Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who to target next?

Reports out of the Sin City indicate that Melvin has rolled up his sleeves and is pursuing Trevor Hoffman and Brian Fuentes for their closer. This role is certainly at the top of the list with the retirement of Torres. However, even before he hung up the cleats, this role was deemed necessary to fill.

I feel that the Brewers will tackle these positions (in order):
1. Closer
2. Starting pitcher
3. Left handed batter/utility
4. Center or Right Fielder (prefer lefty)
5. Middle Relief

Perhaps Jake Peavey may be on Melvin's radar, despite his limited list of desired locations, which Milwuakee is not on. One thing that is on our side is that Milwaukee is in the NL, where he wants to remain. Well, that doen't narrow the field down too much.

MLB Rumors, which is a gossip site that has as much credibility to it as GLOBE...has mentioned rumors that Randy Johnson is also on the radar.


  1. What about those Bucks. Huge win over Indy last night. There is nothing stopping them now except everything. They are not good.

  2. The Bucks are horrid. They should just leave town. Milwaukee should try to salvage the Bradley Center and try to lure an NHL team. Try harder this time.