Monday, December 15, 2008

Brewers remain idle.....but sign Chris Capuano

Another day passes and still no wheeling and dealing for Milwaukee. I simply wish they would close the deal on Melky for Mikey and be done with it. It shouldn't even be a headliner (which it isn't outside of WI).

One move I did like was the resigning of Chris Capuano with an incentive laced-minor league deal. The odds are certainly stacked against him, as there aren't too many pitchers that have recovered from 2 TJ procedures. We can only hope that he shows signs of his past, like when he won 18 games a couple of season ago in 2005 (All Star). It would be nice to even have him in a relief role, as we no longer have Shouses' left arm.

Thankfully, Jamie Moyer re-signed with the Phillies today! That means no senior citizen in our starting rotation!

Somebody tell me why the hell the Phillies would part ways with Pat Burrell?

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