Sunday, April 27, 2008


Mark brought up a good subject for me to cover. The draft. What can I say....Ted did it again and decided to trade down in a draft that wasn't loaded with talent. Our picks are all very very good. Especially Brohm as he will put pressure on Rodgers in 2010. His arm is a little fluffy but he is the type of person who will lay back in the pocket and exploit coverages....he's smart.

Jordy Nelson (what kind of name is Jordy?) is an average pick, why he was picked that early is beyond me.

That's really all I have. I don't rely on the draft too much as it's way over hyped and most of these punk kids will fail miserably. It wasn't a great draft year in general....but Ted did pick some decent prospects.


  1. Again, i am impressed with Ted's draft this year. However, I just can't get over disliking this guy. Maybe i am impressed with his draft because he hasn't drafted a punter.

  2. One could call that a small victory. I believe Ron will never be forgiven.