Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Better late than never on this, but Milwaukee is going to bring back Mike Cameron for 10MM. Not bad for a veteran centerfielder who hit 25 HR's last year. Minus a month of the regular season.

I will tell you right now, I like this. If/when he returns (pending not being traded) with the team for 2009, not only does he bring experience but he also brings leadership. This guy was the leader of the team in 2008. Even CC looked up to this guy. He is an ambassador too. With a guy like Mike Cameron who has played with some great teams and met plenty of players, he can be the Brewer franchise salesman. Literally.

Yes, he does strike out far more than I like. But he is a solid ball player who would be great batting 6th or 7th in the lineup.

- As expected, Macha brought back Ed Sedar and Bill Castro on his coaching staff. Last week Dale Sveum was annoucned as the hitting coach. Good deal man, good deal. They know the Crew and can help Ken get to know the players and their personalities. If Ken came on board and cleaned house, I would be highly concerned. His personality is tough and rugged... a no bull-shit kind of guy. Having Sveum, Castro, and Sedar back will help him mesh with the players, and more importantly help the young players mesh with him.

-Reports state that Melvin offerred CC 147MM. Some sources say 4 years, most say 5 years. This offer will be used for his scrapbooking at home during the off-season. Just under the contract paper will read, "this one cracked me up the most..."

-My all time favorite announcer for the Brewers on TV (beside Bob of course) Matt Vasgersian, left the San Diego Padres after a 7 year stint. He will help launch the MLB Network and bring plenty of years of experience with him. This is a great move for him. Expect Brian Anderson to get a call for this new opening.

-Willis Randolph may get another shot to interview with the Mariners with Jack Zduriencik (GM).

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