Monday, September 29, 2008

Braun Saves The Day: 26-Year Drought Ends

Thankfully, the Milwaukee Brewers answered the call and delivered a win for fans across the state and world (one dude was from Germany?!?). The Mets faltered and the Brewers stood strong. Although the team has had a lack of hits in the past week, Ryan Braun crushed another game altering homerun in the 8th which lead to the eventual win over Chicago.

CC Sabathia was clutch and made the trade for LaPorta a successfull one. He was lights out the entire game. Had it not been for Prince Fielders effortless error in the 1st...the Cubs would've been shut out. Giving up only 1 run (not earned) and 4 hits, CC dominated the relaxed Cubs line up. The odds were in our favor. It was almost as if Lou wanted us in the playoffs when he pinched hit Carlos Zambrano. Granted, he is one of the best hitters in the league at his position. But once I saw that, I figured Lou was basically shutting down the team.

I do NOT look forward to meeting the Cubs in the Playoffs. Their bullpen will be a tough challenge.

Meanwhile, over on the Eastcoast the lowly Mets faltered once again. Granted, it didn't help that they were playing a pissed off Marlins team. A team that was in first place a good chunk of the season. In the end, everything worked out for the Brewers.

-Ryan Braun proved once again that he is the best player in the Brewer line up and certainly should be mentioned for the NL MVP. Granted, Ryan Howard will probably take the cake.

-Milwaukee is in serious danger of getting their clocks cleaned in the Philly. This is a dangerous team who will surely come alive even more in the playoffs. The Brewers on the other hand, need to wake up and start doing a better job hitting.

More to come as we head up to Wednesday.

I purchased Saturday tickets for 516.00, 3 tickets terrace.


  1. So does Team Wisconsin end after the Brewer season? How come no Packer or Badger posts? I feel ripped off.

  2. work heats up I find my time useage dwindling. I have found it hard to keep up with just the Crew. Hang in there playa. If I close this deal i'm working on...I will get caught up with the Badgers. Saving myself for Badger Basketball...which by the way, we should go to a game.

  3. Not only a UW game, but the UWM vs. UWGB game over here in February. You can wear UWM stuff and I will put on all my UWGB gear and we will be the ackward pair rooting for opposing teams. Hilarity will ensue. Not really, I don't really like UWGB.