Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crunch Time

With 16 games left in the season it is imparitive that Milwaukee pulls off (at least) a split in Philly.

Milwaukee is only 4 games ahead of Philly and HOUSTON. All those blogs and critics who laughed when Cecil Cooper all but guaranteed a playoff spot back in the first week of August, are now eating their words. I knew that team could be deadly. The good news is that Milwaukee does not have to face Houston in the final three weeks of baseball's regular season.

The scary thing is that the Astros have a weak schedule to end the season (as does Philly, which you will see):
Cubs (tough one) , Florida (not so tough anymore) , Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, and Atlanta. With their last 6 games at home against sub .500 teams. That is an area of concern for this Brewer fan. Considering that we get to play Chicago twice and Philly in a 4-game series starting tonight. Milwaukee needs to pull off a sweep at the bare minimum.

The 'stros have now won 14 of 15 and face Chicago at home. Now, it may not be so bad if the Astros win 2 of 3 in that series..... Just as long as Milwaukee splits with the Phillies. That way you have the Brewers only 2.5 games back of Chicago and the Astros 2.5 games back, pending the Astros win today against the Pirates.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming Phillies have the easiest schedule remaing. Besides the 4-game series with Milwaukee, they face Florida which may cause some pain. But they then have the Nats at home then on the road, and likewise for the braves.
Florida, Braves, Nats, Braves, Nats series'.

So, I still feel that the Brewers have to only look ahead of themselves. Like Torres said in the papers....they can only control their destiny, not others. Go after Chicago hard! Look ahead, never look back to see the pissing matches underneath you.

If the playoffs were to start today:
White Sox at Rays
Red Sox at Angels
Dodgers at Cubs
Brewers at Mets

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