Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ken Macha, Milwaukee's new manager!

Tom Haudicourt called it first all along that Ken Macha would be the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. In an interview with ESPN AM 540 yesterday Tom etched in stone (basically), saying that all signs point to Macha as the new manager, basically putting his reputation on the line. Take it for what it's worth, as he also said Yost would be fired after the Boston series this past season after citing an unknown blog (badger blog was the name?). All was brought to my attention by the fine gents over at Rightfieldbleachers.com.

Tom has been in Philly and in Tampa during the World Series hanging closely to some credible sources. All signs are pointing to Macha. The announcement could be made as early as tomorrow depending on the outcome of tonights final innings. I think most of the state knew that Macha would be favored as Willie Randolph and Bob Brenly just seemed to be removed from the whole process and used more for the motions of the hiring. Randolph was considered probably due to the minority guidlines in the MLB and Brenly because there tends to be three finalists in most hirings for manager. Why not make things interesting by throwing in the Cubs announcer heh?

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