Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Milwaukee takes first jab at LA

Ned Yost must have felt pretty confident in Eric Gagne tonight, or....he was just very naive/stupid. I would go with the latter due to the simple fact that only a little more than 2 days ago, the once prized closer was asking to be taken off that role.
Regardless, the Canadian threw a solid inning in earning his 10th save of the season. After giving up a lead off single the four-eyed-bearded monster threw pitches peaking at 94 mph. He did face the bottom part of the Dodger line-up but still regained some confidence he had lost in his shaky start to the season. Hats off to Gagne! Yost, you're a lucky S.O.B.

The Brew City's offense ignited in a grand fashion tonight with 6 Brewers having hits and 3 with two-hits. Charlie Villenueva gave Milwaukee's starting rotation its third consecutive win and trying hard to turn around their downward spiral. Charlie gave up 3 runs and 8 hits...but no home runs which is key being that he has already given up 10 this season! He is now 2-4 and earned his first win since first start.

The biggest story however is Ryan Braun's third straight solid game! Tonight he had a double and a triple plus 2 rbi's.
Over the past three games, Ryan Braun's stats read as follows:
4 HR
1 Triple
1 Double
6 RBI's

.294 season batting avg

Hell, Prince Fielder even came up big today as well w/ 2 hits and an RBI. If Prince starts to follow suit, plus Cory Hart batting the way he is....the Brewers could be turning things around in a hurry. They need to heat up before traveling over to Boston over the weekend, which they are in the process of doing.

Brewers Record 20-19
3 games back

-Cubs lost Hurray!

-Chris Capuano to have Tommy John surgery....again. After throwing some lite pitches today his arm had severe tightness. I just can't see him coming back from this, he will never be that pitcher he was in 2005-2006. Good luck to you Cappy!

-Thoughts go out to Milwaukee Brewer public announcer at Miller Park, Robb Edwards, who had a heart attack today. I love his voice. I have only been to 4 or 5 other MLB ball parks, and his voice is the best (slightly biased).

-Sports Illustrated followed The Crew around in Chicago, Houston, and Miami to give the readers a peak inside their clubhouse...of course they picked the worst road trip to do so. It will be in this weeks issue. Jsonline.com
Hart & Hardy playing Ping Pong...Notice Bob Uecker wearing nut-huggers

-Huntsville Stars' rising stars (no pun intended):
Cole Gillespie
Matt LaPorta
Both are solid outfielders playing in opposite sides. Look for these two to make an impact soon. La Porta probably this season yet in a pinch hitting role.

-Two news sources I check out on a regular basis are:
Baseball America - Also, you can receive a free issue of this magazine by clicking here!
Deadspin- Baseball Blog

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