Friday, November 28, 2008

Brewers Retail Surges

The Milwaukee Brewers earned a unique award for it's 2008 season. The Major League Baseball Properties named Milwaukee "The Club Retailer of the Year", which is a huge accomplishment for this small market team. Thanks impart to the states hard cord dedication to name & number T-Shirts that blanket the seats at every home game, the Brewers were able to beat out the Yankees, Red Sox, and the Loveable Losers. Even online sales have jumped 30% since this time last year. Pretty impressive. I know I contributed at least $500.00 to the cause. Let's take a look...

Ryan Bran Jersey - 105.00
Milwaukee Brewer Hat - 29.00
Milwaukee Brewer Hat - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer Winter Cap - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt - 25.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt (post season) - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer T-Shirt (post season) - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer Pennant - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer Lamp - 35.00
Milwaukee Brewer Sweatshirt - 35.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids T - 8.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids T - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer kids hat - 21.00
Milwaukee Brewers kids Sweatshirt - 17.00
Milwaukee Brewer light switch cover (Cecil Cooper) - 7.00
Milwaukee Brewer Female T- 12.00
Milwaukee Brewer Female T - 12.00
Milwaukee Brewer pink hat (wife, I know) - 18.00
Milwaukee Brewer name & number shirt (wife) - 12.00
(give or take)
meanwhile, I owe 1500.00 on my credit card. priorities.

It will be tough to beat 2008 considering this was an eventful season. The CC trade, play-offs, and being the hottest team in baseball for a couple of months will do that. I can't wait until next season though. I think I read or heard that Miller Park was expanding the gift shop...again. I love the gift shop, but I don't buy there. I keep note of what I see in the shop and then find it online. The prices at the gift shop are silly for jerseys and hats.

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