Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rays to pick #1 overall....again!

The Rays are just packing new prospects in their club. They now have the first overall pick in the draft for the second straight year. Not to mention that their farm-system is filled with rising stars. I love the Rays....they are my American League team favorite.

Rickie Weeks' little brother is also going to be drafted fairly high as well. Silly name though. Jemile.

Miller Park is the #2 ball park in the MLB!

Miller Park is not even a decade old, yet the park is ranked as the Second best ball park in the MLB. Just beating them out is Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Native Americans. This according to a fan survey done by Sports Illustrated. The magazine had a number of different cattegories including: affordability, atmosphere, fan IQ, and neighborhood.

Our park ranked only 18th in the neighborhood category. This is the only red flag I see in this survey. One only has to travel up Mitchell Blvd to Storyhill to really admire the neighborhood Miller Park is situated in. You have a number of great bars and restaurants.
-Kelly's Bleachers
-Long Wong's "Chinese-American Sports Bar w/ a manual bowling alley of two lanes!"
-Barbiere's on Bluemound- Rick Majerus' old hang out from when he was a student and assistant coach with Marquette. Hometown boy. Great pizza!
-Steve's On Bluemound aka SOB
-McGinn's Irish Sports Bar

All serve good food and a number are family restaurants (Balistraries, not mentioned).

The park is also in a neighborhood bordering an old military post and home to a Veterans cemetary. This is also a park that is filled with winding trails and a little bridge that connects to the right field area of Miller Park. This is also in the up and coming Menominee Valley, which is being revitalized and should yield some tremendous results in commercial development. To name a few ideas: hotels, parks, and nightlife. The neighborhood is also in a good one, meaning low crime and proud home owners.

So I rank them a lot higher, granted it's no Wrigley-ville or Fenway....but not 18th either!

Holy Bats...Milwaukee!

Mike Cameron must have sparked a flame under the arses of the Milwaukee Brewers because the entire line up looked impressive last night in their 10-7 routing of the Chicago Cubs. In the I-94 Series Milwaukee now leads the 3-1. Chicago tends to have their way with other Central teams, however Milwaukee has been bending them over.

Milwaukee's ace Ben Sheets (4-0) gave up only 3 earned runs (1.64) and walked 7 (high for Sheeter) last night but still battled through the cold and held his composure over a number of jams. It didn't appear that his "tricep" was bothering him (I am hearing it's his man-o'boob, reaggurvated it) during the 5 innings he pitched. Yost and Madux kept it short with him havning yanked him in the bottom of the 5th to bring on troubled David Riske. He too looked solid, which is a far cry from what garbage he has been pitching. Finally, Eric Gagne made another impressive save having only given up a double before retiring the side. He was throwing some heat to, 94mph in night that saw lows in the 30's.

The batting order looked like it will work nicely, pending everyone does their part like they did last night. Twice, Prince Fielder drove in Mike Cameron which is exactly what the Brewers Brass saw when the aggressively went after him during the off season.

Cory Hart was only a home run away from a cycle. He even hit a stand up triple.

JJ Hardy finally woke up too, going 3 for 4 last night.

Four different Crew players hit doubles last night!

Ben actually made ball contact last night.....twice!

Turnbow looked sad, like his pet gold fish died, during the game last night. Yost has relayed to the media that Turnblow will have to win him over again before putting him in a close game. Hell, last night we were up almost a handful of runs and he didn't take his blanky of his lap to warm up.

Watching the game last night in HD was great. I love FSN. However, I find myself looking at the dueche bags in the background yapping on their phones and waving. Don't do that people. I know a lot of women do that, but guys do too. No one should be doing that. And quit with the texting too, your friend Martha can wait on how your date is going or what temperature to bake that Poontang Pie at. One lady was sitting backwards in her chair yapping with another lady during the 7th. Fellas, don't wear team ball-caps that aren't playing in the game you are present at either. That grinds my gears.

There was NOT over 39,000 people at that game last night....regardless of what was reported. Wrigley is notorious in doing that as are the nutbags in St. Louis.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

State Workhorse To Try Out For Packers

As covered today by the Journal-Sentinel...
The Green Bay Packers have invited the coveted Division III running back Justin Beaver to rookie mini camp. Although the team did not sign him as a free agent, he will be brought in for a special try out. This kid is a workhorse who reminds of a Rudy-type player. The kid has heart and for someone who only stands 5 feet 7 inches, this could be a long shot. Despite being an All-American running back who ran 2,455 yards he may be facing an up hill battle. Timing is everything however and the kid couldn't have picked a better time/team to try out for. Green Bay failed to address their back up situation at running back. With Ryan Grant as our focus, and DeShawn Wynn and Vernard Morency as back ups (both injury prone) the liklihood of Mr. Beaver making the team are looking good. We will see.....I feel that he could at least make the practise squad and be brought up later in the season.

Here is another solid statesman who will have a shot at the NFL. Only Owen Schmitt will probably be a little more of an impact. This kids is a stud.

Whatever happened to Derrick Abney, the (Wausau) DC Everest & Kentucky Alumnus who was drafted by the Ravens? I know he doesn't play anymore, but wonder what he is up to?

Monday, April 28, 2008


New York Daily News reported today that The Rocket Man had an affair with country singer Mindy McReedy, starting when he was 28 years old and she was 15!

Hilarious...126mm man Barry Zito was taken out of the Giants' starting rotation.

Brewers have an important series in Chicago. Yes, it's only late April but the Crew have Mike Cameron and Ben Sheets coming out of hibernation. Sheets coming off an injured boob, and Cameron coming of the juice.
Ned will have to start cracking down on the line up if you ask me. There are a number of struggling players that need to start turning it around. That being the likes of: Rickie Weeks & JJ Hardy. Both have made minimal contributions to the team in the first month. Go ahead and throw in David Riske too, but I have faith that he will snap out of it in June when the weather warms up (regardless of the Park having a roof). My biggest question is if Weeks and Hardy are worth the time and planning that Melvin has invested. Weeks more so than Hardy of course (2007 All Star), his defense has gotten a hell of a lot better but his hitting is a concern.


I hate the NBA so I have no insight or comments on the play offs. All I have to say is that the league is a joke with its, "The NBA Cares" theme. Cares? Cares so much that one of the leagues' best players in *Josh (corrected by K) Howard admitting to smoking reefer in the off-season and Stern just turns the other cheek? Mark Cuban says that he will deal with him after the playoffs? What kind of message does this send to the majority of its viewers? Young, minorities in the inner-city and white suburbia now have a thought of pot not being a big deal, in the eyes of the NBA's elite. Why make a big deal out of this? Well, despite all you potheads out there thinking it should be's not. I for one don't see the harm in it. But it is illegal. So Mr look as foolish as those fools doing the Battle Royal at The Palace back in '05 and Mr Clemens (see above). Trash.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weak Homestand & Bush Shipped Down To Nashville

This past week the Brewers have really been a snore fest. Their hitting is average at best and the thought of having only 2 HR's on this homestand makes me ill, really makes me wonder what is next? Considering the thought that we now have a day off (much needed) before jumping on I-94 for a series in the Windy City. The Cubs are hitting the ball well and playing very good baseball. Meanwhile, the Brewers are playing so-so ball with their offense in a slump. Recipe for disaster.

One thing we all need to keep in mind is that Florida is playing their best baseball of the season right now, because there is no possible way they can continue this success nor will they repeat it later in to the summer. I am amazed of how good this team is with the leagues lowest salary of 22mm. As for the Crew, they did have some good games against the Phillies and the Marlins but came up short in extra innings. The Brewers lead the league with 7 extra-inning games (maybe 8 as of todays game). You can't really say the Brewers are playing poorly, however you can say their offense has been lack luster as of late.

Eric Gagne pitched two solid, scoreless innings on Saturday and Sunday. Charlie Villanueva and Manny Para also had really good outings with no run support. Turnblow was back to his old ways again when he walked a couple of batters and gave up a hit today. With bases loaded the Crew went with Mitch Stetter who probably impressed me the most. This guy throws a fastball in the high 80's and really isn't that glitzy. But when he was put in the crunch, 3 on the pond, he delivered striking out the first two batters he faced and a pop-up out with the third batter. Additionally, he did so with full-counts....twice. He is the new go-to guy in the pen along with McClung who can last (pitched 3 scoreless innings earlier in the week). Yes McClung gave up the game winning homer today to Wes Helms, but still is reliable reliever. Opposite of this is Riske and Turnblow, the latter having a save finally but following that up with a piss-poor performance today. Riske is always soft in April if you look at his career stats. He wont heat up until June.

Finally, the gavel was struck today and Bush was cleared waivers and shipped south to Nashville. This angers me slightly as he would be great in the pen. Someone to have when Sheets goes down and the rotation gets all messed up. Sort of like Capuano's role last year, just not as crappy as he performed of course. This move was made in order to free up a space on the roster for the much anticipated addition of Mike Cameron (25 game suspension for juicing). This veteran should provide a spark to the line up and will hopefully be given the #1 or #2 spot in the batting order. He is solid and reliable.

Oh, and one more thing....I am going to start a LaPorta watch, giving weekly updates on how well he is doing....I suspect he will be brought up in September when the expanded rosters are in use. Right now LaPorta has played in 24 games with the Huntsville Stars (AA) batting .289 and 22 RBI's. Solid start for this Florida Alumnus.


Mark brought up a good subject for me to cover. The draft. What can I say....Ted did it again and decided to trade down in a draft that wasn't loaded with talent. Our picks are all very very good. Especially Brohm as he will put pressure on Rodgers in 2010. His arm is a little fluffy but he is the type of person who will lay back in the pocket and exploit coverages....he's smart.

Jordy Nelson (what kind of name is Jordy?) is an average pick, why he was picked that early is beyond me.

That's really all I have. I don't rely on the draft too much as it's way over hyped and most of these punk kids will fail miserably. It wasn't a great draft year in general....but Ted did pick some decent prospects.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My man crush sunk....However, YO!

Well, Kapler failed a couple of times today. However, Yost flopped his balls tonight by having Yo' bat in the 7th.. why the hell didn't Yost have Gwynn bat? That is my drunken question. Eric Gagne' had a good game tonight. I'm a wee bit goodnight.

Yo was unbelievable tonight, picking up where he left off last season. Our new ace?

What the Sheets?

Big Ben is going to be returning to the rotation soon. With that comes the question of what to do to free up a roster spot? I would imagine Bush being given his flight ticket to Nashville, pending his waivers being cleared. My stance on this has changed in the past week or so. Keep in mind that he was the strong link on the rotation late last season. He is not glitzy and will give up the 3-5 runs a game...that being said, the Brewers will be heating up here soon and provide run support of their own. One can only imagine Fielder, Braun (hot streak right now), and Weeks igniting and really belting in some runs in that solid line up. So perhaps keeping Bush and his experience around is in order?

I don't know much, but sometimes I get these thoughts which don't amount to jack. We should learn to be a little more laxed when it comes to names like Turnblow (myself included) and Bush.

Is it just me or is Kendall a flippin machine? He has only sat one game if I'm not mistaken. Which I could be....or at the most two games. Rivera can fill in once a week and keep Jason sharp, but that hasn't been the case as of yet.

JJ Hardy has really lost me since last years All-Star break. It is as if he doesn't bat the same, his stance seems off. Probably nothing. Regardless, he may be seeing the pine more and Billy Hall may be shifting over to Shortstop once a week or even twice if this keeps up. I doubt they would move Braun back to third once a week....he needs as much work as possible out in Leftfield. So Councell could see some more time at Third, as he is batting pretty good in April. Just an idea.

Favre on Letterman

This backs my theory even more. He will come back 6-7 games in to the season. The man is 38 and looks to be 48 with his gray hair and surrendering hair line. I thought Letterman did a better job then any of the four-letter networks, fox, SI, JSonline, or any other media outlet did. He found out "why" he hasn't filled out his DD-214 (retirement papers)and that he has an idea that skipping training camp (done before, Mr. Strahan) and then they may garner Favre's interest.

Regardless, I wish he would come back. However Rodgers is ready I believe. He is going to surprise Wisconsin...and later on the entire league. Just stay healthy and cut your hair Aaron.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favre on cover of Madden '09

K brought this to my attention on the

Now when he comes back at mid-season, he'll be jinxed.

7-0 Versus Lefties!

The Brewers continue to punish the leagues southpaws with a solid win over Cole Hammels and the the Phillies last night. Although the Crew went up 3-0 early on in the game thanks impart to Prince Fielder's dinger and Gabe Kapler's RBI single; it was quickly erased as a quaint little Asian man decided to interfere with Bill Hall in a less-than routine fly out. To make matters worse, he was one of those fans that wears Packer's jerseys to a Brewers game. That bothers me, but what really grinds my gears are those who wear a Cub's (prime example) hat to a Brewers game when they are playing the flippin' D-Backs (or any other team for that matter, just not the Cubs). Those people should be removed from the stadium.

Fielder has been the butt of jokes and theories as to why he has gone over 60 at bats with only one homerun. All fingers pointing to him being a vegan. His reponse after hitting 2 dingers (one of which game winning). Fans fail to realize that he is on pace to blast 50 homers again this year.

"It didn't bother me," said Fielder, who started a vegetarian diet in February. "The only thing is you got people saying (it's) because I don't eat meat or whatever. But my thing is a lot of people in the stands and you guys, you guys eat meat all day (and) you guys can't hit a ball."

The other thing that shocked me in this game was Turnblow. Yes he recorded his first save in exactly one year to date (4/23/07). But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Gagne is our closer. Turnbow is a fill-in who is primarily a set-up man. Which he did very good last season in the final two months. Mota should be given the fill in role for a closer over Turnblow.

Dave Bush continues to prove me wrong with another solid performance. He's not masterful or anything, but he does deliver when needed. Especially when his job is on the line.

Oddly enough, I failed to put down a bet on the Crew earlier in the season against lefties. I kick myself now, I knew it was a good bet. With that many right handed batters (minus another lefthander in Gross), they are destined to dismantle southpaws.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daunte Culpepper In Green & Gold?

Good candidate for a back-up QB. Rodgers will be solid as our starter, but he is injury-prone. This I sort of like. Plus, the idea of drafting a quarterback in the 1st round has me thinking that Rodgers will be on the hot seat if he doesn't perform. This I like because it will keep him on his toes. Although I am sure he doesn't need much will have him working hard come this summer and in mini-camp.

I think this is the first time I have ever read "Breaking News" in sports from the Wausau Daily Herald. Although this hardly merits it...interesting to say the least.

Milwaukee Gets 5 New Players, One Screw-Off

Well, after two disappointing seasons the Milwaukee Panters (Horizon League) are bringing on 5 new players. There are three JUCO transferrs and the troubled Avery Smith. He was one 10 players who got kicked off the squad last season. Okay not 10, but 3 were given the boot and two left on their own. The 2 being the two knuckle heads who couldn't stand being away from their Mommy, the Chicago Simeon duo who played along side Derrick Rose in high school and won the state title. Well.....congrat, you're good friend is now in the NBA and you two twits get sit out a season (eligibility).
Tone Boyle is probably the best pick up for them, as he was a stud a couple of years ago with Middleton HS.
Rob Jeter will be on the hot seat this season if they don't make it to the tourney. Let's face it. Bruce Pearls shoes are pretty big shoes to leave behind, and Jeter has not really fit into them yet. One tourney showing in his first season was due to Pearl's kick-ass recruites he left behind. Meanwhile, Butler has been stong every year. I never really liked the idea of hiring Jeter. I was more so a fan of Dick Bennet's brother who coached UW-Stevens Points in the early part of this decade. Now he would've been good!
And for the record....I wish my old school would call themselves "Milwaukee"....not "UW-Milwaukee" or "Wisc-Milwaukee".


I watch ESPN Sportscenter every morning before work (Can't stand Mike&Mike). Have any of you ever notice that when they talk about Soccer, they have to have the ESPN Deportes guy or gal cover the games/scores? They don't speak in the Spanish, rather an English knock-off of how Latino's"talk". The twirling of the R's and what not.

Sort of like Cartman on South Park last week when he was a teacher in the inner-city.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gabe Gross Traded.....For A Nobody

Gabe Gross was traded to the Rays for RHP Josh Butler. Decision time has come and Gross was the odd man out.....ya think? He had a relatively weak arm and couldn't hit the ball for anything. In return, we have ANOTHER right handed pitcher in Butler, who was drafted in 2006 from University of San Diego. The kid is pitching in Class-A right now, so we didn't get much in return besides freeing up some cash. He was highly touted in 2007 but came up short of expectations. The kid won't see the big leagues....mark thy words.

The Rays (my favorite American League team) was in need of some help in the outfield and for a left handed batter. No hard was expected. So my theory of Gwynn being traded is now defunked. Too bad, we could have gotten some good relief (closer) in return.

This Story Chaps My Ass

Just posted on, citing a San Diego newspaper:

Padre fans in San Diego (meaning Whales Vagina) have been spending the outrageous prices for beer at the park, no news there. However, they have been secretly been served near-beer at a 3.2% alcohol content.

Who cares right? Let those San Diegoans, San Diegans, served this swill. Here is the nut kicker though... this concession company is also contracted by Miller Park as well. I know that I was not served near-beer when I went to a game on April 5th, this can be proven by talking to my wife.

This would anger me though if in fact Miller Park was cheating their fans by serving such garbage.


Gaaaaarrrrr. Turnblow has lost another one for the Crew. How many more chances are we going to give this guy? For every outting he has that goes south he becomes less valuable in a trade. There is no saving him, if Madux can't figure him out why the hell should we as fans even try to? This ex-juicer has seen his two-pitch get rocked by the lowest of the low batters. I guess I have to look forward to the trade deadline, because this putz should be bench, traded, or restricted to bullpen catcher for the rest of the season.

I'm pissed.

Should I be worried about Prince Fielder? Yes he is in a slump, and he will snap out of it. But come a week in to May, if he has not, then what? He is undisciplined at the plate, as evident by his horrific at-bat in the 8th when he was swinging life the dirt. It must be frustrating for him though, I am sure he is not used to being walked so much, this early in the season. It's hard to get in a grove when joe skippy is tossing pitches high and outside.

The Cardinals have our number and we are taking it in the behind. I don't know what it is, but I can't stand the sight of Tony LaRussa. He irks me beyond belief. Dido for Phat Albert, his little wince when he bats grinds my gears. Their team really grinds my gears!

We will see how the Crew rebounds this afternoon. I really like these two-game series'.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Brewers Face Decision Time Soon

With the summoning of Yovanni Gallardo in to the starting rotation replacing the mediocre Dave Bush, the Brewers now have to wait for the analysis on Ben Sheets. If he did re-injure his man boob again (pectoral muscle tear), he will be put on the 15 day-DL. If that does occur, it sounds like Bush will remain in the starting rotation as the #3 in the rotation. Yovanni would replace Sheets' spot.

Likewise with Mike Cameron and Tony Gwynn Jr. with the latter coming back very soon. You have a couple of options in the outfield. Regardless, we will see Gwynn traded by the deadline for some help in the starting rotation (lefty). It will be needed, simply because Villanueva and Parra will have growing pains and Yost will need a veteran to step in. Imagine if Jeff Supan gets hurt this season? We will be screwed beyond all belief! I really hope that they rid themselves of Gabe Gross who is useless at the plate but for some reason Yost thinks he knows how "to work the count".

To date, the Brewers are in Third Place in the Central. Cubs 1, St Louis 2, and the Crew 3rd.

Scott're new head coach of the Bucks?!?!

As indicated on this morning Milwaukee is closing in on Scotty Skiles to coach this crew of young-bucks to the promise land. With 8 seasons under his belt in experience, I still wonder if that's enough to lead a team with no leader on it. Michael Redd is a soft-spoken sharp shooter who couldn't lead a team if he was playing pick-up ball in the hood. My thoughts are that the Bucks go after Larry Brown or Rick Carlisle to come in a whip these young punks in to shape. Get rid of your Dan Godzuric (sp? who cares) and Bobby Simmons (useless). Reformulate how you use your good players and bring in a true point guard. Mo Williams is a good reserve, a sixth-man if you will who has a couple of good games this past season (scoring in the high 30's). Why not go after Stephon Marbury? Yes, he is a cancer in the locker room....but that was for a useless coach in Isiah Thomas. Put him under Larry Brown and boom! You have a good leader! They need to spend a little to make a little. Our poor investment is the past 2 or 3 seasons may have Herb a little a stingy with that cashflow however. But I believe Larry Hammond will deliver us from the depths of crap-hood in the lowly East (Boston excluded).

A Good Read

The Code, written by Ross Bernstein, is a great read thus far. My wife purchased it for me and I have read the Preface, which is written by Torii Hunter, Ron Dibble, and Dave Winfield. I also read the first chapter and am excited to continue it tonight! This book illustrates what goes on in the dug out and the unwritten roles that are used. If your pitcher beams the #4 hitter in the line-up, retaliate against there #4! It also discusses the team unity in the club house, and how modern day players don't have that feeling as much simply because you can get suspended for a number of games if you bum-rush the pitcher after he beams your star player. Bernstein also talks about other areas such as the bullpen, in the showers (no soap on a rope) and how teamates watch each others backs. I will write more about this book as I should finish it up next weekend.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Badger Football

Well, today was the Spring Game at Camp Randall pitting two squads against each other. I have always wanted to attend this event as it gives you a good idea of how the depth chart will look come late summer. Although freshman aren't allowed to play or partake in spring practices, the glimpse kind of gives you that fix, that one last hit of moonshine before the team goes in to hibernation until late July. The team looks promising, however the injuries continue to plaque the team on both sides of the line.

Defensive End Matt Shaughnessy will be out for a couple of months with a broken leg. This is just the latest addition to a lengthly list of wounded warriors.

That being said, there is plenty of positions that will be battled over in the hot summer months. Most noteworthy being the Quarterback position with three solid candidates trying to take the point man of the show. Allan Evridge should take it after having a number of good showings in the limited play he had last year as Tyler Donavon's back up. Keep in mind, this was the kid who transferred from Kansas State to play with the Red and White.
The other position that should be interesting to see how it unfolds in Running Back. With the likes of PJ Hill, Lance Smith, Zach Brown, and the heralded John Clay (Frosh). The latter being the Racine native who led his highschool (Case) to the D-I title in 2006. This kid will be a Heisman candidate in 2-3 years....mark thy words. With all the impact players in one position, it will cause the Badgers coaching staff to try new things in regards to formations and positioning. As noted in this story,
the idea of having Lance Smith, who is said to have the best hands on the team, stepping in at a flanker-type position for easy, short route patterns. Sort of like a safety valve for Evridge if things go haywire in the pocket. With PJ Hill as the early favorite to win the starting spot, I have to ask the simple quesiton of whether or not he could play some fullback?
The Badgers will have the Four-Horsemen, or Four Headed Monster, or the Four-Banger going on this coming season with all these talented backs. Reminds me of USC and their depth, only Carrol has it at ALL of the positions, not just RB.

Extra-Innings? No Problem.

The Brewers were victorious once again in extra innings beating the Reds 5-3. Supan, once again, pitched a hell of a game but didn't get recognition for it as he allowed only 3 runs and 3 hits, tallying on another n0-decision. Although I wasn't able to watch this game, I did hear it on the radio as I was driving up north to Tomahawk. Guillermo Mota picked up his first win of the season (1-0). Mota really pitched a good couple of innings that were key in this win.

Gagne is a topic worth mentioning as well. After blowing 2 saves weeks ago, this Canadian has been pitching lights out. Nothing too savvy either, rather pitches in the 90-92 mph range. I still think he will be one of the National Leagues best closer. As for Cordero, you have to be put in to a position to save the game. The Reds have been in a funk as of late and Coco has been called upon limited times. Hell, he came in to the game in the 8th in a 3-3 tie.

So the Crew are perfect in playing extra-inning games, which is sort of nice considering the fact that those are the matches that build character and provide experience to the younger players.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Other Than Brew-Crew News...Evan Longoria Signs Huge Deal

This kid is the real deal. Despite his names sexy similarity to Mrs. Parker, this youngster is the future of this franchise. I have been a fan of Tampa and their belief in their farm system for 3 years now. I knew this kid would hit it big.

The only reason why he started in the minors in the first place was the cash-ola. So the Rays (once called the Devil Rays) have signed a franchise record deal of $44mm over 9 years (w/ options tagged on that amount after 6 years). The 22 year-old is the future of this franchise along with a wealth of young talent including BJ Upton and Carl Crawford. Had the knuckle-head Delmon Young acted professionally, he too would be apart of the outfield depth. He packed up and is now "happy" with the Twins.

This kid will be a solid contributor to the team. Evan Longoria and Hanley Ramirez (Florida), who is said to be a young-ass spitting image of A-Rod, are two young hitters who will have a big years this season! Mark thy words.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally Fielder!

As talked about around the league, people were wondering just how far Prince would go in to the season with out hitting a HR? Well, he is the second longest 50 Home Run slugger to go this far in to the next season with out one. His pops, Cecil, is first with April 19th. Like father like son? Not exactly. Critics like this prick (he lights up the Crew in this feature) seem to forget that pitchers are usually at the top of their games in the first month of their season. When the temps start to raise and their schedule starts to take its toll, they make mistakes. Not to mention that Prince will snap this slump and as Ned Yost likes to say, "Hit (HR's) in bunches".

So he started to hopefully do just that. Belting one in the 9th to score the go ahead run. I was at work watching the ESPN online illustrations on the game. Best you can do when the work computer won't allow you to download a media player. I didn't find this out until after I bought the Radio Package on MLB.COM.

I am really staring to worry about our 3-5 pitchers. Are they ready for this? I know Bush can do it, he did last year. He was hot when the rest were not. So, that being said, I feel that Yovanni will return to the rotation (fully healthy) by May 1st. Hopefully.

Larry K Canned As Planned / Future of the Bucks

Larry K was dismissed today by new GM Larry Hammond, as anticipated. Where do I start with this one? Although I like Larry as a person, his head coaching skills are just not there. Why old GM Harris would hire him to be the head coach is beyond me. After the failures of Terry Porter, Tery Stotts and now Larry one has to wonder why they would hire 3 consecutive coaches who have a combined experience of 1 season as the head coach. Terry Stotts coached the Atlanta Hawks prior to coming over to Milwaukee, where he was once an assistant for George Karl. He is a 'players coach', as told by Michael Redd some years ago. Well aint that swell? A players coach in a day and age of the league being infiltrated by thugs, hip-hop culture, and hooligans. Let's face it, this league has opened its arms to this inner-city culture. In have the Palace Hill brawl, Melo participating in the "Don't Snitch" campaign, A.I. being arrested for assault (charges dropped), and shootings in downtown Indianapolis involving NBA players. Swell. NFL isn't too far behind this trend either.

As for the roster Milwaukee has:

Rid yourself of the overpaid shmuck in Dan Gadzuric (sp? who cares?), Bobby Simmons (why did they pay that much for a sixth man from the Clippers?), and even Andrew Bogut. These players are soft, and so is Michael Redd. He is not a true leader, rather a follower. When he was thinking about heading to Cleveland to star opposite LeBron James, that would have been ideal for him. Yea he's a nice guy, but that doesn't go far in the THUG-NBA.

As for Larry K, he's a good man with lite experience in head coaching. Back in my bartending days he used to come in with his staff to have some cocktails, evening bringing in the wife and family. Good guy. Same goes with Stotts and Porter both of which would frequent my old bar I worked at, Taylor & Dunn's in Mequon. All three of these coaches are not head coaching material! We need a Rick Carslile (sp?) or a Larry Brown (both on the market!).

I don't care much for the Bucks any more. Hopefully Hammond can deliver them from crap!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beaten Up/History Made

The Crew opened their series with St. Louis last night and were silenced by a mediocre pitcher in Braden Looper. This was simply one of the most frustrating games I have seen in a while. When Dave Bush needed his team most, they left him for the Bush was in search of a much needed performance that would show the brass what he is made of. After pitching a decent game, the Milwaukee club was minimized to a pitiful 3 hits against Looper and then stumbled to four hit-less innings.....viola!

Fielder was not able to snap his slump as he walked 4 times. However, his on-base percentage is climbing. Pitchers should start throwing to him seeing that his slump is still going strong at 2-23 and Braun at 3-25. Funny thing is this....Both of these players will snap out of their slump at the same time. They feed off each other and I believe they have a competitive spirit between the two. Once one snaps the slump, the other is sure to follow suit. Another player who has not been his same is JJ Hardy, who had an error at Shortstop that was a routine-play.

Finally, this game had history made! Both teams had their pitchers batting 8th in the line-up. For two managers (Ned and Tony) who ended the 2007 season in a pissing match, which Yost losing his composure and ordering the Albert beam....they sure do share similar tactics!

The southpaw Manny Parra (ROY potential here) should have a stong showing tonight!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Packers 2008 Schedule Announced!

Not too bad, should be an exciting season. The two games to mark your calendar with is, of course, Indy and Dallas. Our toughest road obstacle will be on December 14th when we travel to Jacksonville. Probably the biggest surprise last year in the AFC. With four, count'em four prime-time games one can assume that the league is sold on Aaron Rodgers, or that Favre will be coming back after the season starts. The spacing in between the prime-time games tells me that they are putting a plan in to affect if this comes true. Then again, that is just me thinking aloud.
All bullroar aside, the Packers should take the North. Mark my words, Aaron Rodgers will be the top quarterback in the division come season end. You compare him to the likes of Jackson, Kitna, and Sexy Rexy one will see just what I mean. If he stays healthy, which is why I brought up the Favre theory, he will do great things in Green Bay. He was groomed and slowly brought in to the starting role. Compare this to the likes of Leinart, Alex Smith, and Cutler who were all sort of rushed in to their roles, you can't help but realize that having Rodgers shadow Favre for that long can only be a good thing, a for sure thing.

Brewers Sign Jeff Weaver

Not too much info released on this, but the Brewers signed struggling pitcher Jeff Weaver. Once a World Series hero was recently faced being shipped down to the minors for the Seattle Mariners.

Career ERA is 4.72

Although that jumped to 6.20 in 2007, going 7-13.

He was considered to be the "$8mm bust" for the M's.

So, what does this mean for the Brewers?

-More experience: 9 year-pro, World Series Stud

-Bush on the way out? Or shipped down to the minors? Has to clear wavers.

Weaver faced a similar situation for the Mariners.

-Another, yes another right handed pitcher!!! We need a lefty, Manny is the southpaw.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers:

After two weeks completed, the Brewers are 8-4 and 1 game behind the Cardinals, second place in the Central.

Below are some concerns I have thus far in to the season.

1. The bullpen: Is it just me or am I puzzled over the fact that we seem to be putting all of our eggs in one basket with the likes of Eric Gagne? As we advance during this season of post-Cordero era, it seems that having only 1 closer (in Gagne) is starting to get to me. Although we do have Derrick Turnbow to fill in when needed, I feel that in order to survive the entire season we would need another stable closer. Any ideas out there? I have always been fond of Chad Cordero.

2. The Line-up: Why is Prince Fielder batting in the 3 spot while Braun is doing clean-up? Furthermore, why isn't JJ Hardy batting lead off and Ricky Weeks batting in the 2 hole?

3. Dave Bush: Lets all face it here, our #3 pitcher in the starting rotation is not going to last in that role. As soon as Yovanni Gallardo finishes his rehab starts in the minors...he will need to instantly step in to that role and replace Bush. Bush can then be used in the pen as an emergency back-up and a mid reliever. Similar to what he did last year in August-September (2007). So, will Bush be sent down to the minors? Probably not, as he would have to clear wavers.

4. Prince Fielder: Yes Yes, I know he's doing the vegan thing and this is already being played out. But this is starting to raise some eyebrows. He is in a season starting slump. A 2 week slump that has thus far resulted in the Brewers lack of runs. We have been faced with a number of solo shots in the first two weeks of the season. Could this be because our #3 batter is hurting at the plate? I am not an expert in baseball, but I do think it has something to do with it. If this continues for another 2 weeks, he would have to rethink his dieting method.
Update (4/13): Yost must have read this, because he flipped Braun and Fielder in the line-up for todays game.

5. Too much depth: We have to come to the realization that Tony Gwynn Jr. should be traded. He is a solid player and a good kid. There are a number of teams out there that could use a CF or possibly a RF. With Gabe Kapler and Gabe Gross platooning in center (until Mike Cameron comes back) we have two solid back-up fielders who can fill in with short notice. Gwynn on the other hand is a young, exciting center fielder who can have an impact with another club. So why not use him as bait in obtaining another closer? Perhaps even using Dave Bush with him could be kind of attractive to a team in June who is facing the injury bug with their rotation.


Things that are surprising me in a positive way:

1. Ben Sheets: Although I will be the first to tell you his injury proneness pisses me off to high heaven, he is in a contract year. It is do or die for him in that this season will tell other teams if he is that number 1 ace in the rotation. Today's outing against the Mets showed me that he has the control, attention, and motivation to be a 16-17 game winner this season. Possibly, putting in that 30-31 starts that he is paid the big bucks for. Today, versus the Mets, Mr Sheets retired 18 consecutive batters before giving up a long ball to David Wright in the 8th.

2. Gabe Kapler: A welcome surprise-addition to the team. I mean who really thought that a player who retired to coach one season, only to come back to play for the Crew, would have such a hot start coming off the bench? His plate discipline and speed in the outfield really grabs my attention. This guy can play! Not to mention the fact that he takes very good care of his body
while being the teams second Jewish teammate (alongside Ryan Braun). This guy is a stud who has already belted 4 dingers so far this season.

3. Jeff Suppan: His first two starts this season have been fun to watch. Allowing only a couple of runs in each game and earning a win (first start was a no-decision) , he provides a nice one-two punch with he and Sheets.

4. On-Base Strategy: The past 3-4 seasons have been a snore fest to watch when it comes the Brewers and their lack of stealing. Not since the days of Scott Podsednik has there been one solid base runner. That has all changed with Corey Hart and Ricky Weeks reeking havoc on opposing pitchers and catchers. Both have 3 thefts thus far in the season and should both be able to put up solid numbers in that department.

5. Jason Kendall: After two weeks completed, Kendall is leading the MLB in batting average. He has been calling some great games as well. His knowledge and experience behind the plate shows just how important a seasoned catcher is. Opposite of this is the talent-less ass face known as Johnny Estrada. Yea Yea, Kendall is worse than Estrada in throwing out runners. He makes up for this by calling for timely pitches and working the counts on opposing batters. Hell, even Eric Gagne admitted that he should have listened to Kendall in his blown save against the Reds on Wednesday.

What impressed me the most in the first two weeks is Bill Hall. This guy has been shifted to a number of positions, most recently being Center Field for the 2007 campaign. Now he's at third base and kicking ass. He has 5 home runs already and is playing well defensively. Let's hope he can keep it up!

Hopefully Weeks will continue his stong defense going in to the third week.

Hernan Iribarren had his first major league at bat, his first hit (single), and was then picked off. This Venezuelan can give the team some solid at-bats.

Yovanni Gallardo should return to the mound April 29th. Although he claims he is ready, Ned decided to have him do more rehab starts.

So, there you have it. With two weeks passed in this very long season, I grade the Brewers a straight "B".