Friday, May 16, 2008

Changes Are Made / NBA Play Offs

Mitch Stetter was sent south to Nashville today, why? I don't know. The guy has two below average outtings and is yanked? All to make room for the yet-to-be proven lefty Zach Jackson (1-3, 6.98:Nashville) ? Granted, Jackson did have a good performance I believe back in '06 if my memory serves me. He did a fill-in start in Cincy in front of him family. He and Mark DeFilice (31 year-old) will both be traveling to Bean Town for tonights series opener. Riske's injury comes at a bad time because it is late May/early June where he starts to find his groove.

Why didn't the Brewers hold Sheets' start yesterday and pit him against Dice-K tonight? Granted, it's easy to say that...but really, why would they not do that? Anyone?

This is a neat interview with Bob Uecker. He reflects back on his days of Mr. Belvedere and Miller Lite commercials. Good read.


The NBA playoffs are pretty dull this year. I have checked in from time to time to catch some of the action, 'cause hey....The NBA Cares.

Anyways. Why is it that this year the home teams are just kicking ass and taking names. I heard it was 19-1 or something like that for home teams. That's insane and it doesn't do anything to help the cause of the NBA. Not to mention that the margins of victory's are 15 points (give or take). What is competitive about that?

I do like the Hornets, although now faced with a game 7 and West being out (pinched nerve), or so I heard, the Saint City could be playing their last game of their ferry-tale season.

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