Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holy Bats...Milwaukee!

Mike Cameron must have sparked a flame under the arses of the Milwaukee Brewers because the entire line up looked impressive last night in their 10-7 routing of the Chicago Cubs. In the I-94 Series Milwaukee now leads the 3-1. Chicago tends to have their way with other Central teams, however Milwaukee has been bending them over.

Milwaukee's ace Ben Sheets (4-0) gave up only 3 earned runs (1.64) and walked 7 (high for Sheeter) last night but still battled through the cold and held his composure over a number of jams. It didn't appear that his "tricep" was bothering him (I am hearing it's his man-o'boob, reaggurvated it) during the 5 innings he pitched. Yost and Madux kept it short with him havning yanked him in the bottom of the 5th to bring on troubled David Riske. He too looked solid, which is a far cry from what garbage he has been pitching. Finally, Eric Gagne made another impressive save having only given up a double before retiring the side. He was throwing some heat to, 94mph in night that saw lows in the 30's.

The batting order looked like it will work nicely, pending everyone does their part like they did last night. Twice, Prince Fielder drove in Mike Cameron which is exactly what the Brewers Brass saw when the aggressively went after him during the off season.

Cory Hart was only a home run away from a cycle. He even hit a stand up triple.

JJ Hardy finally woke up too, going 3 for 4 last night.

Four different Crew players hit doubles last night!

Ben actually made ball contact last night.....twice!

Turnbow looked sad, like his pet gold fish died, during the game last night. Yost has relayed to the media that Turnblow will have to win him over again before putting him in a close game. Hell, last night we were up almost a handful of runs and he didn't take his blanky of his lap to warm up.

Watching the game last night in HD was great. I love FSN. However, I find myself looking at the dueche bags in the background yapping on their phones and waving. Don't do that people. I know a lot of women do that, but guys do too. No one should be doing that. And quit with the texting too, your friend Martha can wait on how your date is going or what temperature to bake that Poontang Pie at. One lady was sitting backwards in her chair yapping with another lady during the 7th. Fellas, don't wear team ball-caps that aren't playing in the game you are present at either. That grinds my gears.

There was NOT over 39,000 people at that game last night....regardless of what was reported. Wrigley is notorious in doing that as are the nutbags in St. Louis.


  1. The waving, wearing other teams hats and cell phones don't bother me, keep in mind these people are under the influence, hopefully. But what really chaps my ass is Brian Anderson. He is doing a much better job this year, however, i just hate when he says "gobbles up" and "hot shot." I can live with the hot shot, but the gobbles up, i had enough. And if i knew Martha was cooking up poontang pie, i would be texting her too.

  2. Good comment Mr. Rat. Brian Anderson is doing a better job this year, hell even Billy and Dave are too. Brian went through a transition last year, golf to baseball can be a challenge.