and Ohio State. For picks that have no profiteering means....TT vs OU...OU BCS Champs.

Peavy Outlasts Sheets

What a pitchers duel for the first 7 innings yesterday in San Diego heh?!?!. I was limited to watching the game on ESPN's Realtime. Which annoys the hell out of me. But, they do have the best one I've seen on the web.
Sheets (11-6) looked like he was hanging in there an could out last Jake Peavy (NL's lowest ERA 2.61). Well that all fell apart in the 7th inning when the Padre bats lit him up. I have to be candid here people...this game was a heartbreaker. Why? Because Sheets lost this match up.
Milwaukee's offense was silent most of the game until Billy Hall was walked and advanced to 2nd base with a wild throw. It was then that Milwaukee struck first with a Mike Cameron RBI single. It was then the ex-Padre Cameron who, again, put life in to Milwaukee by belting a solo HR to left field. That proved to be all the offense could muster though as Gabe Kapler could only follow with an in-field grounder that thrown out.

Mike Cameron was lights out this series by going 5 for 11, 1 HR, and 3 RBI's. Plus, he played his old position at Petco very well by fielding some tough shots to centerfield. He looked damn good the entire series.

Laynce Nix had a nice grab in leftfield yesterday. Even still, he did go 0-4.

-Ryan Braun should be back either tonight or tomorrow. Here is a link to a Q&A w/ Sporting News. I have a subscription to this magazine....yes, it's no joke. It's actually the best sports "mag" out there, in my opinion. Not filled with the front section of jokes, gags, and irrelevant tidbits that SI is notorious for. It doesn't look like an 8th grader put it together, like ESPN Magazine either. Just plain ol' news. Heck, this is coming from a guy who used to get "Sport Magazine".

-Good luck getting playoff have a shot though! The Brewers are implementing a lottery once again (a-typical). Unless you're a rich ticket holder, which I am not, you have to enter to "win" the tickets.

-The Cardinals magic number is 91. This according to LaRussa.

-You ever think back to the days of Tom Trebelhorn and the late 80's Brewers? Sure shit? I do every other day. Well, here is what Tom has been up to. Still doing what he does best.
Lastly, says that Jason Kendall is vested for 2009. I feel that he is/has been a great addition to the team and should stay on board. If anything, rest him more next year so that he can be more productive at the plate. With Angel Salome waiting in the helm to be our version of Geovany Soto, you can't go wrong with the solid veteran.

Oh...BTW....Salome when 4 for 5 yesterday against Chattanooga. This kid is batting .356 right on the season. So yes...keep Kendall for a bit until the kid is ready to come up.

Lastly, enjoy the weekend. I will. I am finally closing on my house and then heading down to Milwaukee for Irish Fest.

So, I leave you with this parting note:

Did you know, Wisconsin, that Cal Ripken Sr. commadeered the Appleton Foxes in the late 60's?
Also...David Ortiz and A-Rod both played for Appleton
? I knew that Arod did...but not Ortiz. I was watching SC the other morning and dude referenced it. Swell. I was more of a Wausau Timbers fan though.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

CC = CY ?

You can't really argue against the mentioning of CC's name when discussing the NL Cy Young. Between Webb, Dempster, and Sabathia the league has a 3 solid candidates who could take the prestigious award.

CC had another big game last night in San Diego, nailing down his 7th win since migrating north to Milwaukee. The big guy lasted 7 innings....and the state of Wisconsin is in shock...not a complete game?

He now has more wins for the Brewers then he did with the Indians this season. With plenty of run support by Milwaukee's bats, CC allowed 9 hits and struck out 8 batters. In all, he was very effective during key moments of the game. Most noteably coming in the 5th innings when the bases were loaded. It was CC getting out of that jam that made me realize just good we have it. This guy is unbelievable and will deliver us to the playoffs...finally.

Offensively, the Brewers bats were ignited by Prince Fielder (28) who went yard in 3rd inning. Meanwhile, Ryan Braun is eagerly awaiting a return in order to hold off Prince in the HR count.
Ryan Braun (30) Prince Fielder (28)

-Rickie Weeks went 0-4. Yikes.
-Corey Hart hit his 5th triple of the season.
-These westcoast games are killing me and my sleep. Lately, with this series though, I just DVR the game and wake up 15 minutes early to speed through it. I feel guilty doing so, but I can't stay up that late anymore. Back at UW-Milwaukee I could've no problem. A sixer of Lite and pack of Marlb's...hell. No Problem. Now I only drink on Fridays, don't smoke, and am fat.

-More on Russell Branyan's injury. I'm calling bullshit on this one Ned.

-Great story on CC Sabathia by ESPN. Very good quote in there about CC having fun in Milwaukee. He may just be a true-genuwine guy (MGD) and want to stay in Milwaukee....But then again, money talks / bullshit walks in the end.

-LHP Zach Jackson, the ex-Brewer who was part of the deal for CC, is starting against the O's tonight. If my memory serves me, Jackson is from Ohio...I remember him pitching at Cincy in front of his family a couple of years ago. He is 2-2 at the big league level in a starting role.

-Cubs won a doubler yesterday. The Braves Suck badly right now.

-Good point made by Rightfield Bleachers:
The Brewers are 19 games over .500. They have the fourth best record in baseball. Even if they go just a game under .500 the rest of the season (20-21), they'd hit the 90-win mark. Wow... They're putting together an impressive year. Now, let's just catch those Cubs and make it even better.

-Alfonso Soriano is a D-Bag.

-More background on Brett this kid.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NCAA Football Predications / Why I Gamble

BCS Champs:


(Too good of a QB in Sam Bradford, tough as nails)

2.Texas Tech
(Crabtree & Co. will get to title game)

3.West Virginia
(Big East will prevail, finally, this year)

4. Georgia
(a season in the SEC is too tough to endure)

5.The Ohio State
(Big Ten Champs will falter early at USC)

6. Missouri
(Chase to the Heisman Trophy: Daniels will win)

7. Florida
(Road games: Volunteers, Bulldogs, and Razorbacks? Forget it)

8. Clemson
(Lite road schedule/Bowden's big year)

9. Arizona State
(Pac-10's Best none)

10 Texas
(Mac Brown was given a freebie last year)

11. USC
(No Dirty Sanchez? No Top 10)

12. BYU
(Mountain West Leader)

Just not there yet: Wisconsin, Auburn, Tennessee, Kansas, Notre Dame, and Alabama

Keep in mind's hard to mention all conferences and their teams. This is off of memory.


1. OSU
2. Penn State
3. Wisconsin
4. Michigan
5. Purdue
6. Illinois
7. Indiana
8. Michigan State
9. Iowa
10. Northwestern
11. Minnesota (not yet Brewster)

Chase Daniels will win the Heisman Trophy

I love Wisconsin. But let's me realistic. The quarterback is the position is a big Question Mark.
Plus, the defensive secondary is too light to compete with the down field threat of OSU.

In 2006 I picked Florida to win it all, earning me 600.00! In 2007, not as good. Let's compare.
I had:

1. USC (3)
2. Mich (18)
3. Florida (13)
4. LSU (1)
5. Louisville (NR)
6. Oregon (23)
7. Wisconsin (24)
8. Texas (10)
9. Hawaii (19)
10. Cal or UCLA (pick'em)

Ranked by me in August of 2007. In (x) is actual ranking, see below as well.

What really happened....

1. LSU
2. Georgia
3. USC
4. Mizzou
5. OSU
6. WVU
7. Kansas
8. Oklahoma
9. V. Tech
*10. Boston College
*1o. Texas



Now keep in mind people; I did not bet a single dime last year. This year is different. My wife is allotting me $200.00 to bet on college football. YEA. Last year, it's a good thing I didn't. No one...and I mean NO ONE could've have predicted that out come.
Generally I bet on games in the lesser the MAC (Thursdays usually), Big East (Thursdays usually), WAC (over/under), and ACC (spread). Seldom do I parlay or do teasers. I simply bet on the spread or the over/under. Typically, I have had come out ahead by more than 15%.

I like College Football A LOT.

Moe Williams to Cleveland....Love this trade!

Moe Williams, the speedy and spirratic point guard that looked like an inmate straight out of Folsom, was traded to the Cavs today. Also exiting is the low performing Desmond Mason who will be heading back to Oklahoma City...only this time with the soon-to-be renamed Sonics. Sweet. Both of these players were over hyped. Moe Williams is nothing but a glorified sixth man who looks to shoot more than pass. He and his gang tattoo's will be sorely missed.

I shouldn't be so critical of the guy...after all, he did want Milwaukee and gave up a sweet deal in Miami.

Des Mason on the other hand is an underachiever who plays the "I'm a quiet player who loves art" role too much. He can't shoot the ball worth a damn and can only jump real high.

Now, back to the irony of this whole deal.

Damon Jones will come back to Milwaukee for his second term. This excites me. We now get a seasoned post-season player who has a ring(s?). Granted, he dresses like Lloyd Christmas in Dumb & Dumber...but he is a true leader on the court. Something Michael Redd is not! Redd is a silent warrior who is damn good. But a leader of men he is not.

In addition to Damon Jones the Bucks also get a white guy! His name is Luke Ridnour.

I will gladly analyze this move in detail later this afternoon...if it's worth it.

Branyan to DL / Laynce Nix Get Summoned...Again

Russell Branyan has apparently been suffering from an oblique injury for sometime now and was put on the 15 day-DL. This of course explains why Counsell has been getting the starts at third base. In addition, this allows Ryan Braun to get more rest and Milwaukee will have one more bat to use if needed.

I was hoping to see Escobar get the call, but I should know better...he's only in AA and needs to be brought up slowly. I am still holding on to a glimmer of hope for a September call up. If Vinny Rotino gets the call...I will be upset. Love the guy, but it's time to move on and give the kids a shot.

Nix is a decent outfielder who has been hitting very well in Nashville (.284, 23 hr's)...especially as of late with a .364 and 15 extra base hits in the last 20 games. Use the hot bat while you can.

7 Straight After The Shove Heard Around The World

Prince Fielder crushed one of his longest homers in his young career last night. The largest vegetarian on the planet stood motionless watching the ball vear right of the leftfield foul poll. He then peered in to the Padrea dugout for a second before gracefully starting his journey around the bases. Grand.

Although I could have done with out the stare down. Save that for the Playoffs.

The Brewers have now won 7 straight by beating the Padres last night 5-2. Leading the charge was Jeff Suppan, who fought his way through 8 innings! Longest outting of the season ( I believe). Even more strange was how he earned the outs, which were mostly fly-outs, grounders, and only 3 strike outs. Nonetheless, the veteran earned the win (8-7) and dropped his ERA a tad to 4.56 giving up only 2 runs off of a pair of solo homeruns.

Mike Cameron has been playing some decent ball in the month of August by batting .286 with 4 homeruns. He had a homerun as well last night, his 18 of the year. Additionally, the vet had a couple of nice fielding plays out in center...especially in the 1st inning, which was a "webgem". At times, earlier in the season, he looked like he didn't have much drive out there in Center. In August, he now seems fired up and enjoying himself more. Let's face it, Milwaukee was not a target of his during the offseason. Going from San Diego to Milwaukee is like going from Iraq from Kuwait. Not very appealing.

Milwaukee is an ideal city for the younger players, because they can focus on their careers and not spend the night out on the town. Jenkins and Hall were notorious clubbers the last couple of seasons. I don't know how many times I would look at and see pictures of them drinking up the night before a day game. Jenks is now doing that in Philly with Jimmy Rollins I hear.

***The win last night improves the Brewers road steak to 12 wins out the last 14 games since the All Star break. That's the big. Keep that up the rest of the month and a division pennant isn't so out of grasp. Milwaukee is now 3 games back, thanks to a postponed Cubs game in Atanta. You can't help but lick your chops on that one. The Cubs are pretty bad on the road, and for them to have to play two road games in one day is music to my ears.


-Yovani traveled with the team during the current road trip. FSN showed him a couple of times last night. Man, does he look young....well, he is young. It looks as if he may actually pitch at the end of September, out of the bullpen of course. He started throwing the ball again and experience soreness in his legs, rust. His arm felt phenominal that's promising.

-As I said before, I 'll say it again....Gabe Kapler is up there with Kendall and Torres for the biggest off-season additon. This Hebrew can bat the crap out of the ball and has been pretty clutch. He's a leader in the dug out too. It's as if the Crew lucked out and got a coach and a kickass player in one. Kapler is batting .303 on the season and 33 RBI's. Not too shabby for somone who hang up the cleats not too long ago.

-I anticipate Braun returning to the line up on Friday in LA. I still feel that Yost could have put him on the DL. However, playing su

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Jeff Suppan (7-7)

Cha Seung Baek (4-6/rhp)

Ryan Braun will sit again, which will put a severe strain on the bench. It's a long flight out west with no days off in between...Should be a good one tonight. I anticipate a rough start and a low scoring game tonight. I trust that the Brewers will come ready to play, being that we are only 3.5 games out of first!

-Milwaukee is heavily favored to win tonight (-125). This is there third straight series against a last place team in their respective divisions.

-Evan Longoria will be out at least 3 weeks (disabled list) with a broken wrist. In an 'oh-shit' moment for the Rays, they find out that Carl Crawford will probably need season-ending surgery. Let's see how good this "Cinderella Team" is? I have a feeling they will still go on strong. They have too many options in that line up and some prospects that are just itching for a call-up.

-Adam Dunn (pictured below...) was traded to the D'Backs for a satchel of marbles. Really? You're going to have Brandon Phillips lead your team? Stand up guy, especially how he turned his back on Josh Hamilton.

Finally...some promising news for the cluster-f*ck that is third base in Milwaukee:
Escobar is making a push for a September call up. His second half performance is off the charts and I would anticipate this future All Star to take over the position by mid-season, 2009. Escobar is now the best baseball player in the minors at this moment. The Huntsville 3 will make an impact with the Crew in 2009 and 2010.


After watching the first 3 quarters of the Packers game I can't help but be excited. Aaron Rodgers looked slow at first and then got in to a grove by about the third series. He took his time in the pocket when needed and let the offensive line do their job while the pass rush formed around them. A couple of miscues by Brandon Jackson when he didn't pick up the blitz. His delivery was on point most of the time, with a couple of catchable balls being dropped by the younger guys. His stats of 9 for 15 and a 117 yards looked pretty decent, although could've been better. I was pleased with his performance. Most impressive was James Jones catching a Rodgers bullet in double coverage, ripping himself away from both tacklers and losing his helmet in malay....scoring a touchdown!

-Sometimes I look at the backdrop of a Packer game to notice the fans...much the same with the Brewers. I can't help but notice an abundance of dorks. Dorks wearing cheese-heads THE ENTIRE GAME. Or dorks wearing muscle-man hats with bulging arms coming down over the ears. Or the dorks who wear a Favre jersey, despite the big trade going down a week ago. If I had a jersey of a player who was traded, cut, or whatever....I would not wear it anymore. That's just me though. Buying a jersey is like an investment. You better be buying the right jersey if it's authentic or a great replica. I for one have purchased the following: Ryan Braun, Ben Sheets (2003), and Nick Barnett (2003). I plan on wearing those a long time!
There is nothing wrong in buying a CC Sabathia jersey if you want to sport the coinage to do so. Just make sure you give it to goodwill once he signs with a new team next year!

Sorry, I went off babbling there.

I will now wait for the pro-Favre fans to rip me....

Oh...I also heard on the radio at work that a kid in WI bought a Favre jersey 6 years ago from the NFL shop (I think it was the nfl shop). When he got it....the jersey had a mistake...they put the name and number on a Jets jersey. They kept it and still have it today.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shove-Gate Leads To 6 Straight

Hell, I thought the dust up between Manny Parra and Prince Fielder last week was only a school yard pissing match. An afterthought or a petty mix-up. Little did the Brewers know that it would ignite a 5 game win streak!

Additionally, a good ol' fashion ass kicking resulting in 23-5 series outcome against the dismal Nationals. Regardless of Washington's standing, this is a great moral booster and should send shock waves through the media. John Kruk (only reason why I watch BT) called it correctly by stating the Crew would ignite over this over-hyped event. Boy did he get it right.

This afternoon Dave Bush proved to Milwaukee and the NL that he is a new man. He is born-again HARD. A pitcher who's recent success is proving to be permanent. Perhaps an overstatement, nonetheless this righty is becoming the backbone to the Brewer rotation. Today he went the distance again (recent trend for the Crew) by lasting in to the seventh inning giving up 1 run, 5 hits, and fanning 6 batters. Bush's record is now at 7-9 with a 4.35 earned run average on the season. Will this success last? NO. But enjoy it while you can.

Both Rickie Weeks (10) and Corey Hart (18) homered for the Brewers. Hart had a two-run blast in the fourth inning while Weeks' was a solo shot.

Counsell, Fielder, and Kapler all doubled for the Brewers.

-Ryan Braun has an injury to his rib cage. Originally it was thought the ROY had back spasms. Braun is quoted as saying the injury is, "pretty bad". Perhaps a rest on the DL is in order. In return we'll get a rejuvenated left fielder in time for September. Yost can afford this move due to the nature of the upcoming schedule.

-Eric Gagne. What to do with him? He showed us signs of improvement...only to lose it in one inning yesterday. He can still serve a purpose. I just don't know where. Perhaps applying Icy-Hot to other pitchers in the bullpen?

Update(s):CC & Sheets Lead NL

Interesting tidbit brought to my attention by

"Dynamic duo: Until CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets blanked the Nationals on Friday and Saturday, no major-league team had back-to-back, complete-game shutouts since July 2004, when Minnesota’s Brad Radke, Johan Santana and Kyle Lohse pitched three in a row.

Sheets and Sabathia are the co-leaders in the National League with four complete games each, and are tied with Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels and Los Angeles’ Hiroki Kuroda with two shutouts apiece. The major difference is that Sheets has made 23 starts and Sabathia only seven since coming from Cleveland in a trade."

Could CC actually beat out Brandon Webb for the NL Cy Young? I feel he has a great shot. Despite the idea of Webb obtaining 22+ wins this season, Sabathia has shown he should be in the limelight with Webb for this prestigious awards.

Who was the last player to earn the award, in back-to-back years?
Who was the last player to earn the award, in both leagues?


Ryan Braun's injury looks to be pretty serious. I'm thinking 15 day DL, sadly enough. Anytime you have spasms in your back that restrain know it's a mess. I am thinking Braun will go on the list, simply because it's during the easiest part of the schedule. By doing so, we'll get a fresh Braun back in time for the Cardinals series...but they have to act today.

Who would be summoned then?

Kapler & Bullpen Go The Distance / Rivera Proves Himself

Kudos to both Gabe Kapler and the "struggling" bullpen to seal the win yesterday at Miller Park. Both were stellar, despite Eric Gagne giving up back to back homers (he's done). Additionally, Manny Parra threw one of his better games in his young career. Fans wondered out loud how the young southpaw would rebound after getting pushed, school-yard four square style, by the overly large Prince Fielder? Well, I think he answered us all yesterday. He lasted 7 innings striking out 9 batters and giving zero, zilch, nada passes. Oh, and he only gave up 1 earned run. Out-fricken-standing Parra.

Then there was Mike Rivera. The back up catcher who has been quietly (until last week) waiting his chance to play more. Rivera went 2 for 3 and reached base all 5 times yesterday. Not to mention the reliable (when called upon) catcher drove in a base clearing 3-run double. Thanks impart to the speedy (and wise) base running of Mike Cameron, Mike Rivera was able to make up for Eric Gagne's SNAFU in one steady swing of the bat. A rocket to the right field corner that indicated to me at least, Rivera is a true clutch player.

He has been backing up the stern Jason Kendall all season, batting in the .320's and doing a decent job calling games. No knock on Kendall. However, Yost has to realize that calling a good game, throwing out over 40% of runners, and knocking down the wild takes it's toll. You can't compromise offense for defense. Although some may argue that you can. Jason Kendall is batting a dismal .242 at the plate. All that the state of Wisconsin asks is that you play Rivera at LEAST once a week, matching up with Ben Sheets. Why? take away Sheets' at-bat with a Rivera at-bat and you even things out. We need to start bringing home the players in scoring position.

-Mike Rivera did a call-in (brief) interview with Sports Center yesterday. This guy is as humble as they get. He did speak up against Ned last week, publicly. But the way he worded his feelings was still classy. He wants to contribute and wants to play. He's confident. Now is the time to get him more playing time.

-Ryan Braun is still listed day-to-day. Expect him to miss at least 2 more games. This will pinch the outfield. Oh...and stop platooning third base with Counsell. has been saying this for a while now...I agree.

-Hardy went 0-6 (1 walk). Yikes.

Here are the probably match ups for the week.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

1-2 Punch Proves Devastating

Milwaukee has taken 2 of 4 games in their series with DC and has held them to 0 runs. Pretty impressive, regardless of the Nationals being the worst team in baseball, it's still pretty sweet. Milwaukee is doing exactly what it needs to do to position themselves for September. They need to win their games against the lesser teams of the NL. It's nice to sit back and watch the Cards and Cubs do battle. After all, the Brewers have already did their time in the trenches.

The 1-2 punch of CC and Ben Sheets proved lethal once again in their convincing 6-0 beatin' of the Nationals. Ben Sheets threw a complete-game shut out, the second in as many days for the Brewers. Giving up only 5 hits, the hurler looked to be on top again. Most noteworthy is the fact that Sheets didn't walk a single batter! After CC came over the Brewers in the first half of July, Ben had yet to record a win. In fact, it looked as if he was playing second fiddle to the more popular and more successful Sabathia. Hopefully, this will be a good indication of what't to come.

-Sheets was able to throw a decent 110 pitches in the complete game. That was key for Sheets to accomplish in the game, otherwise he may have been relieved.

Not to be outdone, the Brewer batters combined for 10 hits and 3 home runs to aid Sheets. What lacked before was the run support, which was answered last night. Three different Brewers went yard last night: Ray Durham (4), JJ Hardy (17), and Corey Hart (17).

-Ben Sheets even did his part to secure his win, but driving an RBI liner to center, scoring Ray Durham.

-Scary moment for the state of Wisconsin, when Ryan Braun left the game after his first-at-bat after tweaking his back. This concerns me and others I'm sure. It sounds like a "unique injury" which could nag Braun the rest of the season. Let's all hope the young All Star is just fine. He will probably be given the day off today and perhaps even tomorrow to ensure he's good to go. As of now, he is listed day-to-day. You don't really need to gamble with the Nationals in town. If anything, they will probably have Kapler start today and tomorrow.

-Old man Durham looked liked damn good last night.

-Is it just me? Or does Manny Parra look sad. Not performance-wise, but truely sad or upset? Everytime I see him in the dug out he looks distant and by himself. Probably just me. This could have a horrible effect on his start today if he doesn't have the team behind him. Or...he could just throw better sad or mad. Who knows.

-This story references SI's rankings on MLB ball parks and Secret Stadium Sauce. The food served at Miller Park is by far, the best in the bigs (according to SI). Although parks, like the one in Seattle, offer unique cuisine entreys like Japanese Tuna Rolls or San Fran's clam chowder. Odd. Miller Park has it's own novelty item, the plain ol' Brat. My favorite is the Chorrizo and the Italian Sausage with a tapper of Miller Lite. Secret Stadium Sauce is best servced on the Chorizzo. It provides a sweet ting to the palet along with the spicier sweeping sidekick of the meet.
-Milwaukee enters todays game playing 23 of their next 45 games against teams under .500. This is a good break down on the playoffs by the Suntimes.

-Mark Attanasio's Malibu house has been for sale for some time now. If you have 22MM, here's your chance to live large.
-Another story that would make Babe Ruth roll over in his grave. Although I do know that peanut allergies are a serious thing...having peanut-free sections seems ridiculous at first read. But once you think about it, allergic ball fans can break out with hives and other series symptoms by just sniffing the nut (ick).
-Brian Giles turns down trade to the Bosox.
-Oh...the Olympics are on. When I used to bartend in Milwaukee (for 6 years) I would cringe during these days. You get the weird "sports fans" in the bar who drink a bottle of beer, nursing the S.O.B the entire visit. They are the type of fans who don't watch nor read up on Baseball, Football, or Basketball. Rather they are the ones who come out of their respective caves to annoy other sport fans; by asking the barkeeper to turn of the Brewer game so they can watch Joe Skippy swim some laps in his speedo underwear. They get the cold shoulder. Oh, and they tip like shit too.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CC Throw 4th Complete-Game Shut Out

The Nationals baseball club came to Milwaukee yesterday probably knowing they were in for butt kicking. Afterall, the Brewers have won every series since their horrid sweep against Chicago. In fact, Milwaukee is playing some of their best baseball right now. Prince extended his hit streak to 11 games last night. Mike Cameron has been playing with some consistancy, evidence of last night when he went yard (18).

Most important has to be the pitching of CC Sabathia. He has now improved his record to 6-0 since coming to the Brewers. Even more impressive is Sabathia's 4th complete-game shut out. Last night the Vallejo, CA native struck out 9 batters and gave up only 5 hits. Oh, and the future (2008) Cy Young winner only walked 1 fricken player. Outstanding, really.

-Weeks came back to reality last night by going o'fer.

-I listened to the game out in my back yard last night, drinking Miller Lite by the camp fire. While listening to the Jim Powell I remember his saying that the CC trade for LaPorta will still be a success if they don't make it to the playoffs. WRONG. If we don't make it to the playoffs Mr. Powell, the CC trade will be a complete bust. A flop. A tragedy. Not only did we give up the LaPorta , but we also will have proved to the entire league that it is almost impossible for us to make it to the playoffs. Just too small of a market. We have far too many tools and we WILL make the playoffs. If we don't? Bye Ned.

-Hart went o'fer. I hope he starts picking up again. Milwaukee will need him to be full tilt once September hits.

-JJ Hardy may have competition for the heart throb status of Milwaukee. Ryan Braun shot a commercial yesterday afternoon for Remington Hair Care for Men (clippers). Not only did the ROY appear in it, so did the gorgeous Marissa Miller. They shot the commercial behind Brookfield East High. Pretty neat. She is smooking.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brewers: Chance To Cover Ground This Weekend

One of the worst teams in baseball will fly in to MKE late tonight to take on the Brewers at Miller Park in a four-game series. Starting tomorrow night, the Brewers have the opportunity to make up some ground on the Cubs.

I would put money on the Cards winning this series 2 games to 3 in Chicago. Perhaps even a sweep. The Cards are coming off a series road win against a rejuvenated Dodger club. They have Chris Carpenter back from the DL and he appears to be throwing well again. Carpenter and other Cardinals on the DL will be coming off it soon; they are the reasons why LaRussa didn't make any moves on the market. Adam Wainwright is still a week or so away from joining the club again; Rick Ankiel should be back in the line up for the weekend to provide another powerful bat against the Cubbie Aces. However, he is batting a pitiful .222 against the northsiders. Particularly bad against Zambrano (0-6) and Ted Lilly (3-12) on the season. No fear though Cardinal lovers, Albert Pujols is rake'n off their pitchers with a .318 average and 15 homers.

With the Brewers only having to face the Cardinals two more games this season, we need them to beat the Cubs. They face Chicago 9 more games (3 series) before the playoffs and can put a series dent in the 5 game lead the Cubs have on Milwaukee. Thus far on the season the Cards are split with the Cubs 3-3.

After the weekend series against the third place Cards, the Cubs will play 12 of their next 15 games against sub .500 teams. Keep in mind though, they also face the Mets, Brewers, and Cardinals during their last 13 games (7 on the road).

Milwaukee needs to capitalize on the weak schedule that lies ahead the remainder of August.
DC, SD, LA, Houston (menace), Pitt (6 games), and St. Louis. Now is the time to go on a hot streak. Staring tomorrow night, the Brewers need to go on a winning streak or drop only a couple of games the rest of the month in order to catch up to the Cubs.

Prince Fielder brings his 10 game hitting streak back to Miller Park and should continue his hot streak. He's batting .333 against the Nationals this season.