Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Read

The Code, written by Ross Bernstein, is a great read thus far. My wife purchased it for me and I have read the Preface, which is written by Torii Hunter, Ron Dibble, and Dave Winfield. I also read the first chapter and am excited to continue it tonight! This book illustrates what goes on in the dug out and the unwritten roles that are used. If your pitcher beams the #4 hitter in the line-up, retaliate against there #4! It also discusses the team unity in the club house, and how modern day players don't have that feeling as much simply because you can get suspended for a number of games if you bum-rush the pitcher after he beams your star player. Bernstein also talks about other areas such as the bullpen, in the showers (no soap on a rope) and how teamates watch each others backs. I will write more about this book as I should finish it up next weekend.

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