Friday, October 3, 2008

Lack of hitting dooms Crew / Hart continues to suck

Good News.... The Cubs continue to choke and keep the excellent tradition alive. Isn't this supposed to be the year? You chokes. I hate you flatlanders more than I hate Corey Hart.

CC Sabathia had to pitch 3 games, all of which on 3 days rest. So when I saw him struggle early and often in last nights game, I sort of made up excuses for the guy. I figure hey, the guy delivered us here. He literally scooped up the entire club and plopped us down at the steps of Philly. I think at that point he thought it was time for some help. That help never came.

The first two games of the series were a complete debacle at the plate. On the mound, Wednesday was pretty damn solid all around. Despite Yovanni's 3rd inning struggles, the bullpen held the game together and kept the Brewers in it. Even last night, once CC left the game the Brewer bullpen kept us close. They are probably thinking to themselves:
"Hey guys, you told we had better show if we make it to the post season...well we're here...where the F*** are you?"
Cheesy? Yes. But probably their thoughts? One can only assume.

Corey Hart has been a burden on this club ever since the Midwest flight landed in Philly on Tuesday. Despite making some significant catches in the outfield, the lack of hitting and his chronic-swinging at the very first pitch has screwed the club over in so many way. Most noteworthy being last night. The bases are loaded and the Brewers have 1 out. Brett Myers knows in his head that this prick (Hart) is going to swing at the first pitch....I mean, the lame-ass did it a couple of times the night before against Hammels....right? Well, if only Vegas oddsmakers could've acted a little quicker they could've had made some killer cash on that call....that call being Hart swinging in to a double-f******play off the first pitch he sees and grounds out. Only after the Brewers gain first momentum with a free-pass that led to walking in a run. From that point on, the Brewer bats should have been more patient than John McCain in a Hanoi Hilton. Instead, the likes of Corey Hart completly defy reason (baseball's logic) and decides to go after the first F****** pitch.

He sucks. I could give two shits about how great he was in the first half. That's like some highschool virgin banging his first girl and blowing it 5 seconds in to the ordeal. He didn't seal the F****** deal and couldn't close. He was a non-closer. That's sort of what Corey Hart is. Mind you Brewer fans....this is the same prick who whined like a little bitch because Milwaukee's fan base were booing the team at every chance they got. Well....don't F up then you son of a bitch.
-You may be a great base runner
-You may have had a stellar first half
-You may be an All Star, thanks to the fans of Milwaukee
-You may have a semi-decent arm out there in right
+ But you suck when it counts most. You funny-looking turd.

Now on another turd....Rickie F'n Weeks.

Thumbs down to Sveum who decided it would be a good move to have him in the starting line up on Wednesday. Holy Balls.....WTF. Then to see the guy unable to catch a routine throw-out covering first made me whip my baseball cap at my TV. The god damn ball hit the palm of the mit. The palm. That's like kicking someone in the balls and making contact with one, or the other, or even both testies...but missing all together. Billy Hall should also be tea-bagged for bobbling the double play to begin with.

Then there was Mike know, the 3-time Gold Glover out in center who has been great most of the season for us. Well, he decides to play center like a little leaguer, completely misjudging routine fly balls and having to make up ground. Then, to blame it on the wind?!?!?! How long have you been doing this for? Last nights game was the worse play. Although there was wind (note to John Smoltz...look at the flags you dope), Cameron again misjudged a ball that resulted in another double for some dueche bag named Wirth. Shane Vicotino would have surely caught both of the balls. This isn't the first time you have done this...I still like you though...anyone who goes hard over 20 times in a season, and missing a month, is a stud in my book.

So, to sum it up....the three (make it four w/ Cameron) dueche bags who lost the last two games for us are the following:
1. Hart
2. Weeks
3. Hall
4. Cameron

Now for the positive side of things.....

I hate to reference 1982....but the Brewers did go down by 2 games, only to come back and defeat the Angels in the ALCS. Of course there a number of differnces here, but my point is this...we have two more home games before we back out to Philly for the capper. We could easily pull off two wins against the chodes. Why? Well, they have had difficulty hitting as well. They should have beaten the Brewers by a combined 10 runs (AT LEAST) in the last two games, due to our lack of hitting. Instead they pull off close 3-run wins? Forget about it. These pricks are surely beatable. And their 'pen isn't much to write home about.

Bushy will have to pitch the game of his career. Prince will have to hit in clutch situations. Braun will have to more aggressive on the bases (that hurt last night!). And the vets will have to step up. Durham has where are you Cam, Counsell, and Kendall? Most of the named have been in the World Series at one time or the other....are you just too old to hit? C'mon.

We WILL WIN game 3 tomorrow. I have money on it. This is a for sure bet and I can assure you that the Crew will pull off a win. We're down...but not out.


  1. You forgot to add Dale "Obviously" Sveum to the top of your duech bags. Is their something wrong with Kapler that i don't know about. "Obviously" should have him in right field or an at bat. Hart hasn't hit the ball since the week before the all-star game. And their's only 1 good reason for that. Shawn "boy toy," ever since boy toy confused is man love for Hart; he has been a shitbrick. Just maybe weird beard found it a little weird. Anyways, obviously they need to start hitting the balls, and obviously Dale was not hte answer.

  2. Kapler is injured. He has a shoulder injury that has been nagging him since the mid-september...around your b-day.

    I will send you some interesting pics of the Brewer players partying it up at Martini Mike's on Sunday night....with the Coaching Staff and the owner.