Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's an idea.....

The Milwaukee Brewers should do everything in their powers to court 30 year-old Orlando Hudson. This guy is the type of player who could come on this team and make an immediate impact. He has wheels, fantastic OBP, and a nice bat to go with it. Although there is always concern with his injuries, this is the type of guy that brings a winning attitude to a team the sorely needs a lead-off hitter and a second baseman. The latter of course has improved this past season with Rickie Weeks showing signs of defense. However, Hudson has the experience and athleticism to make a contribution to this otherwise young team.

Look at the numbers...

The guy hit .305 in 107 games, usually batting 3rd in the DBacks lineup in 2008

Career: Orlando is batting an impressive .282 with a .346 OBP (igh), but with an impressive .800+ OPS (yea!). He averages near/around 60 RBI's a season batting near the top/at the top most of his career.

On the negative side, he has only played in more than 145 games in 1 season (2006) since coming to the BIGS in 2002 (Blue Jays).

Defensively, he has far less errors than Weeks but still is prone to them. You will see a 8-11 error season, if that even makes sense (my typing).

Switch Hitter (SOLD!)

3 straight Golden Glove awards ('05-07)

2007 All Star
Ick... 2-11 lifetime at Miller Park.

Me likey.

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