Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we go Milwaukee....your last chance

Milwaukee's last chance to stay alive in the playoff hunts begins tonight in Chicago. The Brewers traveled south on I-94 to spar with the obnoxious Cubs. Yes, the team that just had a no-hitter two days ago and came dangerously close last night as well (see Ted Lilly). This is going to be a tough one. Considering the Cubs are back to playing their excellent brand of baseball. One must give credit when credit is due. Zambrano and Lilly both pitched their brains out the past couple of nights.

That brings us to tonight's match up.

CC Sabathia (15-8) going toe-to-toe with Ryan Dempster (15-6) in a showdown at Wrigley.

Dale Sveum says he's going to make some changes . Let's hope it's Billy Hall sitting his ass on the pine. Perhaps going down to a 4 pitcher rotation is now needed. I would think so.
1. Sheets
2. CC
3. Supan
4. Bush

Robin Yount is returning to be the bench coach for the Brewers. Unless Sveum delivers the team to the Playoffs....I think Robin Yount will be tapped as the new manager come next season. Dale Sveum has a shot too.

How many times are we gonna hear the term "Good Baseball Guy"?

As for the choice of Sveum, Yost said, "He's as good a baseball coach as anybody I've ever met in my life. Those players trust him. Dale is a real calming influence, a steady guy. I don't think they could have picked a better person to finish out the next 12 games."

Frank Kremblas was also dismissed. Look for Don Money to move up next year, or even make the jump to the coaching staff in Milwaukee. He knows how to handle the younger players, which make up almost 85% of the Milwaukee team.

Brewers lose Riske for the season. He has been a complete let-down this season.

WTMJ's Todd Welter, and I would agree, believes that Ted Simmons was offerred the position first. Being a Yost's buddy, he declined, therefore taking a step back in his role as a result. We all had a hunch that Simmons was the guy should Yost be given walking papers. Of course Mr. Welter provides no proof, only a theory...I still feel that Simmons was the guy. Despite him looking like a man who just woke up from a week's - binge of booze and drugs, every time I see him.


  1. Do you think Yount will be a good fit? It always seems like superstar athletes never transition into good coaches because they always expect everyone to play at their level which is impossible. Bart Starr, Yogi Berra, Larry Bird are just some examples. I think they should take a good look at a guy by the name of Tom Trebelhorn.

  2. k, you make a good point, but what about Jim Gantner??

    And about the owners have balls. I disagree. Mark is a weak tit. Did you notice that he put Yost firing on Melvin. What a puss.