Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miller Park is the #2 ball park in the MLB!

Miller Park is not even a decade old, yet the park is ranked as the Second best ball park in the MLB. Just beating them out is Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Native Americans. This according to a fan survey done by Sports Illustrated. The magazine had a number of different cattegories including: affordability, atmosphere, fan IQ, and neighborhood.

Our park ranked only 18th in the neighborhood category. This is the only red flag I see in this survey. One only has to travel up Mitchell Blvd to Storyhill to really admire the neighborhood Miller Park is situated in. You have a number of great bars and restaurants.
-Kelly's Bleachers
-Long Wong's "Chinese-American Sports Bar w/ a manual bowling alley of two lanes!"
-Barbiere's on Bluemound- Rick Majerus' old hang out from when he was a student and assistant coach with Marquette. Hometown boy. Great pizza!
-Steve's On Bluemound aka SOB
-McGinn's Irish Sports Bar

All serve good food and a number are family restaurants (Balistraries, not mentioned).

The park is also in a neighborhood bordering an old military post and home to a Veterans cemetary. This is also a park that is filled with winding trails and a little bridge that connects to the right field area of Miller Park. This is also in the up and coming Menominee Valley, which is being revitalized and should yield some tremendous results in commercial development. To name a few ideas: hotels, parks, and nightlife. The neighborhood is also in a good one, meaning low crime and proud home owners.

So I rank them a lot higher, granted it's no Wrigley-ville or Fenway....but not 18th either!

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