Monday, December 15, 2008

Brewers remain idle.....but sign Chris Capuano

Another day passes and still no wheeling and dealing for Milwaukee. I simply wish they would close the deal on Melky for Mikey and be done with it. It shouldn't even be a headliner (which it isn't outside of WI).

One move I did like was the resigning of Chris Capuano with an incentive laced-minor league deal. The odds are certainly stacked against him, as there aren't too many pitchers that have recovered from 2 TJ procedures. We can only hope that he shows signs of his past, like when he won 18 games a couple of season ago in 2005 (All Star). It would be nice to even have him in a relief role, as we no longer have Shouses' left arm.

Thankfully, Jamie Moyer re-signed with the Phillies today! That means no senior citizen in our starting rotation!

Somebody tell me why the hell the Phillies would part ways with Pat Burrell?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who to target next?

Reports out of the Sin City indicate that Melvin has rolled up his sleeves and is pursuing Trevor Hoffman and Brian Fuentes for their closer. This role is certainly at the top of the list with the retirement of Torres. However, even before he hung up the cleats, this role was deemed necessary to fill.

I feel that the Brewers will tackle these positions (in order):
1. Closer
2. Starting pitcher
3. Left handed batter/utility
4. Center or Right Fielder (prefer lefty)
5. Middle Relief

Perhaps Jake Peavey may be on Melvin's radar, despite his limited list of desired locations, which Milwuakee is not on. One thing that is on our side is that Milwaukee is in the NL, where he wants to remain. Well, that doen't narrow the field down too much.

MLB Rumors, which is a gossip site that has as much credibility to it as GLOBE...has mentioned rumors that Randy Johnson is also on the radar.

Dumb Ass of the day....

It's pretty well known that this guy is a complete idiot. As is Clinton Portis. F'n babies.

Report: CC will fsign w/ Yankees...afterall

Does this sound familiar? Back in high school the hottest girl at your school breaks up with her dweeby boyfriend to play the field. She ends up going to a kegger and getting shitfaced for the first time and falls for the sleeziest guy in school. Hell, there are movies made of this shit. Can't Hardly Wait comes to mind, however she picks the dweeby guy....which I thought would happen here (did I just reference....yes I did).

CC Sabathia is going to start dating the sleezies team in baseball, the NY Yankees. Apparently in the end, money does talk and bullshit walks. So much for my warm fuzzies.

Although only a "report", I think we all knew this made the most sense for him from the get-go. Despite my "warm-fuzzies".

Monday, December 8, 2008

"We're still in"!

As reported by the Milwaukee Brewers' GM, Doug Melvin, met with CC and company in Las Vegas. Melvin asked point blank if the Brewers are still in the running? CC said......YES!

I'm starting to think the Brewers will sign CC. I really do. This is the first time I ever had the warm-fuzzies about this. If I were a betting man, I would say CC is going to be in a Brewer uniform come Christmas!

RFB has also cited a NY Post story here. I like our chances. My gut feeling is that he will sign with Milwaukee for 5 years x 100mm.

Winter Meetings: Viva Las Vegas

Merry Christmas to all 3 that read this blog!

With the Winter Meetings starting in Las Vegas today one can't help but wonder what sort of tricks Doug Melvin will pull out of his sleeves. It was only 3 years ago when Christmas Eve rolled around and Melvin surpised everyone with a trade that landed Jeff Supan in Milwaukee. Although I have not been a fan of him since his arrival (his play, not character), he has had some above-average moments in a Brewer uniform.

Here is where the Brewers are at:

* Waiting on a response from CC's party to their initial deal made over a month ago. Throw us a bone here CC. If we're not even in the ball park of what you want, let us know so that we can move on. The longer you take in leading us on...the more subtle my clapping will be in your first game back to Miller Park in a Giants uniform.

Doug Melvin may up the offer to 6 years, which most think should have been done right off the bat. That would bring it to 120mm, rather than the initial 90MM (latest report of initial offer).

*JJ Hardy is a stand-up guy. He wants to be a Brewer and has certainly bought in to what they are doing in Milwaukee. Let's hope that Melvin stays true to his word and holds on to JJ. Although there may be some offers too good to refuse this week....hold your ground. He is one of the best short stops in the league!
Other teams that are in the mix: NY Yankees, Halo's, and the Giants.

*Ben Sheets has declined arbitration and will hope for a better deal out in the market place...which will probably only land him a 2 year deal at-best.

"As Class A free agents, Sabathia and Sheets would net the Brewers two high picks next June should they sign with other clubs. Shouse, a Class B free agent, would net the Brewers one compensation pick should he sign elsewhere."

*Brian Shouse declined arbitration as well. So there goes a viable left handed reliever. He will be sorely missed.

*There are only two players this off season who have accepted arbitration, one was Carl Weathers of the Reds. He's old though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don Money takes the next step to the top

As expected, Don Money was selected to manage the Nashville Sounds today. The club decided to stick with it's successful roots at the (AA) level and promote from with in. Keep in mind, it was Huntsville that hosted most of the top prospects in the farm system. With Money being shifted to (AAA), will allow him to closely monitor and groom players like Jeffress, Escobar, Salome, Gamel, and others. Brilliant move on the side of the Brewers brass.

Milwaukee looked outside the organization by selecting Bob Miscik who last served in the Cincinnatti farm system as "cordinator" to take over for Money. I would imagine he was responsible for Jay Bruce's rise to fame.

Click here for full updates on Milwaukee's coaching announcements from AAA to rookie league.

Chris Bosio is back too!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

UW Milwaukee Faces Old Problems....Again

Coach Rob Jeter was hoping that the negative press of the 2007 season had passed and the team was looking forward to a brighter future. With the suspensions and dismissals that the team endured last year it seemed the only direction the Panthers could go is.....up.

Well, Ricky Franklin had other ideas at 3:00am on Thursday (11/28) morning. Instead of being at home sleeping and getting ready to eat some turkey with his family and preparing himself for the state show down against Wisconsin today (11am), he thought it would be smart to be out driving around...drunk. He was arrested for drunken driving and will sit-out todays game until the matters get sorted. In the end, he will probably miss 5 games or so. Everyone makes mistakes, lord knows I have. But when you're playing D1 basketball on a team that is quite competitive this year, one would think you would have plenty of friends or family to call to come pick you up. That being said, I'm sure the young man will learn from this and move on. Meanwhile, the team will be with out their starting guard.

Ironically enough, Avery Smith will surely get another chance in the starting lineup. The Senior was coming off the bench and tearing it up for the Panthers. So that is great news as he is clearly the best player on the team. It was his poor decision making that led to him being dismissed last year from the team and starting the 2008 season coming off the pine.

This is a horrid time of the season to lose your staring guard and the leader of your team. This senior is the cornerstone to the offense along with Avery Smith. Now other will have to step up to the plate this morning and help the 3-3 team try to pull off the impossible. Beat Wisconsin.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Brewers Retail Surges

The Milwaukee Brewers earned a unique award for it's 2008 season. The Major League Baseball Properties named Milwaukee "The Club Retailer of the Year", which is a huge accomplishment for this small market team. Thanks impart to the states hard cord dedication to name & number T-Shirts that blanket the seats at every home game, the Brewers were able to beat out the Yankees, Red Sox, and the Loveable Losers. Even online sales have jumped 30% since this time last year. Pretty impressive. I know I contributed at least $500.00 to the cause. Let's take a look...

Ryan Bran Jersey - 105.00
Milwaukee Brewer Hat - 29.00
Milwaukee Brewer Hat - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer Winter Cap - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt (post season) - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt (post season) - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer Pennant - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer Lamp - 35.00
Milwaukee Brewer Sweatshirt - 35.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids T - 8.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids T - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids hat - 21.00
Milwaukee Brewers kids Sweatshirt - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer light switch cover (Cecil Cooper) - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer Female T- 12.00
Milwaukee Brewer Female T - 12.00
Milwaukee Brewer pink hat (wife, I know) - 18.00
Milwaukee Brewer name & number shirt (wife) - 12.00
(give or take)
meanwhile, I owe 1500.00 on my credit card. priorities.

It will be tough to beat 2008 considering this was an eventful season. The CC trade, play-offs, and being the hottest team in baseball for a couple of months will do that. I can't wait until next season though. I think I read or heard that Miller Park was expanding the gift shop...again. I love the gift shop, but I don't buy there. I keep note of what I see in the shop and then find it online. The prices at the gift shop are silly for jerseys and hats.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm tired of....

I'm tired of ESPN and Sports Illustrated trying to cram girls basketball down our throats. I mean let's get real here.

SI's recent issue had a cute little front cover with top male players in each region of our great country. But the mag then had to have them partner up with their significant other, that being their equivalent on the girls team. I'm all for college girls basketball. It's swell. But it's vastly different then Mens Basketball. Keep in mind, it's College Football and Mens Basketball that fund the entire athletics department for every University worth mentioning. So keep the two seperate. It's like the WNBA and the NBA. You don't have them matching up with their equivalent on the cover of SI do you? Also, SI this past week also had the two (mens/womens) jumbled together in a crash-course type spread on this seasons college basketball season. Like I care who the sleepers are for womens basketball? C'mon.

I really get pissed when I'm watching the sports ticker at the bottom of CBS or ESPN during the Big Dance and I find that they are running the Girls' score. I get confussed due to the 12 beers I drank and the similarities in the school names in both tournaments. So when Notre Dame falls in the first round, it's the girls team usually. But I fail to realize this and flip out. They should have the girls games in pink or bright orange to differeniate from the guys score. Guys scores should be in red or blue.

Just me getting bent.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Milwaukee Panthers off to hot start

UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, or Wisconsin-Milwaukee are off to a hot start with a 2-0 record and even set a new milestone. That milestone was the win over Cal-Davis today that witnessed the largert comeback in Milwaukee's D-I history. Down 24 points at the half, the Panthers outscored the Aggies 54 to 24 in the second half. Rickly Franklin looks like the clear cut leader of this underrated team, scoring 18 points in the effort.

The Panthers also beat Loyola Marymount on Friday 75-51.

JUCO transfer Tone Boyle led all scorers with 20 points. Freshmen Tony Meier had a double-double.

Milwaukee was picked to be in the middle of the pack of the surging Horizon League by most preseason magazines. They face their biggest test tomorrow against Iowa State.

Meanwhile, their rival Green Bay doesn't start until November 18th. They are picked to finished 3rd led by their underachieving coach.

Butler, the leagues top team the past two years, had an impressive win over Drake in a game the pitted two of the top mid-major schools in the Midwest. Butler won easily 58-48 over a well-touted Drake team.

Cleveland State (preseason #1) won only by three points against Oakland, 58-55.

Time Warner Cable will again host Milwaukee basketball for the Milwaukee market. For those who are outside of Milwaukee Metro, you can check out to watch (most)free games. Time Warner starts their 10 game packaged deal next weekend when Milwaukee takes on Marquette, for only the second time this decade, in a cross-town battle. Look for the Panthers to put up a much better fight then last years debacle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flawed Voting System!

Tell me....

How does Lou Piniella earn Manager of the Year in the NL, over Charlie Manuel of the Phillies? Please, someone tell me. This is a joke and a slap in the face to old man Charlie.
Was it not Lou's team that was ousted out of the playoffs in the NLDS? I know this award is based on the regular season, but what Charlie Manuel did in Philly is fanstastic. They were not picked to be contenders....Chicago was. So how is it that Charlie Manuel gets shoved aside for that prick Lou? Very mad.
Joe Maddon (rightfully so) was AL's Manager of the Year. That of course is a no brainer.
-Sad to see Torres retire yesterday. I think we knew it was coming though. It will be interesting to see what Melvin does to bolster the pen.
-JJ Hardy's name has been getting tossed around the rumor sites as possible trade bait for a starting pitcher. Thus far, only #5's have been mentioned.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Stove for the weekend.....Great News!

Willie Randolph decided that he liked Milwaukee so much while interviewing for the manager position, he decided to take on a lesser role as bench coach. Regardless, this is a great addition to the coaching staff. I was not a fan of Randolph becoming the skipper in Milwaukee, but coming to the Suds City as a bench coach will only add more experience, winning experience. Another odd note on this news is that the Brewers have brought on the 3 out of the 4 finalists for the manager job. So this would tell me that Melvin is a brilliant interviewer. He sells them on the opportunity and in turn, these new additions buy on to what he has cooking.

Randolph will be the go-between for Macha and the young squad. That was ultimately Randolph's downfall in NY. However, have him be that players' coach and I think Macha will be that much more effective in getting his new team to buy on to his plan.

In all, I am quite pleased with Melvin and Macha's coaching decisions. They brought on some old coaches under the Yost regime and brought in some outside analysis in Randolph. Now if only they could get Bob Brenly to coach the bull pen? ..... Good idea by Jsonline. Never happen though.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Say it aint so.....

Fan-Favorite and Milwaukee Area icon has decided to leave FSN for bigger seas. She will be joining the MLB Network this spring. Despite her politics, she was a great contributer to the FSN team. Wish her luck. I will remain facebook friends with her, so that's good news.

-As I thought, Milwaukee will probably be unloading Cameron's contract soon here. The Yankees have expressed the most interest and have mentioned Melky Cabrera as one possiblity. A .268 career hitter who dropped off the face of the earth the second half of last season would not be the right move for this young Milwaukee club. Now the idea of getting a Phil Hughs? That's more like it. Won't happen though unless we package Cameron some how. Thanks to for the heads up on this story.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NL Gold Glove Awards Announced

Not too many surprises here. Well, maybe one.


Greg Maddux notched his 18th of his career.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Better late than never on this, but Milwaukee is going to bring back Mike Cameron for 10MM. Not bad for a veteran centerfielder who hit 25 HR's last year. Minus a month of the regular season.

I will tell you right now, I like this. If/when he returns (pending not being traded) with the team for 2009, not only does he bring experience but he also brings leadership. This guy was the leader of the team in 2008. Even CC looked up to this guy. He is an ambassador too. With a guy like Mike Cameron who has played with some great teams and met plenty of players, he can be the Brewer franchise salesman. Literally.

Yes, he does strike out far more than I like. But he is a solid ball player who would be great batting 6th or 7th in the lineup.

- As expected, Macha brought back Ed Sedar and Bill Castro on his coaching staff. Last week Dale Sveum was annoucned as the hitting coach. Good deal man, good deal. They know the Crew and can help Ken get to know the players and their personalities. If Ken came on board and cleaned house, I would be highly concerned. His personality is tough and rugged... a no bull-shit kind of guy. Having Sveum, Castro, and Sedar back will help him mesh with the players, and more importantly help the young players mesh with him.

-Reports state that Melvin offerred CC 147MM. Some sources say 4 years, most say 5 years. This offer will be used for his scrapbooking at home during the off-season. Just under the contract paper will read, "this one cracked me up the most..."

-My all time favorite announcer for the Brewers on TV (beside Bob of course) Matt Vasgersian, left the San Diego Padres after a 7 year stint. He will help launch the MLB Network and bring plenty of years of experience with him. This is a great move for him. Expect Brian Anderson to get a call for this new opening.

-Willis Randolph may get another shot to interview with the Mariners with Jack Zduriencik (GM).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maddux heads to Texas...Sheets will surely follow

Brewer pitching coach Mike Maddux decided to jump ship and take the same position with the Texas Rangers. In doing so, one can certainly imagine that Ben Sheets will follow suit. Good Riddance.

Although Maddux seemed to be held as a higher power in Milwaukee, one only has to look at the past couple of seasons to see what sort of impact he made. I'm not going to get in to stats and numbers here. That's not my point. My point is that Maddux never really delivered. He certainly had his claim to fame with the development of Turnbow, Cordero, and Torres in the closing roles. But not much success with the starting rotation. He never grasped how to deal with Manny Parra in the latter part of the 2008 season. Nor did he deal with the looming threat that Jeff Suppan wasn't much of a #3 or even a #4 for that matter. Granted, Ned Yost had a lot to do with that slop of a mess we had in our rotation in 2006 & 2007. It was Maddux who was feeding him these ideas though. Perhaps I'm reading too much in to this guy. I don't know.
So, let's go after Carl Willis now! I think we have a good shot.

So, with that being said... Texas, enjoy your new pitching coach and our sloppy seconds (Ben Sheets). Perhaps you can get more than 13 wins out of the guy.
-Dale Sveum was hired as the new hitting coach.
-Melvin is believed to have made a formal offer to CC of 5 year X 100MM offer. He probably wiped his ass with it the paper.

Friday, October 31, 2008

College Basketball is almost here!

What does that mean? Well, for starters that means there is going to be either college football and/or basketball on every damn day of the week! Glorious.

The season kicks off in 2-3 weeks depending on schedules. Yes, that tends to mean weak match ups between D-II schools taking on in-state D-I schools.

Big Ten

1. Purdue- Robbie Hummel will notch top honors
2. MSU-Ranked in the preseason top 10....again. Let's see if Izzo can deliver.
3. UW- Great backcourt, the loss of Butch will be felt inside though.
4. Minnesota- Two more years and MN will be tops in the Big Ten.
5. OSU-BJ Mullins will be fun to watch, still too many ingredients missing.
6. Iowa- Don't know too much about them this year.
7. Illinois-Webber will start the season on the hot seat. This could be his last season here.
8. Michigan- No hope.
9. NW- Big Ten doormat
10. PSU
11. Indiana- Crean has far too many problems, good riddance.

I think that Purdue will make the Final Four. They are returing all 5 starters from a team that surprised the living hell out of the entire conference, and put them back on the map. Great coach and a supporting cast for the Mr. Clutch (Hummel).

Final Four 2009 (impossible to predict with regions)
Purdue - Louisville - Gonzaga - Oklahoma
Petino delivers Louisville a title.

Best conference: Big far. There is not a conference out there that can compete with this top league. From top to bottom, this is THE best league.

Marquette will have a good showing this year, despite my hatred for them. That could very well change though because my beloved Milwaukee Panthers will be slightly above average this season. With Buzz Williams bringing back McNeal, James, and Mathews the Screamin' Eagles will compete with the UCONN's and Louisville's of the Big East. They came very very close to the elite 8 last season. Buzz is a players coach and he recruited all of these players even while Crean was there. Recruits first fell in love with Buzz, then Crean built of that trust.
1. Louisville
3. Marquette

As for Milwaukee.... I don't know what to say. The Jeter era has been a disappointment for this Panther fan. Yea-yea, he had a one-and-done appearence in the big dance a couple of years back....with Pearl's team. Make no mistake about it, if Jeter doesn't have a better record this season...he will be given his walking papers. I just don't have anything good to say about the guy's coaching skills. He's a nice guy, hell, I would say "hi" to him on my way to class every day. But he hasn't brought in the kind of players they need. A number of them lack character and Jeter has had his hands full with off the court incidents.
Ricky Franklin will head the charge along with a number of juco transfers. Avery Smith will also return after being kicked of the team. Cleveland State is picked to win the Horizon and thankfully Butler will have a down season. I predict a 4th place finish. UWGB second.

Here's an idea.....

The Milwaukee Brewers should do everything in their powers to court 30 year-old Orlando Hudson. This guy is the type of player who could come on this team and make an immediate impact. He has wheels, fantastic OBP, and a nice bat to go with it. Although there is always concern with his injuries, this is the type of guy that brings a winning attitude to a team the sorely needs a lead-off hitter and a second baseman. The latter of course has improved this past season with Rickie Weeks showing signs of defense. However, Hudson has the experience and athleticism to make a contribution to this otherwise young team.

Look at the numbers...

The guy hit .305 in 107 games, usually batting 3rd in the DBacks lineup in 2008

Career: Orlando is batting an impressive .282 with a .346 OBP (igh), but with an impressive .800+ OPS (yea!). He averages near/around 60 RBI's a season batting near the top/at the top most of his career.

On the negative side, he has only played in more than 145 games in 1 season (2006) since coming to the BIGS in 2002 (Blue Jays).

Defensively, he has far less errors than Weeks but still is prone to them. You will see a 8-11 error season, if that even makes sense (my typing).

Switch Hitter (SOLD!)

3 straight Golden Glove awards ('05-07)

2007 All Star
Ick... 2-11 lifetime at Miller Park.

Me likey.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brewer Updates

Mat Gamel earned "Topp" honors in being selected as the Topps Minor League Player of the year. This depsite a drastic slip in his batting in the second half. It was his first half of the season that sent shock waves through the minor league ranks.

Joe Dillon is off the 40-man roster to make room for McGehee.

Pitching coach Mike Maddux is being targeted by the Texas Rangers to come on board their coaching staff. If Maddux did jump ship, this could have a slight effect on CC resigning because he connected well with the Mike. That being said, I could imagine the Brewers courting
Carl Willis of the Cleveland Indians. As the pitching coach for the Tribe, he delivered them their first ERA Title since the 90's in 2005. Granted, he's been with the Indian's organization for the past 10 seasons, 5 of those years in his current position. This is the guy who developed CC and helped Cliff Lee reach his prime this past season. He would do wonders for our young pitching staff and help us in the pursuit of resigning CC (which is a long-shot).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brewers add depth to 3B

Today the Milwaukee Brewers picked up Casey McGehee off of waivers from the Cubs today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ken Macha, Milwaukee's new manager!

Tom Haudicourt called it first all along that Ken Macha would be the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. In an interview with ESPN AM 540 yesterday Tom etched in stone (basically), saying that all signs point to Macha as the new manager, basically putting his reputation on the line. Take it for what it's worth, as he also said Yost would be fired after the Boston series this past season after citing an unknown blog (badger blog was the name?). All was brought to my attention by the fine gents over at

Tom has been in Philly and in Tampa during the World Series hanging closely to some credible sources. All signs are pointing to Macha. The announcement could be made as early as tomorrow depending on the outcome of tonights final innings. I think most of the state knew that Macha would be favored as Willie Randolph and Bob Brenly just seemed to be removed from the whole process and used more for the motions of the hiring. Randolph was considered probably due to the minority guidlines in the MLB and Brenly because there tends to be three finalists in most hirings for manager. Why not make things interesting by throwing in the Cubs announcer heh?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cameron to NY Yankees ?/ Fielder & Braun top-ranked!

NY Post is reporting that the Yanks have interest in Mike Cameron if the Brewers don't keep him. In this story by, the comments made by readers are actually pretty good. One guy brings up a good point....
Are the Yanks simply playing mind games with the Crew in an attempt to get CC. If the Brewers exercise their option with Mike Cameron, they would lose 10MM that could be used in a CC package. If that's the case....cut your ties with Cameron. Let him go to a team of ego-tistical fruit cakes. The ownership would never stand for his strike outs.

Don't get me wrong, Cameron was a great addition to the team. Besides his high strike out ratio...he did play some good D out in center (aside from the Philly's series). He also hit 20+ homeruns....after missing the first month of the regular season. He's a vet, and the last time I checked the team needs that.

But...if we truly have a shot at CC, the by all means...part ways with him. I know we don't have the deep pockets to compete with the Yanks.

- CC wins another top award, voted for by fans.

- Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun ranked #1 and #5 in a new book being published on MLB's top-young players in the league. I would have thought Prince would be lower than Braun because of his physical shape (i'm one to talk, i know). Baseball analyst Bill James' book has an extensive list under "Young Talent". Evan Longoria (my favorite) is #17. Nonetheless, two Brewer infielders in the top 5.... Flippin' sweet.

1. Prince Fielder, Brewers first baseman, age 24
2. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins shortstop, age 24
3. Tim Lincecum, Giants pitcher, age 24
4. David Wright, Mets third baseman, age 25
5. Ryan Braun, Brewers leftfielder, age 24
6. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox second baseman, age 24
7. Matt Kemp, Dodgers centerfielder, age 23
8. Francisco Rodriguez, Angels pitcher, age 26
9. Jose Reyes, Mets shortstop, age 25
10. Nick Markakis, Orioles rightfielder, age 24
11. Joakim Soria, Royals pitcher, age 24
12. Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals third baseman, age 23
13. Cole Hamels, Phillies pitcher, age 24
14. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies shortstop, age 23
15. Felix Hernandez, Mariners pitcher, age 22
16. Jon Lester, Red Sox pitcher, age 24
17. Evan Longoria, Rays third baseman, age 22
18. John Danks, White Sox pitcher, age 23
19. Adrian Gonzalez, Padres first baseman, age 26
20. James Loney, Dodgers first baseman, age 24
21. Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks shortstop, age 25
22. Brian McCann, Braves catcher, age 24
23. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers first baseman, age 25
24. Grady Sizemore, Indians centerfielder, age 25
25. Joey Votto, Reds first baseman, age 24

-Jersey guy fan of is his take....sort of pointless, but passes time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brewer News

Ken Macha (pictured)
I'm already going through withdrawal here. So here is some fix for ya.

This came as a bit of surprise to me. Jack Zduriencik took the GM job in Seattle and beat out 3 other highly recognizeable candidates. This surpised me because Jack was the last of the group to be considered for the position. That being said, he is certainly due for this step up and he will do some great things for that club. Milwaukee will immediately begin their search for a replacement and rumor has it that an internal candidate is being considered already. Melvin had to have known that this day would come.

CC Sabathia earned the top team awards today for the Brewers organization. Most noteworthy being the team MVP. He certainly deserves it and hopefully this last get-to-gether with his teammates will help him with his decision making that looms in the horizon. We will see if he can take either the MVP or CY Young award.

***This just in....

CC Sabathia just earned Player of the Year honors from my favorite publication, Baseball America. Check out this link.

Chicago Tribune is wondering who would replace Brenly if he were to go to Milwaukee. Apparently he is considered the best TV analyst in that market.

The Crew has now interviewed (that the public knows of):
William Randolph Anyone who throws out the race card with no evidence is not of interest to me. Keep in mind though....he had a laid-back approach in NY. Which is bad...but with that clubhouse full of ego' can't blame him for taking it easy.
Bob Brenly (more here) Interesting...he was most critical of the Brewers then the teams faced off. Then again, it's an analyst job for TV...tell the fans what they want to hear.
Sveum (out)
anyone I'm missing?

Now, if Valentine doesn't show interest...I would go with Macha. Good reasons why I like him, thanks to
In other news...apparently Jake Peavy is a dueche bag and doesn't want to play in Milwaukee. That's okay though. We don't want another Ben Sheets!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brewer Rumors

Hi. Haven't had much time to update the blog in the past two weeks. Partly because there hasn't been much news that's worthy of mentioning.

Now there is...

GM Doug Melvin has a "short list" of manager candidates in addition to Dale Sveum. I feel that he is not completely sold on Dale and wants to explore all of his options, this according to Haudicourt. He would be foolish not to meet with other candidates.

Bobby Valentine was on that list and I believe he would be best for this position. He has been in Japan coaching a team in their pro league the past couple of years. Keep in mind that his success with the NY Mets in the later part of the 90's and 2000 should be noted. He took a team of nobody's and turned them around in to winning the NL pennant in 2000, where they lost to the Yanks in the Subway Series and also a wild card birth in 1999. He even has "turn-around" success in the Japanese League in the mid-90's and the past two years with the Marines (Japanese team), until he was canned due to a vendetta with the ownership. The crazy kook was so confident in his championship Japanese team...that he called for a final "World" series with the 2005 White Sox to see who would rule the Baseball World. (all this pointed out by wiki). He could have some consideration by the Mets too, as that was his pride & joy in coaching. He did some great things for that club. He surely has my vote. Sorry Dale. You can go back to coaching 1st or 3rd though!

The Crew needs a go-getter who won't be afraid to challenge management, the GM, and even his own players. My vote is for Bobby Valentine. My "what the hell are you thinking" vote goes to Willie Randolph. He is a twit who likes approach coaching by sitting on his ass and giving weird facial expressions. Oh, and throwing out the occasional race-card (see start of 2008 season). He's a hack.


In news that should concern the Brewers scouting operations, the brains behind the scene Jack Zduriencik is closing in on the GM spot for the M's. He is the one who has delivered us the likes of Ryan Braun, Matt LaPorta, Prince Fielder, and Yovanni Gallardo to say a few. This could have serious long-term effects on the Brewer farm system. There's no replacing this man.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Astros still sour about their Cub game at Miller Park

Brandon Backe, RHP for the Houston Astros still angry.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Suppan Flops - Brewers dream season comes to end

Well, having attened the two home games I can honestly tell you that I had the time of my life. The overall atmosphere was like none other. Below is a list of things I did like and did NOT like during the post season.

Did NOT like:

1. CC pinch hitting/Sveum throwing in the towell

2. Corey Hart sucking big time

3. Rickie Weeks in the starting line up.

4. Jeff Supan proving to me that he is a bust

5. Braun and Fielder's quiet first two games

6. Mike Cameron's fielding in the first two games

7. Cheap thundersticks give-away at the door yesterday

8. Seeing deuche bags wear their Packer garb rather than dishing out $10 for a brewer shirt

9. Dude with the cowbell in my section. What is this...high school football? You really think that by sitting in 400's (section) that you will bring the fans to their feet and spark a burst of energy with the prolific banging of your make-shift cowbell? You really think that? Besides, that is pretty old school if you are just now coming in to the cow bell phase. Will Ferrel has come and gone, you are the one, my friend, living in the past where you think he is still funny. Next time, keep your stupid cow bell at home or I will piss on my hand and walk up to you and bitch slap you. You pathetic, obnoxious, twirp.

10. Ben Sheets: done for the season. You're not an ace anymore, nor have you been. You should open your eyes and realize that you could be a great closer.

Things I liked:

1. Going to a game at Miller Park in October!

2. Seeing JJ Hardy try to carry this team on his back. He is the real deal.

3. The fan support in Milwaukee was unreal. The park was actually shaking. A couple in front of some friends of mine had to go to first aid to get cotton balls put in their baby's ears.

4. Bob Uecker throwing out the first pitch on Saturday. Bud Selig (saved Milwaukee baseball) throwing out Sunday's game.

5. Yovanni pitching his brains out. Had it not been for a couple of errors (Camerson's should've been an error) we would've been in Game 1. He was lights out, despite having missed the season. First pitcher in major league history to start game 1 in the post season with only 2 starts in the season.

6. The Bullpen bailed us out a lot this series. Granted, they didn't deliver us a come from behind win, but they kept us in it...with in 3 or 4 runs most of the games. Gagne did redeem himself for at least one month of bullshit play.

7. Torres coming in and notching the first post-season save for Milwaukee in 26 years. He kept his cool and didn't crap the bed. He has been a godsend for this club.

8. Sveum and Yount together in the dug out. Granted, I will be the first one to tell you I hate the '82 throwback crap. Get off it. But I did like seeing these two together in the dugout.

9. The vendors at Miller Park. The beer man in my section was always near. After shelling out $80.00 for my old man and I to chug beers, I can say that was money well spent. Also, I noticed looking around the park in between innings that their were the bright lime green shirts speckeled through out the stands. Each section had at least 4 vendors on each aisle, readily available for any transactions. I notice this type of stuff having worked in the service industry. In my book, Miller Park was a great host to the fans of Milwaukee and Philly.

10. Geoff Jenkins get a standing ovation when he had an at-bat on Saturday. He deserves it.

I spent roughly $1,200.00 on tickets, consessions, parking, gas, and beer over the weekend. That is ridiculous...however, I had a great time enjoying October baseball in the city that I absolutey love. I only wish that I will be able to bring my son to a playoff game at Miller Park in the future. I was lucky enough to go to Saturdays game with my brother and dad, and then my wife (Kelly) on Sunday. It was a good time. Would've been better if the Badgers pulled out a win on Saturday. The entire Miller Park parking lot had their tailgates open and the Badger game blaring.

Things I hope to see next year:

1. CC Sabathia. Offer him some significant ownership and nice deal. C'mon Mark!

2. Sheets being brought back as a closer

3. Hall and Weeks gone....gone baby gone

4. Hart in center and one of the young guns in right.

5. Kendall taking some time off during the season. Rivera traded. And Solome back-up catching.

6. Hart shaving his weird beard.

7. Fielder having a strong season, all 6 months.

8. If we lose CC (good chance), we bring in a bonified ace to replace him. Yovanni is good, but not great.

9. Cappy coming back and making an impact

10. Kapler coming back.

Congrats to Philly. They were the better team and they beat us in a way that didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. We out lasted the Cubs....that made my night complete on Saturday! I hate Chicago. This week I will give final grades on everything Brewers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brewers Strike Back

Finally, the Milwaukee Brewers bats came alive last night and it ultimately led to a victory. All you need to do is be patient at the plate and hit the damn ball. They did just that.

Dave Bush (MVP if you ask me) pitched the best game of his career. He was sturdy the entire performance, never letting the elements get the best of him. Despite a loud and wild Milwaukee crowd cheering his every pitch he kept his head in the game and delivered an excellent performance. Melvin certainly saw something in this studios kid that other teams, including the Jays, didn't see. He has been very reliable down the regular season stretch.
In the five innings that Bushy pitched, he gave up only 5.1 hits and 1 earned run with 3 strikeouts. The defense assisted in the cause and should be highly credited for their showing.

Offensively, their charge was led by JJ Hardy who went 3 for 4. No where to be found was the Braun-Fielder show. In fact, both went silent at the plate with only Fielder reaching base on a walk once. The supporting cast was the factor last night. Even Corey Hart (shmuck) played decently.

Well... I went to last nights game and am going to head down there right now for todays game. Can't wait.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More thoughts....and links to stories....

Okay.... I have cooled off a bit. I am still holding on to hope that CC will pitch game 5. I don't want to believe that last nights below average performance was the last I would see of him in Navy and white.


Why isn't Jeff Supan pitching tomorrow in game 3? I mean, isn't this the whole reason why we signed this guy? He did indeed earn MVP in a post season series, did he not? Hmmm. Well, it could be that the club has finally come to terms that he is not the guy they had hoped for during Christmas in 2006. Although he is a good humanbeing....he just doesn't have the same consistancy he once had in St. Louis and KC. Too bad.


Dave Bush will get the nod. This Wake Forest alumni will be tasked with the most important duty in the Brewers 26 year history. He will be given the job of saving the Brewers and delivering their first post-season win in 26 years. Something tells me that he may up for it. In fact, I have a gut feeling that he will be lights out. Keep in mind here people, had it not been for those couple of horrid innings CC and Yovanni had, we could be in a different situation here. Really. Their bats have been better than ours. The only difference is that our hits have come late and not amounted in anything (that being a win). They have been timely, even late - clutch hits...but they didn't amount to much.


Where are the homeruns? I mean holy balls. They have to erupt on Saturday playing in a controled climate, no swirling eddies out in Rightfield, and no rain coming down on their bats. The elements will all be under wraps and the Brewers will have to make Philly pay for their ass-whipping they bestowed on them only days prior. Call me crazy....the bats will come alive tomorrow.

In other interesting news..

The Cubs suck in the post-season! I mean, are the Dodgers that much better than the Phillies? No. Yet the Crew has only lost by 3 runs each game on the road. While the Cubs have been just crushed at Wrigley. I love it. I hate the Cubs. Even if they "helped" us the last week. Hate them.

Ending on a happy note.......... This makes me proud to have lived in Milwaukee.

Lack of hitting dooms Crew / Hart continues to suck

Good News.... The Cubs continue to choke and keep the excellent tradition alive. Isn't this supposed to be the year? You chokes. I hate you flatlanders more than I hate Corey Hart.

CC Sabathia had to pitch 3 games, all of which on 3 days rest. So when I saw him struggle early and often in last nights game, I sort of made up excuses for the guy. I figure hey, the guy delivered us here. He literally scooped up the entire club and plopped us down at the steps of Philly. I think at that point he thought it was time for some help. That help never came.

The first two games of the series were a complete debacle at the plate. On the mound, Wednesday was pretty damn solid all around. Despite Yovanni's 3rd inning struggles, the bullpen held the game together and kept the Brewers in it. Even last night, once CC left the game the Brewer bullpen kept us close. They are probably thinking to themselves:
"Hey guys, you told we had better show if we make it to the post season...well we're here...where the F*** are you?"
Cheesy? Yes. But probably their thoughts? One can only assume.

Corey Hart has been a burden on this club ever since the Midwest flight landed in Philly on Tuesday. Despite making some significant catches in the outfield, the lack of hitting and his chronic-swinging at the very first pitch has screwed the club over in so many way. Most noteworthy being last night. The bases are loaded and the Brewers have 1 out. Brett Myers knows in his head that this prick (Hart) is going to swing at the first pitch....I mean, the lame-ass did it a couple of times the night before against Hammels....right? Well, if only Vegas oddsmakers could've acted a little quicker they could've had made some killer cash on that call....that call being Hart swinging in to a double-f******play off the first pitch he sees and grounds out. Only after the Brewers gain first momentum with a free-pass that led to walking in a run. From that point on, the Brewer bats should have been more patient than John McCain in a Hanoi Hilton. Instead, the likes of Corey Hart completly defy reason (baseball's logic) and decides to go after the first F****** pitch.

He sucks. I could give two shits about how great he was in the first half. That's like some highschool virgin banging his first girl and blowing it 5 seconds in to the ordeal. He didn't seal the F****** deal and couldn't close. He was a non-closer. That's sort of what Corey Hart is. Mind you Brewer fans....this is the same prick who whined like a little bitch because Milwaukee's fan base were booing the team at every chance they got. Well....don't F up then you son of a bitch.
-You may be a great base runner
-You may have had a stellar first half
-You may be an All Star, thanks to the fans of Milwaukee
-You may have a semi-decent arm out there in right
+ But you suck when it counts most. You funny-looking turd.

Now on another turd....Rickie F'n Weeks.

Thumbs down to Sveum who decided it would be a good move to have him in the starting line up on Wednesday. Holy Balls.....WTF. Then to see the guy unable to catch a routine throw-out covering first made me whip my baseball cap at my TV. The god damn ball hit the palm of the mit. The palm. That's like kicking someone in the balls and making contact with one, or the other, or even both testies...but missing all together. Billy Hall should also be tea-bagged for bobbling the double play to begin with.

Then there was Mike know, the 3-time Gold Glover out in center who has been great most of the season for us. Well, he decides to play center like a little leaguer, completely misjudging routine fly balls and having to make up ground. Then, to blame it on the wind?!?!?! How long have you been doing this for? Last nights game was the worse play. Although there was wind (note to John Smoltz...look at the flags you dope), Cameron again misjudged a ball that resulted in another double for some dueche bag named Wirth. Shane Vicotino would have surely caught both of the balls. This isn't the first time you have done this...I still like you though...anyone who goes hard over 20 times in a season, and missing a month, is a stud in my book.

So, to sum it up....the three (make it four w/ Cameron) dueche bags who lost the last two games for us are the following:
1. Hart
2. Weeks
3. Hall
4. Cameron

Now for the positive side of things.....

I hate to reference 1982....but the Brewers did go down by 2 games, only to come back and defeat the Angels in the ALCS. Of course there a number of differnces here, but my point is this...we have two more home games before we back out to Philly for the capper. We could easily pull off two wins against the chodes. Why? Well, they have had difficulty hitting as well. They should have beaten the Brewers by a combined 10 runs (AT LEAST) in the last two games, due to our lack of hitting. Instead they pull off close 3-run wins? Forget about it. These pricks are surely beatable. And their 'pen isn't much to write home about.

Bushy will have to pitch the game of his career. Prince will have to hit in clutch situations. Braun will have to more aggressive on the bases (that hurt last night!). And the vets will have to step up. Durham has where are you Cam, Counsell, and Kendall? Most of the named have been in the World Series at one time or the other....are you just too old to hit? C'mon.

We WILL WIN game 3 tomorrow. I have money on it. This is a for sure bet and I can assure you that the Crew will pull off a win. We're down...but not out.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Braun Saves The Day: 26-Year Drought Ends

Thankfully, the Milwaukee Brewers answered the call and delivered a win for fans across the state and world (one dude was from Germany?!?). The Mets faltered and the Brewers stood strong. Although the team has had a lack of hits in the past week, Ryan Braun crushed another game altering homerun in the 8th which lead to the eventual win over Chicago.

CC Sabathia was clutch and made the trade for LaPorta a successfull one. He was lights out the entire game. Had it not been for Prince Fielders effortless error in the 1st...the Cubs would've been shut out. Giving up only 1 run (not earned) and 4 hits, CC dominated the relaxed Cubs line up. The odds were in our favor. It was almost as if Lou wanted us in the playoffs when he pinched hit Carlos Zambrano. Granted, he is one of the best hitters in the league at his position. But once I saw that, I figured Lou was basically shutting down the team.

I do NOT look forward to meeting the Cubs in the Playoffs. Their bullpen will be a tough challenge.

Meanwhile, over on the Eastcoast the lowly Mets faltered once again. Granted, it didn't help that they were playing a pissed off Marlins team. A team that was in first place a good chunk of the season. In the end, everything worked out for the Brewers.

-Ryan Braun proved once again that he is the best player in the Brewer line up and certainly should be mentioned for the NL MVP. Granted, Ryan Howard will probably take the cake.

-Milwaukee is in serious danger of getting their clocks cleaned in the Philly. This is a dangerous team who will surely come alive even more in the playoffs. The Brewers on the other hand, need to wake up and start doing a better job hitting.

More to come as we head up to Wednesday.

I purchased Saturday tickets for 516.00, 3 tickets terrace.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Braun Pick Perfect Time To Wake Up

Miller Park Women divert their attention
away from Hardy after they see this guy.

Ryan Braun's (36) walk-off Grand Slam home run (lot of words, wow) ignited Miller Park and sent shock waves through the city that this team is for real. They control their own destiny. No longer should they watch the Mets scoreboard. They should in fact set their eyes on an elimination game at Shea Stadium early next week.

It was a close one and for a few seconds there I thought the Crew would fall a game behind the Mets, but they stood fast. In fact, Braun's walk-of HR came at a time when Milwaukee was questioning his mental and physical toughness. At least this guy was (thumbs point inward). Granted, he's had a ribcage issue the last 2 months which has effected his swing greatly. But sometimes the adrenalin gets the best of you.
-That was Milwaukee's first grand slam of the season. Oddly enough. What a great time to hit one Braunie.
-That was Braun's first homerun in 87 at-bats. You know the guy is hurting when you see stats like that.
-Yovanni Gallardo was lights out last night. That guy can throw. To think, it was only 5 months ago that we witnessed that horrid collision at first base in Chicago. In front of a sell-out crowd of 40k+ people, Yo threw 4 innings surrendering only 1 run (HR) 3 hits, and striking out 7 batters. Granted, he may be a liability at the plate come post season (yes, that's right, post season) as he simply stands there at the plate and allows pitches to whiz by. Can't blame him though, he hasn't touched a bat since Spring.
-Despite it being the lowely Pirates, our bullpen was magnificent. Throwing 6 scoreless innings. The only area of concern was the 3 strike outs. That should hope to be higher as the post seas (yes, post season) dawns upon us.
-Eric Gagne purchased 5,000 tickets last night and gave them away via website. Pretty nice guy. I mean, he has sucked balls more than not sucked balls this season, so this is his way to make up for it. I see no problems in giving up some change on that 10MM contract. Plus, he gives to charity more than most other players in the league.

Prince Fielder continued his hitting streak and inching towards JJ's 16 gamer earlier in the second half. He's at 14 games with a .407 average and 21-54 at the plate.
-Sheets' readiness is still up in the ayer...according to
-More on the weather that will be a factor (last night too) this weekend in NYC.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

CC Pitches Gem / Brewers tied for Wild Card

Take out those folded up Brewer shirts you stowed away for the winter. Dust off the caps you put away this past weekend. And start apologizing to the Brewer players for withing they would trade Weeks, Hall, and Hart....okay, skip that last sentence there. The Brewers are back in it...officially.

CC tossed a hell of a game last night that resulted in a 4-2 win at Miller Park. Striking out 11 batters and retiring 13 straight before handing it to his relievers. That is why Melvin made the trade. He has been mr. clutch since coming on board, despite last nights win being his first in September. CC gave up only 4 hits and 2 walks, going 7 complete innings.

Eric Gagne has been very decent as of late, pitching a scoreless inning last night. That's just like him though. He will be plain stinky for 3 games, and then pitch 5 strong games after that. He's due for a mistake...a big mistake here in the next 4 games. Beware.

The Brewers only had 2 hits last night. That is a concern. Prince made his count as he drove in 2 runs. The deciding factor was the 6 batters Maholm (9-9) walked.

Weather will be a factor this weekend in Philly and NY. If double headers are scheduled, that could favor the Brewers with back-to-back doubleheaders being scheduled.

-What if Philly, NY, and Milwaukee all tie? Of course, being how unlucky Milwaukee is...they lost coin flips to both teams. Meaning Milwaukee can't host a do-or-die game.

-This moron tried to answer the question of who the Cubs would want to face in the playoffs...NY or Milwaukee? Well...look at the map genious. Chicago would consume Miller Park if they face Milwaukee. Meaning, they would play all games with a huge "home" crowd. Cubs need/want Milwaukee to get in. If they were smart of course. Not to mention the Brewers would play Philly (or the NL East winner), as they can't play someone in their division.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prince Provides Heroics

Wow. Another emotional roller coaster last night, even before the game started. I tuned in to XM Radio covering the Cubs-Mets game and saw that the Mets were down by 2 runs in the 3 or 4th inning. I thought to myself..."don't screw this up Brewers, let's pull even". I then turned on the Brewer game...

Well, it was a nailbiter to say the least. Thank God Bush kept it close giving up 3 runs and 5 hits. Karstens also gave up 3 runs for the Pirates. Tores notched another win.
-Mike Cameron went 2 for 5 last night with two doubles, in the lead-off. He also gave the Brewers the lead (briefly) with a clutch double. He has been playing some great defense lately as well, judging some tough liners out to center.

-Prince Fielder (34) hit a two run homer to win the game in the bottom of the ninth, with 2 outs. He crushed it. That's the clutch-Prince we've been missing all season. He may be good for a couple more homers this season bringing his total to 36 or so. Not bad, considering he hit 40 last year and was the youngest to do so.

-Jason Kendall hit a two-run double

-Our pinch hitting was HORRIBLE last night. Mike Lamb was the only one who got a hit. Mike Lamb.

-Mets still have two more games left with the Metropolitians. Let's all hope the Cubbies can pull off another win. CC is on the mound tonight for us, thus allowing him to pitch the finall game of the season and the first game in the post season. Yes, that's right, I said post season. Sveum doesn't know who will follow CC in the rotation for the remaining 4 games. One would think that Sheets would pitch Saturday, Supan (yikes) on Friday, and McClung tomorrow?.?.?

-Piece on tonight's game.

-Milwaukee activated Gallardo and Branyan from the DL. On the pre-game show yesterday Gallardo said that he has yet to pick up a bat. So one would think that he will surely be used as a relief pitcher for the rest of September. He and Parra both provide some deep help if our starters go adrift early on in the games. Not to mention Villanueva. I just hope YO isn't rughing back. He is our ace next year unless we land a different one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Games To Go

Here we go Brewer fans. With Sundays win in Cincy matched with the Mets losing their last 3 games....I can't help but get excited again! We will catch the Mets.

Prince earned player of the week honors. Finally, he heats up. He did have a spark earlier in the second half...but he's been lights out the past week and a half.

Appleton finally landed their dream team affiliation today in signing a 4-year deal with the Brewers. The Timber Rattlers will be Milwaukee (A) affiliate. Which means this:
Milwakee would much rather send their players up hwy 41 then have them fly down to Nashville or Huntsville. This is great news for the Fox Cities as this will only increase attendance and ignite this growing metro area.

Dave Bush (9-10) takes to the mound tonight for the Brewers. Here is a break down of tonights game.

I'm going nuts....

The Brewers are still alive. This is what bi-polar is has to be. I am down in the dumps the entire first month and a half of the season. I then shoot up to cloud 9 for most of the season from that point on. Then, all of a sudden I crash like heroin addict after an all-night binge for the month of September. Now it's the last week of September and I'm on the fence. I just don't know what to think.

The Brewers are alive and kicking, once again. A game to make up is not impossible with 6 games left. Meanwhile, old man Lou of the Cubs is saying they will NOT rest anyone during the last two series. I'm calling bullshit on that one though. They need to, especially after Zambrano got rocked in his last outing. I would expect the Cubs to win two more in the series with the Mets in this 4 game series for the split. The Brewers should sweep the Pirates...but heh, it's September and the Brewers have been crapping the bed lately (love that line, graphic.). So they will have to win the series at the VERY LEAST.

It's not over....

Milwaukee trails by only one game to the Mets. Who love to collapse more than the Brewers.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's been much more of the same BS this past week. Waking up feeling sad, disgusted, and hurt. The Brewers lost ANOTHER game that they should have easily won. I used the term "easily" because they were up 6-2 in the 9th with two outs. It wasn't until Ryan Braun made, what I thought was, an error. That (should have been scored as an) error proved to be costly as the Cubs went on a tear and ripped Tores for 4 runs. It wasn't until Derek Lee drove in the winning run off of Carlos Villenueva (with 2 strikes mind you).

I can't type. Too sad.

Thankfully, Prince has been on a hitting binge as of late.

Well, the Crew travel to Cincinatti to play the horrid Reds. Minus Dunn and Grifey Jr., one would think they could pull of a sweep and pull even with the Mets. The Metropolitians play a 3 game series in Atlanta and should drop at least one to them. Johan won't be pitching, as he did his damage yesterday at the plate and on the mound.

We are certainly to the point where we need the Cubs to now lose to the Cardinals this weekend, hopefully get swept (which is a long shot...i know). I just don't want them to lock up the central and then be in cruise control when they play the mets yet this season. We need to have our eyes on the Mets. We need the Cubs to clinch the Central during the first game of their series with the Mets. That way we shoud be even, or a .5 game under. We would then play a Cubs team that will rest its starters for the would think. A sweep at home to end the season isn't not asking the world here Brewer fans. They should be able to do that if the Cubs already clinched it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brewers Look Better...But That Doesn't Count For Much

Prince Fielder giving the OH-SHIT, I just got caught looking-look.

Brewers certainly looked better in last nights showdown at Wrigley, which resulted in a 4-3 loss. Let's all face it, Chicago is the better team right now. One must give credit to this club of dirtbags.

The line up was a toss up for me. I like the veterans at the top, but Mike Cameron strikes out far too much. He is still a decent batter, just not in the lead off. If anything, Sveum should flip-flop Durham for Cameron. But that's just me.

Prince had a hell of a game, but failed when needed most. C'mon, you get caught looking? I don't care what Anderson and Schroeder say, that was a pitch that should have went yard. Wood challenged you with a fast ball down the middle of the plate and you got caught with your pants down. That ball should have been smacked out to Sheffield Ave.

That being said, most of the team did plaay decent. CC struggled early on earning his first loss in a Brewer uniform. It's as if Soriano plays his best ball against us (CC).

Tonight, Ben Sheets had better start raising his stock because he hasn't done jack shit lately. He wants the big bucks in the off-season? Well start pitching like it. And Sveum should have him pitch deep in to the game if we have the lead. Stop protecting his arm like we need him October, right now we need him tonight. Same goes with CC's next start, which should be Sunday against the Reds. And as for his "I never pitched on shortened rest" bull shit....throw that out the door. Drop McClung back down to the pen and go to a 4 man rotation. CC's arm will handle it!
-Milwaukee now has to shift it's focus on to the Mets, who have a 1/2 game lead over The Crew in the WildCard. Even if the Brewers win at least one game in Chicago, we could still quite easily take the WildCard. The Mets are also having a downward slide and it's between them and Milwaukee to limp in to the playoffs. I like our chances. Mets still have to play a menacing Braves team as well as the Marlins, Cubs, and Washington (currently playing the Nats). We still have a chance...with the Cards diminishing and the Astros barley holding on. Win one in Chicago and then both series' in Cincy and at home against he Pirates! By then, the Cubs will have clinced the Central and be in rest-mode when they come in to town for the last series of the season. Their magic number is 5 I believe! So...we almost want the Cubs to lock up the Central sooner rather than later. Sorry, twisted way to look at it. But it's the only way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we go Milwaukee....your last chance

Milwaukee's last chance to stay alive in the playoff hunts begins tonight in Chicago. The Brewers traveled south on I-94 to spar with the obnoxious Cubs. Yes, the team that just had a no-hitter two days ago and came dangerously close last night as well (see Ted Lilly). This is going to be a tough one. Considering the Cubs are back to playing their excellent brand of baseball. One must give credit when credit is due. Zambrano and Lilly both pitched their brains out the past couple of nights.

That brings us to tonight's match up.

CC Sabathia (15-8) going toe-to-toe with Ryan Dempster (15-6) in a showdown at Wrigley.

Dale Sveum says he's going to make some changes . Let's hope it's Billy Hall sitting his ass on the pine. Perhaps going down to a 4 pitcher rotation is now needed. I would think so.
1. Sheets
2. CC
3. Supan
4. Bush

Robin Yount is returning to be the bench coach for the Brewers. Unless Sveum delivers the team to the Playoffs....I think Robin Yount will be tapped as the new manager come next season. Dale Sveum has a shot too.

How many times are we gonna hear the term "Good Baseball Guy"?

As for the choice of Sveum, Yost said, "He's as good a baseball coach as anybody I've ever met in my life. Those players trust him. Dale is a real calming influence, a steady guy. I don't think they could have picked a better person to finish out the next 12 games."

Frank Kremblas was also dismissed. Look for Don Money to move up next year, or even make the jump to the coaching staff in Milwaukee. He knows how to handle the younger players, which make up almost 85% of the Milwaukee team.

Brewers lose Riske for the season. He has been a complete let-down this season.

WTMJ's Todd Welter, and I would agree, believes that Ted Simmons was offerred the position first. Being a Yost's buddy, he declined, therefore taking a step back in his role as a result. We all had a hunch that Simmons was the guy should Yost be given walking papers. Of course Mr. Welter provides no proof, only a theory...I still feel that Simmons was the guy. Despite him looking like a man who just woke up from a week's - binge of booze and drugs, every time I see him.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ned Yost's Leash Finally Cut

I must say, I was suprised as hell to hear on WIFC over the intercom in my office that Ned Yost was canned. I mean...WIFC? Todays top 40 music radio station breaking it to TeamWisconsin that Yost was indeed let go? Wow.

Here is what I think of the events that transpired today....

A. I did not type a word about the Philly debacle on this blog. I figure that I missed one series the entire season (besides the first week) in my blogging endeavor. I couldn't bring myself to type. That being said, go read to get the inside scoop with what went down. They are a squared-away bunch of fellers who even have Jeff Cirillo blogging for them. His nice hair and all.

B. Yost being canned today was one that shocked me. I mean, has this ever went down before with the team in the hunt and only 12 games left? Probably not. I think the straw that broke the camels back was the no-hitter thrown by the dirtbag Zambrano, at our park. Mr Attanasio probably saw that and puked in his mouth before getting on the horn with Melvin to cuss him out. Yes, the Phillies series was surely a gut-wrencher for the ownership.

Now what? How will the team respond? ESPN quotted an undisclosed Brewer that something needed to be done. The player didn't mention firing Yost because he didn't make them hit bad. But "something" had to be done. Well, with 12 games left there isn't a hell of a whole lot a teams' brass can do.

Thus the firing of Ned Yost. In turn bringing us a lowly Dale Sveum to interim....hmmmm....not so sure about that one. I feel that a manager should never have job security. I feel that Yost felt that at the end of August, the club would simply coast in to the playoffs. That of course led to the manager taking a load off and letting things go on the fly. Like the Reds and Padres series respectfully. He did not speak a word of criticism to the team or any players. That's bullshit right there. You think ol' Lou would do that? No! He would be calling out everyone who played a role in playing shitty and letting them have it.

I like it that our ownership has balls. Granted, this could have been done after the Boston series....but Mark wanted to wait it out. Which made sense. But now it's too late and something had to be done. I feel that this will have a 75% chance of igniting the team and result in Milwaukee taking both series with Chicago, series win in Cincy, and a sweep against Pittsburgh. Will that be enough? One never knows. With the Phillies and NY Mets playing a weak schedule for the next two weeks, one can only imagine how extraordinary the Brewers will have to play.

-Sporting News feels that the front office wanted an escape door when things wrap up at the end of the season.

** I also feel that the Astros-Cubs series being played at Miller Park is complete bullshit. That should not have happened. Instead of Chicago flying back tonight from Houston or some other park in the South/Southwest, the Cubs have to drive back to Chicago and play our Brewers. Bullshit. How could this of been allowed to happen?

YOST FIRED.....FINALLY! reported just now that Ned Yost was fired this afternoon after this horrid collapse. This has to be the first time EVER a manager was canned while his team was in the lead (shared) for the Wild Card, and with 12 games left.

This will surely effect the club in a negative manner and they will fold the rest of the season. Too bad. So close.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chance for moral boost

With the weekend arrival of Hurricane Ike, the Cubs and Astros series is up in the air. The game scheduled for tomorrow night at Tropicana Field (er...Minute Maid bad) has been postponed. So the Cubs will depart St. Louis and head home after tonight's game. Of course, Saturdays and Sundays game are in limbo at this point too.

What does this mean?

Well, for starters the Cubs will be well-rested for their showdown against the Brewers which starts on Monday at Wrigley. This is of course could be bad for the Brewers who face a tough team in Philly for a 4 game series this weekend, only to get on the plane and head over to Wrigley for a night game on Monday. This could be a bad 1-2 punch for the Crew as they will surely be fatigued, as they have proven to be in the month of September thus far.

Best case scenario for Milwaukee...and of course the people of SE Texas, is that the Hurricane slows it's role and doesn't collide with the coast. For selfish reasons only, Milwaukee needs that to occur so that Chicago can still face Houston on Saturday and Sunday, with a possible make-up game/double header on Sunday. That would of course mean a late departure for the Cubs and could land them back in Chicago early Monday morning. With the problems that are sure to mount after the hurricane hits, that will be no easy feat as there may be flight delays.

So there is a list of possible effects from the Hurricane in relation to Baseball. For those whose lives will be disrupted, you will surely be in my thoughts.

If the series in Houston is completely cancelled, the league has no other option but make the games up after the regular season. This would of course cause a ripple effect on the entire post season, in both leagues. American League would wait for the National League to start, would they not? Regardless, this would mean added rest for all other teams except for the Cubs. Which is great. Worse case scenario is that Astros sneak up on the Brewers and the two become locked in a tie for the Wild Card. Milwaukee may have to sit idle for the Astros to finish the make-up series on October 1st and 2nd.

Holy balls, this is a mess...I should say it has the potential to be a grand mess.

The moral boost I was referring to was the idea of Milwaukee gaining ground on the Cubs due Chicago being idle over the weekend, should Ike hit. This could mentally trick the Crew who would then realistically have a 1/2 game lead over Chicago when all is said and done by this Sunday night. That of course could only happen if the entire season is postponed until after the Cubs/Astros make their series up. WOW. I am a realist here however, and the Crew should split this weekend. So that would put us 1.5 games back.
Lastly, the entire series could be rescheduled to a neutral site, which the league has mentioned. Could that be done it time for this weekend? Chicago is already said they are returing home after tonights game.

I love this sport and I love fall.

Crunch Time

With 16 games left in the season it is imparitive that Milwaukee pulls off (at least) a split in Philly.

Milwaukee is only 4 games ahead of Philly and HOUSTON. All those blogs and critics who laughed when Cecil Cooper all but guaranteed a playoff spot back in the first week of August, are now eating their words. I knew that team could be deadly. The good news is that Milwaukee does not have to face Houston in the final three weeks of baseball's regular season.

The scary thing is that the Astros have a weak schedule to end the season (as does Philly, which you will see):
Cubs (tough one) , Florida (not so tough anymore) , Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, and Atlanta. With their last 6 games at home against sub .500 teams. That is an area of concern for this Brewer fan. Considering that we get to play Chicago twice and Philly in a 4-game series starting tonight. Milwaukee needs to pull off a sweep at the bare minimum.

The 'stros have now won 14 of 15 and face Chicago at home. Now, it may not be so bad if the Astros win 2 of 3 in that series..... Just as long as Milwaukee splits with the Phillies. That way you have the Brewers only 2.5 games back of Chicago and the Astros 2.5 games back, pending the Astros win today against the Pirates.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming Phillies have the easiest schedule remaing. Besides the 4-game series with Milwaukee, they face Florida which may cause some pain. But they then have the Nats at home then on the road, and likewise for the braves.
Florida, Braves, Nats, Braves, Nats series'.

So, I still feel that the Brewers have to only look ahead of themselves. Like Torres said in the papers....they can only control their destiny, not others. Go after Chicago hard! Look ahead, never look back to see the pissing matches underneath you.

If the playoffs were to start today:
White Sox at Rays
Red Sox at Angels
Dodgers at Cubs
Brewers at Mets

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brewers grind out much needed win

Thankfully, the Milwaukee Brewers decided to show up today. What started off as a "oh shit, here we go again" type game for the Crew, turned out to be a feel-good win. Mike Camerson provided the heroics as he drove home the winning run, represented by Ryan Braun. Braun was able to advance to third base thanks impart to Prince Fielders CLUTCH single in the bottom of the 8th inning. They actually manufactured a run that won the game for them.

CC Sabathia was spared the loss, which would have been his first in a Milwaukee uniform since coming on board. Instead, he earned his second straight no-decision, which he will take with a smile. The usually sturdy LHP gave up 3 earned runs and a surprising 8 hits, despite striking out a typical 8 batters.

Even more amazing was Ray Durham replacing the awful Rickie Weeks and Craig Counsell filling in for Billy Hall. Both Hall and Weeks should be benched in tomorrows series opener in Philly, if the Crew would like to compete. Both Counsell and Durham had a hit each, with Ray being walked twice. A hell of a lot better than the other two douche bags.

No Brewer had more than 1 hit in todays game. All that was needed was Mike Cameron's RBI single to halt a retched September skid.

Tony Gwynn JR almost cost the game for the Crew in the 8th when he hit in to a double play, which did allowed JJ Hardy to score after the Reds turned two on first and second base. So in retrospect, Gwynn should be credited!

Mota did earn the win, a much deserved win! He is now 5-5 on the year which was filled with descriptive swear words that fans through out at him or to themselves.
Torres redeemed himself and earned the save striking out the side and earning his 27th save in 34 appearances. Not too bad for a set-up man who is well seasoned.

Holy Crap

Yes folks, it's time push the proverbial panic button. Despite what you read in blogs, Journal-Sentinel, and in the's time to panic. Why? Well, because we haven't been this close to possibly winning a pennant and/or making the playoffs in many, many years (decades). So, with that being said.

Milwaukee lost......AGAIN.......Last night against the poor pitching-Reds. This game was simply awful to watch. I even turned the station because it's my anniversary with lovely wife. She doesn't like my attitude when the Brewers lose, especially in games that count. Well, last night was one of those. Supan gave up back-to-back homers after pitching 5 solid innings, resulting in a 4-1 lead. Supan gave up 6 hits, 4 earned runs, and only struck out 2 FUCKING batters. I don't know what to think of Supan. Right when he starts to turn it on and pitch lights out in August...he pulls this shit. Excuse my swearing, but I'm am so enraged right now. I am losing sleep...literally. This is getting to be sick.

All Nedy Yost can do is say,

“We need to score some runs,” manager Ned Yost said. “We had some opportunities to get a big hit but we didn’t get the hit. We need to find ways to get hot and score some runs.”

No shit you dumby. Yosts' lack of fire in the clutch month of September evidently isn't there. In fact, once can write it off. We have yet to see him confront Prince Fielder's horrendous slump. Nor have we seen him bench Billy Hall, despite the douche bag batting awful numbers and committing errors that are costing us wins. No.... he sits there.

Hat's off to the guy for getting the Brewers to where they are at. But, I have been saying it all season long... He's good enough to get us out of the cellar, but not in to the playoffs. Everything the team has accomplished can be thrown out at this point.

We are only 3.5 games ahead of the Cardinals. Yes, the team that we dismantled all season long. The team who was completely out of it 2 weeks ago. More importantly, we are still only 4.5 games back of the Cubs. However, the Brewers now go on a 10 game road trip starting Thursday (game tonight vs reds). We play the team that has been nipping at our heels for the last couple of weeks in the Wild Card race, the Phillies.

Time to get the head out of the ass and start playing.... Hit the fricken ball. Durham certainly did last night, and that was a pinch hit.

Hell, if needed, sit Prince Fielder. Give the young guys a shot. It's never too late to do a gut check with the "veterans".