Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brewer News

Ken Macha (pictured)
I'm already going through withdrawal here. So here is some fix for ya.

This came as a bit of surprise to me. Jack Zduriencik took the GM job in Seattle and beat out 3 other highly recognizeable candidates. This surpised me because Jack was the last of the group to be considered for the position. That being said, he is certainly due for this step up and he will do some great things for that club. Milwaukee will immediately begin their search for a replacement and rumor has it that an internal candidate is being considered already. Melvin had to have known that this day would come.

CC Sabathia earned the top team awards today for the Brewers organization. Most noteworthy being the team MVP. He certainly deserves it and hopefully this last get-to-gether with his teammates will help him with his decision making that looms in the horizon. We will see if he can take either the MVP or CY Young award.

***This just in....

CC Sabathia just earned Player of the Year honors from my favorite publication, Baseball America. Check out this link.

Chicago Tribune is wondering who would replace Brenly if he were to go to Milwaukee. Apparently he is considered the best TV analyst in that market.

The Crew has now interviewed (that the public knows of):
William Randolph Anyone who throws out the race card with no evidence is not of interest to me. Keep in mind though....he had a laid-back approach in NY. Which is bad...but with that clubhouse full of ego' can't blame him for taking it easy.
Bob Brenly (more here) Interesting...he was most critical of the Brewers then the teams faced off. Then again, it's an analyst job for TV...tell the fans what they want to hear.
Sveum (out)
anyone I'm missing?

Now, if Valentine doesn't show interest...I would go with Macha. Good reasons why I like him, thanks to
In other news...apparently Jake Peavy is a dueche bag and doesn't want to play in Milwaukee. That's okay though. We don't want another Ben Sheets!

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