Friday, October 3, 2008

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Okay.... I have cooled off a bit. I am still holding on to hope that CC will pitch game 5. I don't want to believe that last nights below average performance was the last I would see of him in Navy and white.


Why isn't Jeff Supan pitching tomorrow in game 3? I mean, isn't this the whole reason why we signed this guy? He did indeed earn MVP in a post season series, did he not? Hmmm. Well, it could be that the club has finally come to terms that he is not the guy they had hoped for during Christmas in 2006. Although he is a good humanbeing....he just doesn't have the same consistancy he once had in St. Louis and KC. Too bad.


Dave Bush will get the nod. This Wake Forest alumni will be tasked with the most important duty in the Brewers 26 year history. He will be given the job of saving the Brewers and delivering their first post-season win in 26 years. Something tells me that he may up for it. In fact, I have a gut feeling that he will be lights out. Keep in mind here people, had it not been for those couple of horrid innings CC and Yovanni had, we could be in a different situation here. Really. Their bats have been better than ours. The only difference is that our hits have come late and not amounted in anything (that being a win). They have been timely, even late - clutch hits...but they didn't amount to much.


Where are the homeruns? I mean holy balls. They have to erupt on Saturday playing in a controled climate, no swirling eddies out in Rightfield, and no rain coming down on their bats. The elements will all be under wraps and the Brewers will have to make Philly pay for their ass-whipping they bestowed on them only days prior. Call me crazy....the bats will come alive tomorrow.

In other interesting news..

The Cubs suck in the post-season! I mean, are the Dodgers that much better than the Phillies? No. Yet the Crew has only lost by 3 runs each game on the road. While the Cubs have been just crushed at Wrigley. I love it. I hate the Cubs. Even if they "helped" us the last week. Hate them.

Ending on a happy note.......... This makes me proud to have lived in Milwaukee.

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