Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Report: CC will fsign w/ Yankees...afterall

Does this sound familiar? Back in high school the hottest girl at your school breaks up with her dweeby boyfriend to play the field. She ends up going to a kegger and getting shitfaced for the first time and falls for the sleeziest guy in school. Hell, there are movies made of this shit. Can't Hardly Wait comes to mind, however she picks the dweeby guy....which I thought would happen here (did I just reference....yes I did).

CC Sabathia is going to start dating the sleezies team in baseball, the NY Yankees. Apparently in the end, money does talk and bullshit walks. So much for my warm fuzzies.

Although only a "report", I think we all knew this made the most sense for him from the get-go. Despite my "warm-fuzzies".

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