Friday, April 18, 2008

Other Than Brew-Crew News...Evan Longoria Signs Huge Deal

This kid is the real deal. Despite his names sexy similarity to Mrs. Parker, this youngster is the future of this franchise. I have been a fan of Tampa and their belief in their farm system for 3 years now. I knew this kid would hit it big.

The only reason why he started in the minors in the first place was the cash-ola. So the Rays (once called the Devil Rays) have signed a franchise record deal of $44mm over 9 years (w/ options tagged on that amount after 6 years). The 22 year-old is the future of this franchise along with a wealth of young talent including BJ Upton and Carl Crawford. Had the knuckle-head Delmon Young acted professionally, he too would be apart of the outfield depth. He packed up and is now "happy" with the Twins.

This kid will be a solid contributor to the team. Evan Longoria and Hanley Ramirez (Florida), who is said to be a young-ass spitting image of A-Rod, are two young hitters who will have a big years this season! Mark thy words.

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