Monday, December 15, 2008

Brewers remain idle.....but sign Chris Capuano

Another day passes and still no wheeling and dealing for Milwaukee. I simply wish they would close the deal on Melky for Mikey and be done with it. It shouldn't even be a headliner (which it isn't outside of WI).

One move I did like was the resigning of Chris Capuano with an incentive laced-minor league deal. The odds are certainly stacked against him, as there aren't too many pitchers that have recovered from 2 TJ procedures. We can only hope that he shows signs of his past, like when he won 18 games a couple of season ago in 2005 (All Star). It would be nice to even have him in a relief role, as we no longer have Shouses' left arm.

Thankfully, Jamie Moyer re-signed with the Phillies today! That means no senior citizen in our starting rotation!

Somebody tell me why the hell the Phillies would part ways with Pat Burrell?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who to target next?

Reports out of the Sin City indicate that Melvin has rolled up his sleeves and is pursuing Trevor Hoffman and Brian Fuentes for their closer. This role is certainly at the top of the list with the retirement of Torres. However, even before he hung up the cleats, this role was deemed necessary to fill.

I feel that the Brewers will tackle these positions (in order):
1. Closer
2. Starting pitcher
3. Left handed batter/utility
4. Center or Right Fielder (prefer lefty)
5. Middle Relief

Perhaps Jake Peavey may be on Melvin's radar, despite his limited list of desired locations, which Milwuakee is not on. One thing that is on our side is that Milwaukee is in the NL, where he wants to remain. Well, that doen't narrow the field down too much.

MLB Rumors, which is a gossip site that has as much credibility to it as GLOBE...has mentioned rumors that Randy Johnson is also on the radar.

Dumb Ass of the day....

It's pretty well known that this guy is a complete idiot. As is Clinton Portis. F'n babies.

Report: CC will fsign w/ Yankees...afterall

Does this sound familiar? Back in high school the hottest girl at your school breaks up with her dweeby boyfriend to play the field. She ends up going to a kegger and getting shitfaced for the first time and falls for the sleeziest guy in school. Hell, there are movies made of this shit. Can't Hardly Wait comes to mind, however she picks the dweeby guy....which I thought would happen here (did I just reference....yes I did).

CC Sabathia is going to start dating the sleezies team in baseball, the NY Yankees. Apparently in the end, money does talk and bullshit walks. So much for my warm fuzzies.

Although only a "report", I think we all knew this made the most sense for him from the get-go. Despite my "warm-fuzzies".

Monday, December 8, 2008

"We're still in"!

As reported by the Milwaukee Brewers' GM, Doug Melvin, met with CC and company in Las Vegas. Melvin asked point blank if the Brewers are still in the running? CC said......YES!

I'm starting to think the Brewers will sign CC. I really do. This is the first time I ever had the warm-fuzzies about this. If I were a betting man, I would say CC is going to be in a Brewer uniform come Christmas!

RFB has also cited a NY Post story here. I like our chances. My gut feeling is that he will sign with Milwaukee for 5 years x 100mm.

Winter Meetings: Viva Las Vegas

Merry Christmas to all 3 that read this blog!

With the Winter Meetings starting in Las Vegas today one can't help but wonder what sort of tricks Doug Melvin will pull out of his sleeves. It was only 3 years ago when Christmas Eve rolled around and Melvin surpised everyone with a trade that landed Jeff Supan in Milwaukee. Although I have not been a fan of him since his arrival (his play, not character), he has had some above-average moments in a Brewer uniform.

Here is where the Brewers are at:

* Waiting on a response from CC's party to their initial deal made over a month ago. Throw us a bone here CC. If we're not even in the ball park of what you want, let us know so that we can move on. The longer you take in leading us on...the more subtle my clapping will be in your first game back to Miller Park in a Giants uniform.

Doug Melvin may up the offer to 6 years, which most think should have been done right off the bat. That would bring it to 120mm, rather than the initial 90MM (latest report of initial offer).

*JJ Hardy is a stand-up guy. He wants to be a Brewer and has certainly bought in to what they are doing in Milwaukee. Let's hope that Melvin stays true to his word and holds on to JJ. Although there may be some offers too good to refuse this week....hold your ground. He is one of the best short stops in the league!
Other teams that are in the mix: NY Yankees, Halo's, and the Giants.

*Ben Sheets has declined arbitration and will hope for a better deal out in the market place...which will probably only land him a 2 year deal at-best.

"As Class A free agents, Sabathia and Sheets would net the Brewers two high picks next June should they sign with other clubs. Shouse, a Class B free agent, would net the Brewers one compensation pick should he sign elsewhere."

*Brian Shouse declined arbitration as well. So there goes a viable left handed reliever. He will be sorely missed.

*There are only two players this off season who have accepted arbitration, one was Carl Weathers of the Reds. He's old though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don Money takes the next step to the top

As expected, Don Money was selected to manage the Nashville Sounds today. The club decided to stick with it's successful roots at the (AA) level and promote from with in. Keep in mind, it was Huntsville that hosted most of the top prospects in the farm system. With Money being shifted to (AAA), will allow him to closely monitor and groom players like Jeffress, Escobar, Salome, Gamel, and others. Brilliant move on the side of the Brewers brass.

Milwaukee looked outside the organization by selecting Bob Miscik who last served in the Cincinnatti farm system as "cordinator" to take over for Money. I would imagine he was responsible for Jay Bruce's rise to fame.

Click here for full updates on Milwaukee's coaching announcements from AAA to rookie league.

Chris Bosio is back too!