Monday, October 6, 2008

Suppan Flops - Brewers dream season comes to end

Well, having attened the two home games I can honestly tell you that I had the time of my life. The overall atmosphere was like none other. Below is a list of things I did like and did NOT like during the post season.

Did NOT like:

1. CC pinch hitting/Sveum throwing in the towell

2. Corey Hart sucking big time

3. Rickie Weeks in the starting line up.

4. Jeff Supan proving to me that he is a bust

5. Braun and Fielder's quiet first two games

6. Mike Cameron's fielding in the first two games

7. Cheap thundersticks give-away at the door yesterday

8. Seeing deuche bags wear their Packer garb rather than dishing out $10 for a brewer shirt

9. Dude with the cowbell in my section. What is this...high school football? You really think that by sitting in 400's (section) that you will bring the fans to their feet and spark a burst of energy with the prolific banging of your make-shift cowbell? You really think that? Besides, that is pretty old school if you are just now coming in to the cow bell phase. Will Ferrel has come and gone, you are the one, my friend, living in the past where you think he is still funny. Next time, keep your stupid cow bell at home or I will piss on my hand and walk up to you and bitch slap you. You pathetic, obnoxious, twirp.

10. Ben Sheets: done for the season. You're not an ace anymore, nor have you been. You should open your eyes and realize that you could be a great closer.

Things I liked:

1. Going to a game at Miller Park in October!

2. Seeing JJ Hardy try to carry this team on his back. He is the real deal.

3. The fan support in Milwaukee was unreal. The park was actually shaking. A couple in front of some friends of mine had to go to first aid to get cotton balls put in their baby's ears.

4. Bob Uecker throwing out the first pitch on Saturday. Bud Selig (saved Milwaukee baseball) throwing out Sunday's game.

5. Yovanni pitching his brains out. Had it not been for a couple of errors (Camerson's should've been an error) we would've been in Game 1. He was lights out, despite having missed the season. First pitcher in major league history to start game 1 in the post season with only 2 starts in the season.

6. The Bullpen bailed us out a lot this series. Granted, they didn't deliver us a come from behind win, but they kept us in it...with in 3 or 4 runs most of the games. Gagne did redeem himself for at least one month of bullshit play.

7. Torres coming in and notching the first post-season save for Milwaukee in 26 years. He kept his cool and didn't crap the bed. He has been a godsend for this club.

8. Sveum and Yount together in the dug out. Granted, I will be the first one to tell you I hate the '82 throwback crap. Get off it. But I did like seeing these two together in the dugout.

9. The vendors at Miller Park. The beer man in my section was always near. After shelling out $80.00 for my old man and I to chug beers, I can say that was money well spent. Also, I noticed looking around the park in between innings that their were the bright lime green shirts speckeled through out the stands. Each section had at least 4 vendors on each aisle, readily available for any transactions. I notice this type of stuff having worked in the service industry. In my book, Miller Park was a great host to the fans of Milwaukee and Philly.

10. Geoff Jenkins get a standing ovation when he had an at-bat on Saturday. He deserves it.

I spent roughly $1,200.00 on tickets, consessions, parking, gas, and beer over the weekend. That is ridiculous...however, I had a great time enjoying October baseball in the city that I absolutey love. I only wish that I will be able to bring my son to a playoff game at Miller Park in the future. I was lucky enough to go to Saturdays game with my brother and dad, and then my wife (Kelly) on Sunday. It was a good time. Would've been better if the Badgers pulled out a win on Saturday. The entire Miller Park parking lot had their tailgates open and the Badger game blaring.

Things I hope to see next year:

1. CC Sabathia. Offer him some significant ownership and nice deal. C'mon Mark!

2. Sheets being brought back as a closer

3. Hall and Weeks gone....gone baby gone

4. Hart in center and one of the young guns in right.

5. Kendall taking some time off during the season. Rivera traded. And Solome back-up catching.

6. Hart shaving his weird beard.

7. Fielder having a strong season, all 6 months.

8. If we lose CC (good chance), we bring in a bonified ace to replace him. Yovanni is good, but not great.

9. Cappy coming back and making an impact

10. Kapler coming back.

Congrats to Philly. They were the better team and they beat us in a way that didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. We out lasted the Cubs....that made my night complete on Saturday! I hate Chicago. This week I will give final grades on everything Brewers.

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