Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brewer Rumors

Hi. Haven't had much time to update the blog in the past two weeks. Partly because there hasn't been much news that's worthy of mentioning.

Now there is...

GM Doug Melvin has a "short list" of manager candidates in addition to Dale Sveum. I feel that he is not completely sold on Dale and wants to explore all of his options, this according to Haudicourt. He would be foolish not to meet with other candidates.

Bobby Valentine was on that list and I believe he would be best for this position. He has been in Japan coaching a team in their pro league the past couple of years. Keep in mind that his success with the NY Mets in the later part of the 90's and 2000 should be noted. He took a team of nobody's and turned them around in to winning the NL pennant in 2000, where they lost to the Yanks in the Subway Series and also a wild card birth in 1999. He even has "turn-around" success in the Japanese League in the mid-90's and the past two years with the Marines (Japanese team), until he was canned due to a vendetta with the ownership. The crazy kook was so confident in his championship Japanese team...that he called for a final "World" series with the 2005 White Sox to see who would rule the Baseball World. (all this pointed out by wiki). He could have some consideration by the Mets too, as that was his pride & joy in coaching. He did some great things for that club. He surely has my vote. Sorry Dale. You can go back to coaching 1st or 3rd though!

The Crew needs a go-getter who won't be afraid to challenge management, the GM, and even his own players. My vote is for Bobby Valentine. My "what the hell are you thinking" vote goes to Willie Randolph. He is a twit who likes approach coaching by sitting on his ass and giving weird facial expressions. Oh, and throwing out the occasional race-card (see start of 2008 season). He's a hack.


In news that should concern the Brewers scouting operations, the brains behind the scene Jack Zduriencik is closing in on the GM spot for the M's. He is the one who has delivered us the likes of Ryan Braun, Matt LaPorta, Prince Fielder, and Yovanni Gallardo to say a few. This could have serious long-term effects on the Brewer farm system. There's no replacing this man.

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