Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gagne Losses Game : Sheets Pulled Early

Gagne blew the game wide open for the Mets yesterday in the top of the eighth inning. Prior to that, Milwaukee had control of the situation and was even up 2-o in the seventh. However, after Ben Sheets left the game early with a tight crotch the Brewer relievers were unable to hold the Mets at bay. I should say: Gagne was unable to hold them at bay.

Eric Gagne (4-3) lost the game for the Crew.
Ryan Braun had a great game yesterday crushing 2 doubles and driving in a run.

Milwaukee picked a bad game to lose, or good game, depending on you look at the glass (half empty/half full). Chicago lost. However, NY Mets gained ground on the Wild Card and are only 3.5 games behind them.

-This "journalist" should not be allowed to write. Eric Gagne can be a good reliever. He goes in streaks, cold more than hot however.

-ESPN.com story on the Brewers and Cubs.

-Milwaukee called up 10 players for their expanded September roster:
Escobar, Salome, Gamel, Gwynn Jr., and the giant Brad Nelson. Nelson had an at-bat in yesterdays game and grounded out. He is a big boy. As for the three AA players called up, I like it. The Brewers farm system revolves around Huntsville...not Nashville.

-Carlos Beltran was also slightly injured in yesterdays game. Listed day-to-day.

-Cliff Lee notched his 20th win yesterday. He will surely win the AL Cy Young.


Went to the Badger game on Saturday. They looked most impressive in their run game. Their passing game was not even present that day, so can't really comment on that. They were also with out Travis Beckum. The area I was most concerned with was their secondary. It looked silly out there, getting picked a part by the Akron receivers. In fact, the game could've been a lot closer had their receivers actually caught balls. The Akron QB, Chris Jacquemain looked pretty impressive with his timely passes. However, his corps was unable to come through.

John Clay finally made his first appearance, rushing for 71 yards and a touchdown! He is the back of the future, but probably won't play all four years. Surely, the NFL will be in this kids future...earlier than later.


  1. Do you think the NFL will take a high flier on another UW RB? They never seem to pan out at the next level. They seem to be able to put any decent running back behind that monster line and it works well. I'm sure a team will draft Hill, but he definitely looks like another Dayne, a powerful back in college who can flatten smaller players but isn't ready for the physical play and speed at the next level.

  2. UW's backs are made up of the O-Line. Look at Dayne, Callhoun, Davis, etc...

    The Big Ten is a breeding ground for linemen. Not so much with backs. They are there, just not all too often.