Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cameron to NY Yankees ?/ Fielder & Braun top-ranked!

NY Post is reporting that the Yanks have interest in Mike Cameron if the Brewers don't keep him. In this story by, the comments made by readers are actually pretty good. One guy brings up a good point....
Are the Yanks simply playing mind games with the Crew in an attempt to get CC. If the Brewers exercise their option with Mike Cameron, they would lose 10MM that could be used in a CC package. If that's the case....cut your ties with Cameron. Let him go to a team of ego-tistical fruit cakes. The ownership would never stand for his strike outs.

Don't get me wrong, Cameron was a great addition to the team. Besides his high strike out ratio...he did play some good D out in center (aside from the Philly's series). He also hit 20+ homeruns....after missing the first month of the regular season. He's a vet, and the last time I checked the team needs that.

But...if we truly have a shot at CC, the by all means...part ways with him. I know we don't have the deep pockets to compete with the Yanks.

- CC wins another top award, voted for by fans.

- Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun ranked #1 and #5 in a new book being published on MLB's top-young players in the league. I would have thought Prince would be lower than Braun because of his physical shape (i'm one to talk, i know). Baseball analyst Bill James' book has an extensive list under "Young Talent". Evan Longoria (my favorite) is #17. Nonetheless, two Brewer infielders in the top 5.... Flippin' sweet.

1. Prince Fielder, Brewers first baseman, age 24
2. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins shortstop, age 24
3. Tim Lincecum, Giants pitcher, age 24
4. David Wright, Mets third baseman, age 25
5. Ryan Braun, Brewers leftfielder, age 24
6. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox second baseman, age 24
7. Matt Kemp, Dodgers centerfielder, age 23
8. Francisco Rodriguez, Angels pitcher, age 26
9. Jose Reyes, Mets shortstop, age 25
10. Nick Markakis, Orioles rightfielder, age 24
11. Joakim Soria, Royals pitcher, age 24
12. Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals third baseman, age 23
13. Cole Hamels, Phillies pitcher, age 24
14. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies shortstop, age 23
15. Felix Hernandez, Mariners pitcher, age 22
16. Jon Lester, Red Sox pitcher, age 24
17. Evan Longoria, Rays third baseman, age 22
18. John Danks, White Sox pitcher, age 23
19. Adrian Gonzalez, Padres first baseman, age 26
20. James Loney, Dodgers first baseman, age 24
21. Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks shortstop, age 25
22. Brian McCann, Braves catcher, age 24
23. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers first baseman, age 25
24. Grady Sizemore, Indians centerfielder, age 25
25. Joey Votto, Reds first baseman, age 24

-Jersey guy fan of is his take....sort of pointless, but passes time.


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