Monday, November 3, 2008

Maddux heads to Texas...Sheets will surely follow

Brewer pitching coach Mike Maddux decided to jump ship and take the same position with the Texas Rangers. In doing so, one can certainly imagine that Ben Sheets will follow suit. Good Riddance.

Although Maddux seemed to be held as a higher power in Milwaukee, one only has to look at the past couple of seasons to see what sort of impact he made. I'm not going to get in to stats and numbers here. That's not my point. My point is that Maddux never really delivered. He certainly had his claim to fame with the development of Turnbow, Cordero, and Torres in the closing roles. But not much success with the starting rotation. He never grasped how to deal with Manny Parra in the latter part of the 2008 season. Nor did he deal with the looming threat that Jeff Suppan wasn't much of a #3 or even a #4 for that matter. Granted, Ned Yost had a lot to do with that slop of a mess we had in our rotation in 2006 & 2007. It was Maddux who was feeding him these ideas though. Perhaps I'm reading too much in to this guy. I don't know.
So, let's go after Carl Willis now! I think we have a good shot.

So, with that being said... Texas, enjoy your new pitching coach and our sloppy seconds (Ben Sheets). Perhaps you can get more than 13 wins out of the guy.
-Dale Sveum was hired as the new hitting coach.
-Melvin is believed to have made a formal offer to CC of 5 year X 100MM offer. He probably wiped his ass with it the paper.


  1. Why do you hold the coaching staff accountable? It seems that is your answer to everything. When the brewers weren't hitting it was Yost fault. Now Maddux, for the brewers pitching being horrible. It just doesn't make sense to me. Look at how many times this year you have suggest a coaching schange. Not only with the brewers, but within Wisconsin sports.

  2. Last time I checked, coaching professional and college sports is a "What have you done for me lately?" type mentality.

    For Bielema...his record this year would hold true to that. Last year he took Barry Alvarezs' team to a New Years Day bowl and lost. This year he is pathetic and his recruiting is only going to get worse. His play calling has been below average since taking the helm.

  3. Let's focus on Terry Porter. YOu called for his head. Well, maybe not that extreme, howver, you wanted him shit canned. Take a look back at the players he had, his record and compare it to the coaches which followed. Porter was a great coach. While in Milwaukee, he managed to polish a terd.

  4. Porter was certainly not a good head coach. That is evident in that no other team has picked him up to lead their team. That right there, speaks volume of the guy.

    I did however shake his hand and chit-chat with him when he came in to my restaurant. The same with Stotts. However, Porter was much easier to talk to. Stotts looked like he sharted his pants.

  5. Last I checked, he is the coach for the Phoenix Suns. Now that speakes volume

  6. My mistake. Goes to show I don't care much for the Milwaukee Bucks or NBA in general.