Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brewers have lost 8 of their last 11 games, 4 game losing streak

The Milwaukee Brewers are in to the second week of May and are at a lowly 16-16 record. Below expectations? Yes. Ned Yost has just eased his way on to the chopping block platform. Will it happen before the All-Star break? No. However if they are under .500 by then, it could result in the Crew having a new skipper. I'm thinking Ted Simmons as the interim manager.
Ned has to start using names in the post-season interviews to light a flame under their arses. There is no accountability right now. It's the ol' run around of, "It's early in the season".
Leaders have to step now, because it should've been don 2 weeks ago.

Sheets....Time to step up to the plate (not figuratively) and voice your concerns!
Prince....Where are you?
Cameron.....Why haven't you stood up and said anything, call someone out?
Braun.....You have an excuse, you're young. Yet you still had the only balls to actually show the
Brewers have a temper (nice job).

"It's frustrating; it's beyond frustrating," said a normally low-key Ryan Braun. "I'm (bleeping) sick of saying it's early. You can only say that for so long. You can only say, 'It's early,' you can only say, 'It's going to be all right' for so long."

It is as if the Milwaukee Bucks took to the field this season in Brewer uniforms. Where is the leadership?

Now I hate to be on the Yost-Haters' of Milwaukee bandwagon. But you have to admit, he is under the gun right now. His team had huge expectations and have been in a slump since Spring Training.

If you were to ask me who the MVP was right now....I would say Ben Sheets. Bill Schroeder discussed this last night I belive. There is no single fielder who is worthy right now of being the teams MVP. They are all lackluster at best. Cory Hart is the only hitter batting over .300 (.303 still) .

Milwaukee's starting line-up is batting minimal .247 at the plat thus far in to the 2008 season.


The good news is this....

The Brewers will snap out of this slump. And yes, you can call it a slump Journal-Sentinel!
I would imagine they start to right the ship tonight, at least grabbing one game out of the series before igniting at home against St Louis. That will be moment when the Crew will have a nut cup check and see what they are made of this season! I belive they still are the best team in the Central....they just need to get a good kick in the ass!


LaPorta Watch!!!!!
Matt earns his second consecutive Player of the Week award down in Double-A Hunstville. Perhaps the kid could see the big leagues sooner?
33 RBI's

Another Brewer minor leaguer who is climbing the prospect ladder is catcher Angel Salome. This kid is the future catcher of our club! Although not immune to the current culture of the steroid era (served a 50 game suspension), he still is showing good signs of being a solid hitter and thrower from behind the plate. In only 17 games, this slugger already has 4 three-hit games!


  1. The most frustrating thing about this season is the lack of run output. This line-up should be putting up more, a lot more. The most interesting thing to me now will be how quickly the "bandwagoners" fly off. The Brewers have become a trendy thing to like in the state, how long do you think that will last if this continues?

  2. They are projected to hit 3M this season. I would imagine the drunken idiots who go there to puke on old ladies sitting in front of them (happened opening weekend close to me)may fade in numbers.

    I doubt it will effect it much though. Their numbers went up the season after they went .500 (4 yrs ago I think). The following season they finished under .500...but their numbers still went up the following season. If that made sense what I just typed. Basically, it wont effect the attendance too much.

  3. Hey you forgot to mention that Weeks is among the league leaders in runs scored. Go Rickie Go!!!!

  4. The Crew will draw well all year on the weekends, it's the weekday games that could see a large decrease in attendance if this keeps up.

    Why did you remove the logo from your banner? Are you jumping ship? (I know you're not, I just couldn't resist the irony of the situation.)

  5. They will slide in numbers until June for the weeknight games. Milwaukee always has low turn out while school is still in do most teams.