Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm tired of....

I'm tired of ESPN and Sports Illustrated trying to cram girls basketball down our throats. I mean let's get real here.

SI's recent issue had a cute little front cover with top male players in each region of our great country. But the mag then had to have them partner up with their significant other, that being their equivalent on the girls team. I'm all for college girls basketball. It's swell. But it's vastly different then Mens Basketball. Keep in mind, it's College Football and Mens Basketball that fund the entire athletics department for every University worth mentioning. So keep the two seperate. It's like the WNBA and the NBA. You don't have them matching up with their equivalent on the cover of SI do you? Also, SI this past week also had the two (mens/womens) jumbled together in a crash-course type spread on this seasons college basketball season. Like I care who the sleepers are for womens basketball? C'mon.

I really get pissed when I'm watching the sports ticker at the bottom of CBS or ESPN during the Big Dance and I find that they are running the Girls' score. I get confussed due to the 12 beers I drank and the similarities in the school names in both tournaments. So when Notre Dame falls in the first round, it's the girls team usually. But I fail to realize this and flip out. They should have the girls games in pink or bright orange to differeniate from the guys score. Guys scores should be in red or blue.

Just me getting bent.

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