Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Finish

The Milwaukee Brewers turned on the offensive switch last night with a quick and decisive win over the impressive Astros. Manny Parra (3-2) started out shaky but the quickly gained control of his pitches and went 6 innings giving up only 4 hits, 4 walks, and 6 K's. Pretty impressive for the young righty.

On the offensive side, the Crew got off to an early lead with back-to-back home runs by Mike Cameron (7) and Ryan Braun (14) in the first inning.

Ryan Braun had a four-hit game last night, raising his batting average to .299 on the season. Prince is up to .273, going 1-4 with a line drive homer (7) in the fifth. I see Prince Fielder as a .285 hitter...but his power numbers are no where near where they should be. Lastly, JJ Hardy added in two hits himself.

The Astros' pitching gave up only one walk.

- Mike Cameron has 7 HR's thus far in the season, that's half as much as Braun. Interesting, considering the fact that Cameron sat out the first month (25 games). Cameron has played in only 28 games while Braun has played in 54. That's not bad for Cameron, he's on track to have a pretty impressive season. Too bad it will a "one and done" season though. He just doesn't look like he's enjoying himself too much in the Suds City.

-Ryan Braun is playing through an inner-ear infection the past two weeks. Please don't let this turn out to be a Ben Sheets-esque injury!

-For those who haven't seen the terms of Braun's contract. has a story by Eric Law (Scouts Inc) talks about the up and coming draft. Also mentions the success of 2005 that brought us Ryan Braun, Alex Gordon, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ryan Zimmerman all graced the draft that year which brought a new wave rising stars to the league.

-As sad as it is...I truly believe that the Brewers will be trading Ben Sheets before this years deadline. made a good point a couple of weeks ago by saying it would be cheaper to re-sign Sheets to a contract than it would be to go out and sign a new ace. Despite the injury plaque seasons Sheets has endured, the great thing that makes up for is his performance when he is healthy. This ace could've been a Cy Young winner only a couple years ago if he had the offensive support. Well, he will soon have that.

But then you have to imagine who we could all get in return for him. I lick my chops just thinking about who I would target. Left handed pitching and hitting. Help at third base. A true, not so much there. Better to have a couple of options with that than just rely on one.

-Solomon Torres is looking like he will be our closer this year. As for Eric Gagne...he could try set up again (which he failed at doing in Boston). Regardless, his $10mm contract looks like the biggest bust in the MLB. Well, you win and you lose.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lack of offense

The Brewers lost today 8-1 yesterday afternoon. Seth McClung (2-2) pitched a pretty bad game in which he lasted 4.2 innings in only his second start for The Crew. Rough outtings are expected, especially against one of the better offensive teams in the NL. However giving up 5 runs in one-inning is not so much. Yost having Seth walk Chipper, then only to give up a homerun to Teixeira (6) pulled the Braves away in the fifth inning.
Not much offense....actually, it was a piss poor offensive showing this series. Granted, the few hits the Brewers did have were at a great time in clutch situations. But to be outscored by the Braves 10-5 is concerning, but we did take the series.
-Russell Branyan belted his first dinger this season.
The Cubs keep on winning. At this rate (which won't last in to June), the Brewers will have a difficult time making up any space.
The Brewers have until June 15 to decide Jeff Weaver's fate. He'll be cut. Those from Wausau may remember him playing for the Dubuque Mudpuppies in the Northwoods League (against the Woodchucks). Juan Pierre also played in the league, only for the Waterloo Bucks. So both pitched at Athletic Park, downtown Wausau.
Mat Gamel has now tied Matt LaPorta for homeruns in Huntsville at 46, in yesterdays win over Mobile,AL. Keep on working on that defense now Gamel. We should see both of these players very soon.
Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, who a crack head only a couple of years ago, is now getting national attention. Good story on his recovery in this weeks SI. His numbers are unbelievable. When he was sent to Texas from Cincinnati, he basically demanded that they hire his personal coach too. So it's like they picked up two players. This coach is connected to Josh's side making sure he doesn't get out of line.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Brewers grinded out another win last night. Jeff Suppan pitched his best game this season going 8 shut-out innings (could have lasted 9, I think) striking out seven and giving up four hits. He was pretty much lights out. I like what I see so far in having him return to his normal three-spot in the rotation. Had it not been for the JJ Hardy error last week, he may have pulled off another win, or a no-decision. So Sup is 3-4 on the season and make some gains as the season grows older.
Most noteworthy would have to Salomon Torres has been picture-perfect in the closing role. He has been the lead man in the closer by committee model.
Rickie Weeks powerfull liner down the third base line drove home the winning run last night and gave him a stand up triple. He had two of the 3 total hits in the line up. Billy Hall had the other. Make those hits count!

Billy Hall had another error last night (12). However, he did have some good defensive plays afterwords. In one play he fielded a speedy grounder and threw out the runner from his knees.

- Jo Jo Reyes (like the teeny bopper singer) threw an immaculate game as well throwing 7 innings and giving up only 2 hits. That has to sting!

- Jason Kendall continues to surpirse Milwaukee and the NL with his arm strength this season. He played the lead role in a double play off a nicely placed bunt last night. Not to mention that he's throwing out over 40%!

- Why did Yost have Joe Dillon pinch hit in the ninth? Really? Joe Dillon? C'mon! You had a couple of options in that dug out Ned....Joe Dillon? Geez.

Today 12:00pm game could bring the Crew back to .500! Who'd thought we would be saying that days away from June 1st? Well, look at the Rockies last year and tell me that the Brewers out of it! Ya Can't!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brewers Beat Another Ace

The Milwaukee Brewers proved again last night that oppossing teams' aces have a tough time beating them. Tim Hudson got in line with the likes of Johan Santana, Carlos Zambrano, and Cole Hammels in being defeated by the Brewers. This was Milwaukee's 12th come from behind win!
This time Mike Cameron provide the game winning sac-fly that scored Billy Hall in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. Hall was brought in as "defensive replacement" for Russell Branyan. In doing so Billy blooped a single in the right field. Once on board, he advaned to second thanks to a nicely placed bunt from Rickie Weeks. Hall then caught Jeff Bennett asleep on the mound and started to steal third before he began his wind-up. That set-up Mike Cameron's game winning sac-fly that had Billy Hall executing a textbook-style slide in to home.
JJ Hardy had three hits and two RBI's.
Ryan Braun went 3 for 4, with three timley singles
Branyan and Hart both hit doubles
After Bush game up two home runs in the first and second innings, he actually pitched damn good giving up 6 hits, 1 walk, and striking out 3.
Julian Tavarez, who looked like a roughed up Korean War Vet who had his fair share of battles, had a hell of an introduction by not giving up a hit or a run and striking out one. He even played some decent D when he chased down a difficult grounder towards first.
-Jay Bruce, Cincinnati's version of the Jesus, was called up to the Big's two days ago and made his first start last night. This kid is the real deal, so it appears looking at his minor league stats. He went 3-3 w/ 2 RBI's. His whole family was at the game.
-Dice K heading to the DL? Mark thy words. Well, maybe not yet, but shoulder fatigue doesn't quite explain the extent of his injury.
-Milwaukee celebrates as Sheffield goes on the DL.
-Don't get instant replay MLB....please don't get it. Just leave the game as it is for the love of God. Fricken Babe Ruth and Ted Williams are rolling over in their grave right now!
-I hate Sports Center (most of you know), however this morning I caught myself watching it. I wish they would stop trying to force feed us soccer (sorry, futbul americano). Stop putting it in Top Ten Plays. I could give two sh*ts about some guy named Coffee who made his pro debut....#1 ? Give me a break!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A long road home...

Milwaukee comes limping back to town tonight after a 11-day/10 game road trip.

Tonight on FSN-HD:

Dave Bush (1-5) faces off against Tim Hudson (RHP, 7-3)

Wednesday: Suppan (2-4) vs Reyes (2-2)

Thursday: TBD (probably McClung) vs Campillo (1-0)

Friday: Parra (2-2) vs Houston Astros, Backe (4-5)

Brewers went ahead and signed Julian Tavarez in a low-risk move to add experience to the pen. He tried out for the team in DC over the weekend. They liked.

Female fans' take, on Ryan Braun (odd).

Greg Maddux could be traded by the deadline. Chicago (Cubs) is a likely return, however Milwaukee should always be considered considering his brother is the pitching coach.

Other news from the Dairy State

Aaron Kampan's grandfather was hurt during the tornado that took place in Northern Iowa.

In the wake of Tom Crean ditching town to Indiana....Buzz Williams has one more credit to his cause as head coach. Today, Jeronne Maymon made a verbal committment to Marquette. He still has to finish his senior year people. Don't get too excited. Buzz is a strong recruiter, let us see how well he can coach. Not bad though, I must admit....Marquette has landed a number of recruits who are recognized as the states top player.

Jon Budmayr, the heralded QB who picked Wisconsin last week, is reported to be a key pick-up for the Badgers. Some say his height is a concern (just over 6 feet), however he is being compared to the likes of Chase Daniels. This is a great addition at the QB position.

The Badgers were picked in the top 10 by SI at the end of the season (2007). Most have them picked in the top 15 (10-15). Here they are picked 12th.

Chris Carter (ex-Viking receiver) has a son who is quite the high school stud down in Florida. He is being recruited by Wisconsin.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Villanueva to the rescue?!?!

Wow, the Brewers came from behind to defeat the Nats 4-3 to complete the split in the series. Ben Sheets gave up 7 hits and 2 runs to get the no-decision. He did have 6 k's and no walks in just over 6 innings. Too bad for him their wasn't any run support early on. The pitcher who stole the show was Carlos Villanueva who pitched only 2 innings and struck out 5 batters to earn his third win of the season. This kid belongs in the pen, he can pitch 2 or more innings if needed and provide the stable relief if called upon. I just hope that he's ready for tomorrow when The Crew take on Atlanta at home. Dave Bush may have Carlos coming in to save his ass.

Offensively, the Brewers looked pretty decent with the Gabe Kapler providing the heroics. In the top of the 11th inning, the Hebrew Hammer smacked what ended up being the game winning hit and bringing in run. Mike Cameron continued to stay hot by hitting another double today along with Braun and Fielder.

The sore spot was Russell Branyan who struck out 4 times. We knew this would happen. He strikes out A LOT. This pissed Billy Hall off even more I'm sure, as he voiced his displeasure with Ned prior to the game. You know what Billy? Get your ass to hit more balls and not commit so many errors, and then you can have your fulltime position back.

-Nashville Sounds (Brewers' Triple-A Team) are 21-28, which is unusual for this team and their success of past seasons. They are slowly turning it around however for the first half. Last night Brad Nelson belted a 2-out GRAND SLAM in the 12th inning to win the game for the Sounds.
Good ol' Vinny Rotino, who roomed at La Crosse with my good buddy John Link is also playing a key role batting in 36 RBI's and hitting .242.
-Mitch Stetter is pitching well in Nashville, he should be called back up farely soon.

-Matt LaPorta watch: Huntsville is 31-19 and in second place....playing some good ball. His home runs have slowed a bit, having only 3 in the past 10 games. On a positive note, he is hitting well against righties and lefties. Most sources believe that he won't get the call until September....I like to think he'll get summoned in late July/early August.

Angel Salome and Mat Gamel continue their dominance in AA ball.

+ One thing that SI's stories ripping the Brewers fail to include is that they have played far more games on the road than at home (31 of 51). This will change as we enter June.


Russell Branyan looked pretty damn good yesterday. Now we can't get all happy in the pants quite yet. He still has a problem in striking out too much and batting horribly against right handed batters. But this addition and rotation with Russ and Bill should be a nice fit for the Crew, who have only one left handed batter (Prince).

-Derrick Turnblow continues to play like complete garbage, even at the minor league level. Even his 3.2mm salary might not be enough for the Brewers to keep him, although Melvin has said he won't release him. How can you not? The Fragle-Rock look alike walked 15 batters in 4 1/3 innings the other day. His WHIP is at 4.62, which is bad even for Turnblow.
I used to love this kid and thought that he would be our closer for years to come. He got shelled last season and the second half of 2006 because he had only two types of balls he threw. After opposing batters made corrections and saw tape on him, they destroyed him.

-What should a manager do when his team is coming off a horrid month? Well, if you Ned Yost, you think about switching Kendall to eighth in the order and the picher back in to the ninth spot. Are you kidding me? You now think about doing this? This is what you think about when you are tying to brainstorm new ways to win? You fricken genious. I think Kendall summed it up pretty good by saying he doesn't care where he bats.

"We just need to win games. That's the main thing," Kendall said. "We've had a tough month. You can do one of two things when you're in a rut - sink or swim. We have too much talent to sink."

I love this player. He is a working-class icon who was probably upset that Yost sat him yesterday to give him a day off. Milwaukee should be proud.

-Apparently, fans think that Braun earning a long-term deal and not Prince Fielder was because of race. This is the biggest crock I have ever heard. It is evident that the Brewers made the best decision possible (smartest too) by signing the player who is in far better shape, hitting the ball well, and playing decent defense.
Keep in mind that the Brewers are tops in the league in fielding black players. At a time when African Americans are shunning baseball and their involvement is dwindling in inner-cities, this is farthest from the truth. Brewers are even thinking up ways to attract more minorites to games (see racing sausage of Mexican decent).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mota Flops

Brewers lost today due to a wild pitch by G Mota. It was an awful defeat that played with the hearts of Brewer fans. After going down by six, the Crew had their best inning of the year when they scored 6 unanswered runs to tie it. Once in the ninth inning, bottom of it, the Crew had Mota's turn in the closing role. He wiffed it and the go ahead run scored. Miserable.
The Brewers lost 6-7. Hart had a dinger, and Cameron continued to stay hot. Brenyan went 2-3.
-Besides the fact that he let a wild pitch get by him, Mike Rivera looked pretty impressive behind the plate today. He could be a pretty good catcher. Plus, he had two hits today and threw down the speedy Felipe Lopez trying to steal second.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Relief from a reliever in the starting rotation

Seth McClung made his first start as a Brewer tonight and pitched 5 solid innings. Most attractive was the fact that he maintained his velocity later in to his outting (94mph). Despite Ryan Braun striking out 3 times and Prince Fielder twice, others stepped up in their place. Cory Hart and Mike Cameron both hit their respective homers as well as the latter recording a double. Seth gave up 2 earned runs (1HR) but striking out a solid 4 batters. Carlos Villenueva came in and also pitched a strong inning along with Mota and Torres working the set-up and save. I have to admit, I like the idea of having two starting pitchers, well, one in the pen who can come in and split time. In all, the Brewers looked pretty decent tonight. Although there was some shaudy defense, again, with Billy Hall having 2 errors (11 for the season).

Which leads me to my next topic....As soon as the game ended tonight Melvin summoned Russell Branyan from Nashville to help platoon with Bill Hall. This is some much needed support for Hall who has struggled against right handed pitchers and playing third.

Let's face it, Hall has been a bust since having his team-MVP year back in 2006. Granted, he has been flipped around every year having his start at third, center, and back to third. That being said, his batting should not be effected by these switcheroos.

With Branyan tearing up the minors (.359, 12 HR, 36 RBI's all in only 45 games) he should provide some much needed assistance at both third and as a pinch hitter. Sportsblogs are crediting Sounds hitting coach To make room the Brewers have sent down Gwynn to get him some PT. It's a no brainer that Gwynn will be traded by the deadline and probably packaged with Dave Bush. I believe that Bush's tenure with the Brewers is coming to an end. He's a pretty weird cat. My wife used to think he was gay. Silly wife.

-National Stadium is one fugly stadium. I can't believe how high they have the cameras. Not to mention, they stole the nice sandstone, giant slabs/brick wall behind homeplate. Plus they have an unsightly green color in the stands and outfield double decker bleachers that stick out like a sore thumb.

Bucks: Send them packing!

It's no-shocker that the Bucks brass will be making some moves here pretty soon. They could either move up in the draft or make some post draft trades.

On the chopping block

1. Charlie Villenueva
He has been a virtual bust. With his nagging injuries and rookie year fall off, this player
could attract some teams. He did fill in for Yi in the second half of the season and he avg.
11.7 points a game. Big whop. Send him packing Milwaukee!

2. Michael Redd
Nice guy and all, we all know his pops is his a preacher and Michael bought him a church.
But Michael signed a hefty contract with the Bucks....why? I don't really know. He is
expected to be a leader however he's more of a silent follower. Send him packing to
Cleveland where we he should've gone 2 years ago.

3. Dan Gadzuric
How the hell this kid signed a lucrative deal with the Bucks is beyond me. Pathetic. Plus
the fact that everytime I went out in Milwaukee I would see his silly ass out after every
loss. He would be at the dowtown bars making his appearences....he should've been at
home watching some game vids and correcting awful shooting form. See ya.

4. Bobby Simmons and Moe Williams
Both of these hacks should be sent packing. Clean house Milwaukee. Bobby was a one-
year wounder as a fricking SIXTH MAN! Why we paid him that amount of money and
expect him to be a're fricking mad. And Moe is a sixth man...nothing more.'
He is not a starter and is not a ball handler. He's a sixth man....a could be a damn good one.

Who to Draft?

Eric Gordon in the 8th spot or trade up for the second pick. Getting a Rose or Beesly (however you spell it) would be a great addition to the team.

Consistency Needed

The Brewers have yet to put on a significant win streak, however they were able to put a worthy losing streak. Well, with last nights loss the Brewers are facing the idea of losing 3 straight tonight with Seth McClung getting the nod. This will be his first start and Villenueva waiting patiently in the pen in case things go south.

Last night was a close game for the first 5 innings (season trend). Until a pesky little walk turned in to a dreadful inning that saw JJ Hardy bloop a routine play. The Nats went up 5-1 and never looked back. Weeks stayed "hot" with a nice double but that was his only hit of the game. Supan was on the wrong end of the stick thanks impart to the lack of clutch hitting and run support. He only had 1 earned run and gave up only 3 hits. So now Sup is 2-4 on the season, which is really too bad because he has only had two bad outings all season (one was horrific). He just does not get support when he needs it, which is too bad as 3 pitcher. The thing that grinds my gears is that lowly Nats scored 5 runs on 3 hits. Had it not been for JJ's uncommon error (possible double play), the Crew could've been tied going deep in to the game. Then again, that's the "what if" game.

On a bright note, both Shouse and newly arrived minor leaguer Tim Dillard both pitched superbly not allowing a run. Tim looked pretty decent out there, considering he has been a starting pitcher.

So with Seth pitching tonight, the Brewers could very well be splitting the series (fingers crossed) rather than winning it. If that makes sense. I was really hoping that they could win back to back series' on the road. A loss tonight and you can only spit.

The Nats are a fun team to watch with a bunch of players who would play a background role with a good team, are in the lead role with a bad team. Meaning this, Lastings Millidge and Ryan Zimmerman would blend in with a top team in either leagues. With the Nats, they are the leaders and they are both showing they could have a team built around them. Through in the veteran Demitri Young at Firstbase and you have a pretty solid lineup.

-Melvin finally admitted today that he is interested in acquiring Julian Tavarez, who was let go by Boston. Another reliever who has been ostracized by the Sox coming to the Crew? Well, at least with Tavarez, he has the possibility of either being a reliever or an emergency starter. Couold be a decent pick.

-Gagne on 15 day DL. No one really knows how long he will be out. Take your time. He could come back a little more relaxed and still pitch in the low-mid 90's. I hope he recovers...x with this pretty painful ailment in his shoulder.

-Minor League pitcher traded for 10 Maple bats. Pretty funny.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Brewers dropped the third game to the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight. What seemed to be a good outting at first for Dave Bush, came crashing down in a hurry in the 4th and 5th innings. Yet Yost left him out there to dry. Bush even retired 8 straight and had an RBI single, yet lost his composure shortly there after. I would like to pull for this pitcher, I really do, however I am running out of things to say in his defense.
Billy Hall came through with 3 hits tonight along with homeruns by Cory Hart (4) and Rickie Weeks (7, 2 in as many days). In all, the Brewers were bending over the Pirates in the first two games while they were struggling pretty bad. As evident in their pitching and lack of run support.
So now the Brewers will fly in to Washington DC tonight and take the Nats on in a 4 game series. Meanwhile, the Cubs passed the Brewers in the Hotel lobby this afternoon in Pittsburgh. They come limping in with 2 straight loses to play the struggling Pirates.

-Sports Illustrated picked on the Brewers in a short tidbit near the end of this weeks magazine. Claims that the Brewers are struggling this year due to the abundance of right handed batters. They also believe that Billy Hall should be platooning with....well, they never mentioned any names. Of course there is the idea of bringing up Russell Brenyan, or you could use Stretch Armstrong (Councell). Lets face it....Billy Hall sucks against right handed pitchers and needs some days off.
-Eric Gagne has shoulder tendenitus. Nothing that a shot of cortozone can't fix. Should be ready to go Sunday or Monday. The thing is, the Brewers can't test his arm until then. So he could get put in the game and find out his shoulder is putty and blow it. Not the save, but a potential set up or give up an early lead. cites a source that Milwaukee Brewer's will have all of their FSN games in HDTV next season. That makes me and my tv very very happy.

SI has a story on the Brewers and their hatred for Yost
And Foxsports believes it's time for Yost to go as well.

Lastly, didn't Fielder look lazy playing defense tonight?

Sweep...on the road?

Little late with this posting, my apologies.

The Crew came out a-swinging last night putting the hurt on Ian Snell dishing out 9 hits. Ben Sheets threw a complete game earning the victory (5-1), however he did allow 11 hits. This of course was pointed out by the dueche bags on Sports Center this morning. Never mind the accomplishment of pitching 9 innings and striking out 6 batters....oh yea, and walking none. One more reason why I despise ESPN.

Enough of that. It was a good game that saw Ryan Braun hit a perfectly place center-left field stand up triple and Rickie Weeks hitting his 6th HR of the season. All in all, this was a nice win.

-PNC's attendance was just over 8,000. On a Wednesday? It's tough filling such a large stadium on a school night.

-Russell Branyan may be getting the call soon. He could very well be platooning with Billy Hall, being used against left handed pitchers.

I will write more tonight after the game. Work is hectic.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not bad, not bad

The Crew looked pretty decent last night. It's weird. I watched the game and did not become too excited about it. Hell, even after going up 7 runs and having a potential shut out (f'n Gagne) I still was depressed. Was it the idea that we are still in last place? Or that Ned Yost is still our manager? Or even the fact that the Brewers snapped an 8 game road losing streak? Nothing made me happy. Perhaps if they sweep the Pirates at PNC, I could then get my excitement level up there again.

I have faith that the Brewers will right this ship and make it a pennant race come September. I truly do.

Manny Para pitched the best game of his young career. Giving up only 4 hits in just over 5 innings with out allowing a run! Despite Para only lasting just over 5 innings, one can understand why he left the game early:

Freddy Sanchez started the game with an eight-pitch at-bat before flying out. Nate McClouth had a seven-pitch at-bat before popping out. Adam LaRoche had a ridiculous 13-pitch at-bat with seven foul balls before striking out swinging. And Sanchez leaned on Parra again with a 12-pitch at-bat in the third inning before grounding out.
All of that helped Parra throw 116 pitches.

All looked well in the 7-2 win except one key thing: That being Eric Gagne who took an eternity up there in the 9th to get 2 outs. He gave up a two-run dinger, walked 2, and threw 26 pitches in 2/3 inning. Sad. Eventually, the Canadian hurler left the game due to menstration cramps.

I'm sorry, I am Gagne's biggest supporter. But if you can't pitch one solid inning with a 7-0 about NO PRESSURE! Something is not right. Perhaps his soreness in his throwing is much more severe then what he is letting on. C'mon Gagne, you're better than that (tissue drying my eyes).

Other notes:

-Abraham Nunez was let go and picked up by the Mets. They love our scraps.
-Mike Cameron is in a tear as of late. Including last night's HR.
-Ned Yost cried about Journal-Sentinel and the faux story of him being canned. I despise the Urinal Sentinel when it comes to current events, but sports one has to admit that they are pretty good. Much credit to Tom Haudricourt, who did mention the story only to get lit up indirectly from Yost.

-Seth McClung will be the starting pitcher against the Nats on Saturday. Good for him. He can come with some heat, just needs to mix his bag of tricks up. Carlos Villenueva was sent to the bullpen, where he wasn't too shabby last year. Dave Bush and Jeff Suppan switched spots.....why? No fricken clue.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Year 2011 Could Face Lockout in NFL

All signs are pointing at the good possiblitity of a lockout in 2011 due to the collective bargaining agreement being voted down today by NFL owners. This is the nucleus to Green Bay's success since 1993. It allows smaller cities to compete with the deep pockets of wealthy owners in larger markets. I am by no means analytical in terms of numbers and even terms used in this agreement, I do know that this could have a deep impact on the NFL and slow it's growth in popularity. Ultimately, Green Bay could be effected by this at a large scale from what it sounds like.

Insight anyone?

Great....Brewers are playing at PNC Park

By now most Brewer fans know the problems that arise while playing at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The sad thing is, the Pirates are usually a last place team and for some odd reason, this park is a hard play for the Crew. It's like the ghost Roberto Clemente (God rest it) haunting the Brewers. Well, Milwaukee doesn't have the time to play grab ass today....I truely believe their managers head is on the line starting with todays season opener.

1. Para (1-2) vs Maholm (2-4)

2. Sheets (4-1) vs Snell (2-2)

3. Suppan (2-3) vs Gorzelanny (3-4)

On paper, all three match ups look pretty even. Game 2 should be a good one with Sheets rebounding off this seasons worse performance against LA. Ian Snell on the other hand has had his way with Milwaukee, although this year has been a struggle for him.

JJ Hardy is hitting the ball like a sally-mander as of late. To think, only a year ago this 25 year old was putting up first half numbers of: .280, 54 RBI's, and 18 dingers.

I just don't know if he can come back to form. He was showing a glimpse early last week, but that has since ended. His contact on the ball is dismal at best. Hardy lacks any power that we saw last year. Perhaps his spring training sickness was much worse then what he is letting on?

Jim Skaalen has his hands full and I can imagine the heartburn he endures.

Rightfield Bleachers has a fun little stat: 28% of Billy Hall's hits are homeruns.

With the draft rapidly approaching (June 5th) the Brewers have plenty of options, and picks to help plug some (potential) holes. My gut feeling is that The Crew will go with the righty Josh Fields from Georgia who should only last a season at the very most in the majors. With the spotty performance of 3 out of the 5 pitchers, I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Brewcrewball blog has a nice link list to some mock drafts and analysis of it.

The Hebrew Hammers' comments on his team didn't anger Mr Melvin. I hope that it wouldn't, considering he's the only one taking charge on this team.

There is a long list of ball parks I would like to go to. Sadly enough, I have only been to a handfull of stadiums outside of Milwaukee County.
I have been to:
-Fulton County Stadium, the old Braves stadium
-Dodger Stadium
-Metro Dome (ick)
-A couple of Spring Training parks in Florida.

I will now hang my head in embarrassement. With a 2 year old son, wife, and a baby on the will be harder to visit my list I have of ballparks:
-Wrigley (so I can smell the urine stained concrete)
-Yankee Stadium (my time is almost up)
-Cincy's ball park
-Giants Stadium
-The new Tiger Stadium
-Citi Field or the old one

I am horrible with names, but there you have it. The Brewers traveling to PNC always makes me think of making a trip there sometime. Perhaps out east with the family. Who knows?

Monday, May 19, 2008


It is ironic that Kalvin Sampson was just announced as Milwaukee's new assistant coach to Scott Skiels today.

So fellow blog readers.... as one coach leaves Milwaukee to start a new chapter....another coach comes to Milwaukee looking to redo one.

That my friends, was a ScottageCheese-ism. Mark it down.


Milwaukee finds out tonight (Tuesday) what selection they will have in the NBA draft. They have a hair over 4% chance of getting the first pick. Should the get selected to pick 1 or 2, that could yield great results! The first two picks should be Derrick Rose and Michael Beesley. I would take either one.

Cancer Survivor Throws No Hitter

At first when I read that headline I had thought Doug Davis accomplished the pitcher's pinnacle. It turned out to be Jon Lester who threw the 18th no-hitter in Boston's franchise history, and the first time since 1956. Only a couple of years ago Lester's 2006 season ended early when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He would later rebound!
The BoSox blanked the KC Royals 7-0 tonight at home.
John Varitek has one more feat to add to his arsonal as the leagues best catcher....
He is the first MLB pitcher to catch for 4 seperate pitchers' no-hitter.
Josh Beckett called it "Divine intervention".....hmmm, I wouldn't go that far.
I hate the Sox, but you have to give credit where credit is due!
The Brewers played a team at their peak, that is evident. For the Brewers to put up as many runs as they did, says a lot. Right now, there is not a team in baseball that can beat the Red home. On the road, that's a different story!

Despite Lester being a Red Sock, hats off to this young hurler.
In other news....The Brewers showed the entire league that they are soft by keeping Ned Yost as Manager. Apparently they have to lose back to back to back series' on the road before they even begin to consider it.

Yost To Be Canned Today?!

The rumor mills are abuzz right now that Ned Yost is going to be fired today! If so this is true, I will be the happies Brewer fan! All blogs and even Tom Haudricourt have even pointed out the possibitity that Yost will get canned early this afternoon. It is an ideal situation because the Brewers are off today before starting a 15 day schedule with no days off, 7 of which are on the road. If you don't do it now? Then when?


-Last Place
-Swept in Boston
-5 game losing streak

Ted Simmons, time to get the uniform pressed and looking good. You will be the new skipper of this team.

That being said, Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us. Decision time looms. If the call is up to Melvin, he will let Yost ride out the road trip....sort of a last chance.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brewers lose 5th straight...

The Brewers were swept this afternoon by the BoSox in a series that saw quite a few homers and a whole lot of both sides. Milwaukee certainly had the run support it was missing thus far in the season. However, it still wasn't enough.
The Brewers will limp in to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a 3 game series. Nate McLouth and the Pirates should be a good match up for the Brewers. We shall see if the Brewers continue to drive in the those runs.

I find it strangely odd, that the only one on this team who is voicing their mind and providing some the player who has not even played a full season in the big leagues. Ryan Braun spoke out today about the level of confidence the Brewers have right now and especially at the start of the Boston series.

Who is the leader of this team? There should be at least 3. Yet I can't think of one. What comes to mind when you mention Hart, Hardy, Weeks, or Hall? I see four quiet performers who do their own jobs. Perhaps Mike Cameron? I doubt it though, he's only been on the team not even a month. Sheets? Nope. Fielder? Not even close.

Ryan Braun? Yes, he is the only one I envision as the leader of this team. Hell, he is showing better leadership than Ned Yost. He is speaking up and starting to call on players to perform. What the hell is Yost doing? There are no repricussions when playing for Yost, unless you're a mid-reliever (Mitch Stetter). Otherwise you will have ample amount of time(s) to screw up and still continue to play. Look no further than Geoff Jenkins in 2006.

How about Melvin? He's a genious. I love this GM. He is one of the best....however he has yet to put Ned on the hot seat. Instead, he's worried about this?!?!?!?

Milwaukee: Last place in the Central!

Now is it time to hit the panic botton, Mr Yost? Just wondering. After losing a double header to the second place Red Sox, the Brewers are at the bottom looking up (alongside the Reds).
Not only do we have to worry about the bats going silent last night, but also the infield as costly errors decided the outcome of this game. Granted, I could not watch first hand the second game as there was diving/swimming on FSN....which is sure to grab more viewers then The Crew! That being said, I can read.
Suppan gave up the loss in the first game, Torres earning it in game two. Bush (no decision) and Suppan both looked pretty decent after giving up 4 runs respectively...however, with the BoSox, one can't do that and expect to squeeze out a win from it. Although in both games the Brewers did threaten late.
Now the Brewers have to face Boston one last time before heading over to Pittsburgh. So there is a light at the end of this dark, long tunnel. The Brewers face the Pirates and then tavel down to D.C. for a four-game wrap around series. With that beings said, the Brewers don't fare too well in Roberto Clemente's playground.
The Brewers are only 6 games out of first place Chicago. Doesn't sound that bad does it? Well, the Cubs have been on a tear lately with Soriano's 7 homeruns in 7 games as their lead off hitter. They did drop one yesterday however giving Carlos Zambrano his first loss of the season (5-1).

The season is about to hit that Memorial Day mark next weekend. Their tends to be some decisions made across the league of whether or not things are working. Ned Yost is not working. He has yet to get this young squad turned around on a consistent path. Their was a short fix of sorts, last week before LA came to town, but that quickly blew away when they dropped two straight to the Dodgers and now 2 straight to the Red Sox (count'em 4 straight). Yosts' Yawners have also dropped 8 straight road games. If the Brewers don't play catch up here starting in Pittsburgh....Mr Yost will/should be given his walking papers. This Brewer fan has had enough of the losing.

"We try to dig a foothold every day and get going in the right direction and on a roll. That's our focus daily." Jsonline. quotting Yost

Get some flipping passion Yost. Don't be afraid to get your man-thong in a bundle and start calling out players pubically.

Prince Fielder's power stats are down...

Check out this break down of his at-bats.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Midwest Airlines gets help from the good Lord...

Midwest Airlines, which is under new ownership, really dropped the ball today when they did not anticipate the swarm of Brewer fans traveling to Boston to catch the rare glimpse of this inter-league series. They had delays and diverted flights all day today. Lucky for them the game was rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. So now, the lovely fans of Milwaukee (who love to drink) will have a full day of boozing ahead of them watching a split game, double header! Meaning will have to empty the park and go SOMEWHERE while they prep the park for the evening game, much to the welcomed joy of Boston taverns that surround Fenway. The adoring beermen who patrol the grounds will hardly be able to sleep tonight due to tomorrow's anticipated day..Record Sales=Tips!

Plus, Brewer fans may get a rare glimpse of Manny entering his favorite gay bar!


Since it's a rain out....
Below are some youtube videos I took back in 2005-06.

There you go

Milwaukee vs Boston

Why is Joe Dillion batting DH tonight? Someone? Ned? Sedar? Anyone? WTF....I would have guessed Tony Gwynn would be in this spot.
Not since the Sacco-Vanzetti trial has there been this much anticipation in Boston! Okay, perhaps that is a stretch. But the Red Sox nation is eager to verbally trounce on the likes of Eric Gagne and probably even Gabe Kapler. Bean Town fans were a little concerned last week when Ned Yost yanked Gagne from the closer's role only placing him back in it two days later. So we should anticipate Johnny Damon-Esq boo's when he is called in for the 9th tonight! Hell, their fans will probably even boo Kapler just because he used to be a Jewish ex-Red Sock.

Things to listen/look for on hi-def FSN tonight from their fans:

-John Kerry sitting in a section that is in the background of right handed batters.

- "That's Manny being Manny" I despise that saying

-"Beckett is wicked cool" Although he is a very good pitcher, I don't think he is in the same category as "Pete's Wicked Ale"

-"Beer-keeper, toss me a Sammy" Although Bud (not Miller) is sold at Fenway, they primarily sell Sam Adams.

-"Ben Affleck is f'n so cool" Despite the success of Good Will Hunting, Ben is not cool, not even with the help of Jimmy Kimmel.

-Look for Dueche Bag fans wearing green Redsox ballcaps.

-Look for Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore sitting along the third base line, they are in town to shoot the sequel to "Fan Fever II". Perhaps a bat-splinter will veer off and stab him in the neck.


All-Stars from Milwaukee?

Ben Sheets
Ryan Braun
Jason Kendall?


At least Eric Gagne didn't do THIS when Yost yanked him.

Changes Are Made / NBA Play Offs

Mitch Stetter was sent south to Nashville today, why? I don't know. The guy has two below average outtings and is yanked? All to make room for the yet-to-be proven lefty Zach Jackson (1-3, 6.98:Nashville) ? Granted, Jackson did have a good performance I believe back in '06 if my memory serves me. He did a fill-in start in Cincy in front of him family. He and Mark DeFilice (31 year-old) will both be traveling to Bean Town for tonights series opener. Riske's injury comes at a bad time because it is late May/early June where he starts to find his groove.

Why didn't the Brewers hold Sheets' start yesterday and pit him against Dice-K tonight? Granted, it's easy to say that...but really, why would they not do that? Anyone?

This is a neat interview with Bob Uecker. He reflects back on his days of Mr. Belvedere and Miller Lite commercials. Good read.


The NBA playoffs are pretty dull this year. I have checked in from time to time to catch some of the action, 'cause hey....The NBA Cares.

Anyways. Why is it that this year the home teams are just kicking ass and taking names. I heard it was 19-1 or something like that for home teams. That's insane and it doesn't do anything to help the cause of the NBA. Not to mention that the margins of victory's are 15 points (give or take). What is competitive about that?

I do like the Hornets, although now faced with a game 7 and West being out (pinched nerve), or so I heard, the Saint City could be playing their last game of their ferry-tale season.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ryan Braun Signs 8 Year Deal: Record Contract In Baseball!

Ryan Braun signed a 8 year deal for up to $51MM with the Brewers today! Official announcement is coming this morning at a news conference @ 10am! Told you so. It is expected to surpass both Eva(n) Longoria and Troy Tulowitzke's contracts....which is huge. Attanasio even bought out his first year of free agency.
This is another reason why our team is blessed with a great owner. He knows what it takes to compete and it does take money. Not an extrodinary amount either, although this will surpass Suppan record contract in December of 2006.
The kid deserves it! He is a solid a player that could really ignite an offense, and he has proven this. Fielder is next. Although I am sure this doesn't make him too happy.
I see Ryan Braun making a bigger impact to the Brewers Organization, both now and down the road, then Prince Fielder.

-David Riske hyperextended his throwing arm (elbow) last night. If he goes to the DL there are a couple of options the Brewers could use. One being Erasmo Ramirez, who could get the call down in Nashville. Had Jeremy Jeffress not been a pothead, the 2006 first round draft pick could be up there in Nashville or even Huntsville by this time. Goes to show, pot doesn't pay kids.

Zach Jackson is another one who could get the call. He has already seen the big leagues back in 2006 (or was it last year?).

-Jim Edmunds, the ex-Cardinal All Star, is now a Cubbie. I hate the Cubs even more now.

-That was a nice feature in SI this week on the Brewers. Granted, they picked a bad time to follow them. But any exposure is good exposure! Plus, there's a great picture of Uecker in the background wearing some 70's-esque shorts. The guy looks buff for his age.
-Fresno State rejected UW's offer to play at Lambeau Field.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sixth Blown Save

The Brewers blew a potential victory today through reliever G Moto. They lost 6-4 tonight and were even up 4-1 at one time. This is getting to be a huge problem for the Brewers. Granted, Gagne did pitch 2 innings on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, so the idea of him closing last night was not the ideal situation Yost wanted to put him in..........


There was a two-run lead, whey would you not put your closer in that situation...especially after you just shook the dice the night before in putting him in? never cease to amaze me.

Manny Para did have a great outing tonight, but was given the no decision.

Good news did come out tonight however....Mark Anttanasio told JSOnline that he would spend money to get another pitcher if needed. Well...please do so. Bush may not last long and Weaver is not the answer.

David Riske had to leave the game with an injury...appears to be with his throwing arm from what I saw on TV. But what do I know?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Milwaukee takes first jab at LA

Ned Yost must have felt pretty confident in Eric Gagne tonight, or....he was just very naive/stupid. I would go with the latter due to the simple fact that only a little more than 2 days ago, the once prized closer was asking to be taken off that role.
Regardless, the Canadian threw a solid inning in earning his 10th save of the season. After giving up a lead off single the four-eyed-bearded monster threw pitches peaking at 94 mph. He did face the bottom part of the Dodger line-up but still regained some confidence he had lost in his shaky start to the season. Hats off to Gagne! Yost, you're a lucky S.O.B.

The Brew City's offense ignited in a grand fashion tonight with 6 Brewers having hits and 3 with two-hits. Charlie Villenueva gave Milwaukee's starting rotation its third consecutive win and trying hard to turn around their downward spiral. Charlie gave up 3 runs and 8 hits...but no home runs which is key being that he has already given up 10 this season! He is now 2-4 and earned his first win since first start.

The biggest story however is Ryan Braun's third straight solid game! Tonight he had a double and a triple plus 2 rbi's.
Over the past three games, Ryan Braun's stats read as follows:
4 HR
1 Triple
1 Double
6 RBI's

.294 season batting avg

Hell, Prince Fielder even came up big today as well w/ 2 hits and an RBI. If Prince starts to follow suit, plus Cory Hart batting the way he is....the Brewers could be turning things around in a hurry. They need to heat up before traveling over to Boston over the weekend, which they are in the process of doing.

Brewers Record 20-19
3 games back

-Cubs lost Hurray!

-Chris Capuano to have Tommy John surgery....again. After throwing some lite pitches today his arm had severe tightness. I just can't see him coming back from this, he will never be that pitcher he was in 2005-2006. Good luck to you Cappy!

-Thoughts go out to Milwaukee Brewer public announcer at Miller Park, Robb Edwards, who had a heart attack today. I love his voice. I have only been to 4 or 5 other MLB ball parks, and his voice is the best (slightly biased).

-Sports Illustrated followed The Crew around in Chicago, Houston, and Miami to give the readers a peak inside their clubhouse...of course they picked the worst road trip to do so. It will be in this weeks issue.
Hart & Hardy playing Ping Pong...Notice Bob Uecker wearing nut-huggers

-Huntsville Stars' rising stars (no pun intended):
Cole Gillespie
Matt LaPorta
Both are solid outfielders playing in opposite sides. Look for these two to make an impact soon. La Porta probably this season yet in a pinch hitting role.

-Two news sources I check out on a regular basis are:
Baseball America - Also, you can receive a free issue of this magazine by clicking here!
Deadspin- Baseball Blog

Bottom of the 8th....Gagne is about to come in

Why the hell is Yost putting Gagne in to close after he relieved himself of that duty and he even pitched two innings last night? If he blows this, I will blame Yost and not Gagne.

Think Pink

Ryan Braun smacked 2 homeruns last night, his fourth in the last two games...all with the same pink bat. Although last night he used a black bat, it was the Mothers Day pink bat painted over. His batting average has sky rocketed to .288 now that he has, according to Yost, come out of his slump. Now if only Prince Fielder could follow suit. He looked awful at the plat last night chasing pitches out of the strike zone and failing to earn the walks he was dished out by Wainwright (3-2). JJ Hardy ended his wopping 5 game hitstreak, but he has started to make contact better and made some great defensive plays.

-Mike Cameron is batting .180 right now. Not an ideal spot in the batting order for this type of numbers. Granted, he only has about 50 at-bats, so this number can fluxuate. He is a quick centerfielder that can get under the fly balls on both gaps, more so with left-center of course.

-Dave Bush has a great game! Way to go for Bushy who gave up only 1 run in 6 innings. He looked shaky at first giving up a dinger to Rick Ankiel in the first, but quickly shook it off. Hopefully he gained some confidence down in Nashville.

-Mitch Stetter looked out of sync last night and this outing should be put aside as a rare incident to date. He has had too many solid innings to raise too many eyebrows with last nights semi-melt down.

-Eric Gagne said he is ready to pitch in the 9th. AFTER ONE GAME? C'mon Eric. I admire that you took the blame and all, but lets face game break is not enough. My vote is for Closer by Committee (the most used term in Milwaukee over the last 3 days).
-As pointed out by JSOnline Blog yesterday, Deadspin was at Miller Park Sunday. They bitched about the roof being closed.
-Turnbow is just as bad in Nashville as he was in Milwaukee. I don't know if his stuff can be fixed anymore. He's beyond repair. Yost should have done this last season because now it is too late.
-Cleveland Indian's second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera had an un-assisted triple play last night! Only the 14th time in in history....pretty sweet! Congrat Asd-ru-ballllllll.
Back to normal for The Crew this week, as the wrap around series (weekend in to Monday) is done. They will have to do the same 4 game wrap around with Nat's later in the month.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"$21 Million? I have a family to feed"

Latrell Sprewell, the one-time laughing stock of the NBA and Milwaukee native, had his River Hills home foreclosed today. I used to drive by this house on my way to work at Taylor & Dunn's Public House. This is the richest neighborhood in the state...which only a few miles away from the poorest neighborhood in the state. Oddly enough, Latrell hung out on both sides of town. Additionally, this ex-All Star doesn't like to pay bills either! He also had his yacht called "Milwaukee's Best" (not this kind, but this kind) was auctioned off by the US Marshal's last summer. That was the same boat where he strangled his lady friend. Oh yeah, and his old coach in San Fransisco.

Stand up guy!

Good idea

The blog "Brewer Nation" has a good idea with this one:

You all remember Russell Branyan? Well, he has been playing very well for Nashville hitting .355 and a team-leading 8 HR's. He is a journeyman veteran and one-time Brewer, who could rotate with Billy Hall at third. This then giving Hall some days off to tweak his batting. The transition back to third has been shakey, in my opinion. He sits at 5 errors (9 total in 2007 at center) and is batting a horrid .197! Call it what you want....that is pretty low, however he does have 7 hr's. Platooning Russell the Love Muscle in there could spark a flame under Halls' arse.

Another OJ Taints USC's Image

Silliness. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of USC sports. They are silly because time after time this college powerhouse in football and the recent success of its basketball program have all been tainted in the last couple of years. Not only does the school have to deal with the Reggie Bush scandal, now the they have to handle the OJ Mayo case.

Outside The Lines (ESPN) reported yesterday that OJ Mayo was teaming with a sports management organization, which is illegal. The agency, BDA, was providing him with lavish meals (Red Lobster, yuck), vehicle, flat-panel TV's, and other commodities during his high school and one-year lay over at USC. All of this under the nose of USC's athletic department and Tim Floyd, the heralded basketball coach who will be entering only his third season there.

Of course, on Mike & Mike In The Morning, Greenburg was talking as if this was okay. It is the rules that are messed up. The rules should be changed because these student-athletes are making all of this cha-ching for the schools.

Well, rules are rules now matter what you think of them "GREENIE". So in that you are wrong sir. These punk kids who are on their way to the pro's after spending a year or so at their school due to regulations tend to lean towards the illegal side of things. Meaning this, USC's image will now suffer due to the actions of two unethical students, not even alumnus'. Perhaps now, schools will be more careful when it comes to recruiting one-year hoppers who will have a brief stay at their school. Yes you will get that one year of fame and be in the spotlight, but what happens afterwords....when they leave you? They aren't even graduates of your school, but they may still have an effect on your institution due to their actions while on campus. Think carefully, perhaps this is why Bo Ryan and Wisconsin tend to stay away from the one-year hoppers in fear of this. Although no school is immune to NCAA violations (UW included), it is acts like this that can be prevented.


Hey still liking Indiana? You PRICK!. I look forward to Indiana coming to Madison and Bo Ryan putting the hurt on you.

You honor your contract. Great example you taught your players in Milwaukee!


Hanley Ramirez, the rising star for the Florida Marlins (23-14), is closing in on a long-term deal of 6 years & 70MM dollars.
What is it with this team? They dump all of their star players year after year, especially after winning the two World Series in a decade. Yet they continue to have the lowest pay in baseball and are now 8 games above .500 and tearing through Milwaukee's arse. I believe the season series is at 5-1. Sad for us, good for them. Oddly enough they have the lowest turn-out in the attendance I believe.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Suppan & Braun Deliver

The Crew inched a little closer to .500 with a 5-3 win over the NL's Central Division leading Cardinals. Suppan pitched lights out today over his old teammates. Giving up only 6 hits and 1 run, the veteran righty brought his ERA down to where it he usually the 4's (4.63). That being said, he really delivered for the Crew by working the pitch counts and even pitching through the 7th inning. The latter of course being a little hard to believe considering he's a 5-6 inning type of starter. He did surpass his season high in walks however giving out 5 free passes.
Braun put the hurt on Looper by going yard twice and raising his average to .281 on the season. It appears he and Fielder have begun their resurgence as they have had a decent series against the Cards.
-Season series is at 4-4 w/ the Cards.

The closing role was given up by Gagne forcing Yost to call on others to fill in. This being the frosting on the cake for Yost to be fired. Had Gagne not voluntarily hand in his closing keys, he would've been right back out there today. Thankfully, he made the decision for Yost by allowing others to close. This brought up the plan of having a "committee" approach by having match-up closers. Yost called on Torres to have first crack at it. This resulting in a homerun that was first caught by Cory Hart over the fence, and then flopping out of his glove due to the backlash in his wrist. Valid try.
So, Yost went with Brian Shouse who then put the nails in the coffin. This only after giving up another run. So there you have it folks, in the words of Brian Anderson. The Brewers came up big in offense and defense giving up no errors and solid pitching.

-Billy Hall broke his Mothers Day homerun streak of 2. Not a shocker there. He did run the bases pretty nice scoring on a speedy run to home and being tripped up by the catcher.
-All that pink made me think I was at the roller rink back in grade school. Hell, the players had pink rope necklaces, pick undershirts (some did) and even pink gum to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Fathers Day will of course yield sky blue to do the same for Prostate Cancer.
-Yost should be canned.

Eric Gagne out of closer role

Note to players who play on the Brewers:

You will remain in your role no matter how poor your performance is UNLESS Yost finds out you don't want it any more through the press.

That's pretty much what this all tells me.

Change of heart on Gagne....

Another loss yesterday, this time on national tv.

My question to Melvin and Yost is this:

If the Cardinals can pull Jason Isringhause, and put the closer role up for grabs...why can't we yank Gagne?

Furthermore, if you don't pull a starter who is asking to be pulled...what does that tell the fans of Milwaukee about your expertise? Despite Gagne asking to be replaced as the closer, he does have some honorable mention of him. All too often do we see pitchers running away with their tale between their legs after a horrid outting. Gagne was ready to field questions after the loss, sitting in a chair and not in the fetal position.

That's the difference between Yost LaRussa. One is a softy and the other is a hard-ass. The hard-ass will always make farther than the softy. Meaning this, you look at all the great coaches in all sports. The ones who make it the farthest are not the "players' coach". They are the tough guys who aren't afraid to yank a closer who has over 300 saves and destined to be inducted in to the hall of fame. Will it hurt Jason's feelings? Yes, but that's the point. No one should be immune to be pulled.

I still feel he can be a great closer, but it is evident that he is beyond a slump...he's damn right struggling.

So who should take his role? My vote is for Torres and Mota to split the role. Gagne can flip down to set-up and try that. Yes, he was horrible for the RedSox in that role, but right now...options are limited.

-Also, Bill Hall can be a pretty dumb base runner at times. Case in point was yesterdays pickle.

-Prince Fielders' homerun was a clutch. Hopefully he and Braun will snap out of this ridiculous slump soon.

-Sheets still pitched a decent game only giving up a 3 runs, two of which were from a dinger. He can't do this himself Brewer fans!

*Ben Sheets made Brewer history yesterday against the Cards. He passed Teddy Higuera with tallying 1068 strike outs. This being done against Phat Albert nonetheless.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Timely Rescue!

Of all the players I thought that would pull us out of the depths of hell....Rickie Weeks came through in a major way (sounds like a rap song). With two outs in the bottom of the ninth Weeks' blast to outfield that scored two runs. This off a dominant, but recently struggling, closer in Jake Isringhausen (love that name), lit a spark under the entire clubhouse resulting in them mobbing Rickie in celebration. This was just what the team needed. An emotional victory that would loosen their ties and unbutton their suits. Because that is exactly what this club needs to do. Loosen up. One thing I have always noticed is that The Crew has a great chemistry to them. The fool around and mess with each other. They always smile, similar to what I saw last night. Look at the first month and a half of this young season and you will see stern faces and tight lipped grins. They were all business no pleasure. C'mon, this is a team filled with young men who are all under the age of 26 (excluding Cam, Sheets, and Kendall) who are starters. Get back to your clubhouse antics and start acting your age. Perhaps that is what will salvage this bumpy part of the road we're on.

All in all, the Brewers did very well last night. Even Parra pitched a good game giving up only 3 runs. If your starter can at least do that, there should be enough run support from his offense...usually. His only smudge was the 5 innings he put out and leaving the bases loaded. Our pen is deep and their are many options to use if there is trouble early on. David Riske started his turn around (actually last week he did) and pitched two solid innings and only 2 hits. He pitched out of some jams and held his composure and control of the ball. MVP goes to either Rickie Weeks (my nod) or to Brian Shouse, who once again pitched a solid inning and earned the win (3-0). Weeks' performance prove to me that he has the potential, he just needs to have consistency. That could be said about a lot of Brewers right now. My friend Rat will now blast me away telling me "I told you so" about Weeks.

- The Cardinals have the best pitching in the National League. But their once-shiny closer is struggling at Gagne proportions. Both of which having blown 5 or more saves this season.

-Sell Out Crowd last night for the Brewers...nothing like playing at home after a tough road trip. That is why Miller Park is #2 on the list of top parks. The category covering the fans is tops. Wonder why? Well, this is a good reason (see last night attendance numbers).

-On facebook, there is a Brewer application (or something like that) which you can add to your page, for those who facebook. On that application there is a pretty sweet trivia game you can play. I was doing fantastic until it was the end of the work day and the office was shutting down. I will try again next Friday. Try it, there are some good questions.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Here's a cheery tidbit for you!

Ryan Braun is rumored to be signing a lengthly contract with the Brewers. As reported by

At first, I took this with a grain of salt. However, I remember reading about the The Crew having talks with his agent about doing so last month. If this is in fact true.... I would be a very happy man. They are saying that he would make 8 or 9 million a year through 2013.

I can imagine that Prince Fielder will get his during the offseason. Hopefully this will light a spark under Brauns ass in the batters box.
Kevin Mench (Shrek), who returned to his old team, was sent to Toronto.
Jim Edmunds was released by the Padres. What happened to him?
No shocker here, Koren Robinson was let go by the Packers today. Cowboys have left messages on his answering maching (I just made that last part up).

Streak hits 6 game

This is pretty much drilled in to my head now thanks to Brian Anderson and blogs around the Dairy State. Besides Ben other starting pitcher has won a game since Apil 5th. That is over a month ago people. Carlos Villenueva added to this debacle last night after pitching, once again, a decent 5 innings (7 runs) and then getting bent over in the 5th. For some reason or another, the Brewers collapse in innings 5 and 6. It is quite evident that perhaps a change in to our deep bullpen should be made or at least prepared much earlier than what we have seen. The moment the starting pitcher looks shaky or gives up a run, YANKem Ned! It appears we have fallen in to the funk of our pitchers not being able to last 6 innings which is the norm. Likewise for our relievers lasting more than one inning. Which could be the reason why Ned doesn't yankem.

To make matters worse, you can't rely on your pitcher to ignite the offense. Carlos tried to do that with a well positioned hit down the first base line last night. In fact, he had two hits last night which I was very excited about. Compare that to the likes of Ben Sheets who has one hit on the year, that makes me happier than a pig in shit.

The usual Brewer suspects were silent at the plate....once again. There was some glimmer of hope though when Joe Dillon had two hits followed by other players from the bench trying to make a difference. Braun and Cameron went 0'fer.

Michael Hunt of (get it? never gets old...Mike Hunt) starts to shed light to the topic of Yost being canned. Let's face is no longer the question of not being loyal to the Brewers Organization when you discuss firing him. It's now fashionably hip. It's like chatting with your friends on Myspace type-cool. The Ned countdown has begun people. He has the next 6 games, that's 2 series, to salvage at least another month as the skipper. Not to mention they are HOME games, too, should be enough to reach him. Ted Simmons meanwhile is thinking, "okay here I go, this what Mark and I were talking about in winter...if sh*t hits the fan, get ready for plan B".

I personally thought it was time for Yost to be canned after last years collapse. Granted, it was not as bad as Willie Randolph's self destruction with the Mets. This WAS more painful than re-irritating the ol'hemroids after you thought they were gone for good. I will ask this question again, as I have over and over and over again.........
WHO ORDERS A BEAMBALL IN A PENNANT RACE WITH ONLY A COUPLE OF GAMES REMAINING? (Albert Pujols Beam Ball ala '07). Well, that would be ol'Ned.
My wife Kelly likes to tell me that Ned looks like a sweet little man. He's little alright.

Doug Melvin, you will be right behind Ned at the end of the season if the team does not finish over .500. Gone will be the days of saying, "We're a young team, next year however...." or "Our farm system is the best in the majors". Both of which are now quotes from the past. Our team is now reaching 3-4 years solid experience in the Majors. Our beloved farm system has now been passed over by the likes of Florida and even Chicago. So, changes will be made.

Now......that all being said, the team could actually step behind their fearless leader and start producing. Ned cant be out at home plate cupping your balls while you're doing an at-bat. He can't be out there at third base with you Bill Hall telling you to get in front of the frickn ground ball every time, nor can he sit native-american style out at the pitchers mound every time the 5th or 6th inning come around. It's time to cut the umbilical cord to this "young team" and have them grow a set. Play like you belong...'cus lord knows that you all do.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Four-Letter Network pours salt on our open wounds!

I despise ESPN for all they are worth. I will watch SportsCenter, yes I will. But that is about it. I have ranted about this channel for many years. The likes of Steven A. Smith yelling at me in a preacher voice about NBA players or the belly-aching Tony Kornheiser does on MNF, this sports station is annoying to me.

So, you can imagine my thoughts when I read this....
as pointed out by today.

In chronological order, this piece tears apart the Brewers to the very core. Yes, Melvin and Yost tend to dish out second chances like Bret Michael's does herpies. Certainly, I remember the blunders of trades the club has made over the past 25 plus years. It still gives me heartburn when I think of the name Ricky Bones and Glendon Rusch. Yet, through all of this turmoil I still love my Brewers.

So....this adds to the gaggle of other reasons why I dislike this network. That and Chris Berman too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brewers have lost 8 of their last 11 games, 4 game losing streak

The Milwaukee Brewers are in to the second week of May and are at a lowly 16-16 record. Below expectations? Yes. Ned Yost has just eased his way on to the chopping block platform. Will it happen before the All-Star break? No. However if they are under .500 by then, it could result in the Crew having a new skipper. I'm thinking Ted Simmons as the interim manager.
Ned has to start using names in the post-season interviews to light a flame under their arses. There is no accountability right now. It's the ol' run around of, "It's early in the season".
Leaders have to step now, because it should've been don 2 weeks ago.

Sheets....Time to step up to the plate (not figuratively) and voice your concerns!
Prince....Where are you?
Cameron.....Why haven't you stood up and said anything, call someone out?
Braun.....You have an excuse, you're young. Yet you still had the only balls to actually show the
Brewers have a temper (nice job).

"It's frustrating; it's beyond frustrating," said a normally low-key Ryan Braun. "I'm (bleeping) sick of saying it's early. You can only say that for so long. You can only say, 'It's early,' you can only say, 'It's going to be all right' for so long."

It is as if the Milwaukee Bucks took to the field this season in Brewer uniforms. Where is the leadership?

Now I hate to be on the Yost-Haters' of Milwaukee bandwagon. But you have to admit, he is under the gun right now. His team had huge expectations and have been in a slump since Spring Training.

If you were to ask me who the MVP was right now....I would say Ben Sheets. Bill Schroeder discussed this last night I belive. There is no single fielder who is worthy right now of being the teams MVP. They are all lackluster at best. Cory Hart is the only hitter batting over .300 (.303 still) .

Milwaukee's starting line-up is batting minimal .247 at the plat thus far in to the 2008 season.


The good news is this....

The Brewers will snap out of this slump. And yes, you can call it a slump Journal-Sentinel!
I would imagine they start to right the ship tonight, at least grabbing one game out of the series before igniting at home against St Louis. That will be moment when the Crew will have a nut cup check and see what they are made of this season! I belive they still are the best team in the Central....they just need to get a good kick in the ass!


LaPorta Watch!!!!!
Matt earns his second consecutive Player of the Week award down in Double-A Hunstville. Perhaps the kid could see the big leagues sooner?
33 RBI's

Another Brewer minor leaguer who is climbing the prospect ladder is catcher Angel Salome. This kid is the future catcher of our club! Although not immune to the current culture of the steroid era (served a 50 game suspension), he still is showing good signs of being a solid hitter and thrower from behind the plate. In only 17 games, this slugger already has 4 three-hit games!