Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Stove for the weekend.....Great News!

Willie Randolph decided that he liked Milwaukee so much while interviewing for the manager position, he decided to take on a lesser role as bench coach. Regardless, this is a great addition to the coaching staff. I was not a fan of Randolph becoming the skipper in Milwaukee, but coming to the Suds City as a bench coach will only add more experience, winning experience. Another odd note on this news is that the Brewers have brought on the 3 out of the 4 finalists for the manager job. So this would tell me that Melvin is a brilliant interviewer. He sells them on the opportunity and in turn, these new additions buy on to what he has cooking.

Randolph will be the go-between for Macha and the young squad. That was ultimately Randolph's downfall in NY. However, have him be that players' coach and I think Macha will be that much more effective in getting his new team to buy on to his plan.

In all, I am quite pleased with Melvin and Macha's coaching decisions. They brought on some old coaches under the Yost regime and brought in some outside analysis in Randolph. Now if only they could get Bob Brenly to coach the bull pen? ..... Good idea by Jsonline. Never happen though.

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