Thursday, September 4, 2008


Not one to wish ill-will on anybody including my enemies. But Zambrano doesn't count as neither. The prick Milwaukeeans love to see suffer, Carlos Zambrano, had an MRI done on his throwing arm today to see what, if anything, was wrong with his nagging shoulder problem. Turns out it may be "right rotator cuff tendinitis and inflammation". He will surely miss a start or two and this should effect his arm in to October. The cold weather of autumn makes for a great ingredient in causing further tightness and strain. Sweet.

Now, with the discomfort Rich Harden has experienced in his throwing arm, one can only imagine that the Cubs are going to rest two of their top 3 pitchers in the coming series. Great news to Milwaukee who plays a light schedule in the next two series'. Meanwhile, Chicago faces Cincinatti this weekend, and then take on killer teams the remainder of their schedule (see below).

Chicago Cubs September Schedule


Cincinatti 5th-7th

@St Louis 9-11

@Houston 12th-14th

Milwaukee 16th-18th

St. Louis 19-21st

@NY METS 22nd-25th (This will be the tell-tale series)

@Milwaukee 26-28th

Milwaukee Brewers September Schedule


Padres 4th-7th

Cincinatti 8th-10th

@Philly 11th-14th

@Chicago 16th-18th

@Cincinatti 19th-21st

Pittsburgh 23rd-25th

Chicago 26th-28th!

Do the math people...Milwaukee has 3 series' on the road, while Chicago has 4. This is the best predicament the Brewers can be in.


Out of the 7 teams Chicago has left to play, all but 1 team is above .500...that's putting in lightly too, they are well above .500 by at least 10 games.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee faces only 3 teams that are over .500...out of their last 7 teams they face. Milwaukee beats the teams they are suppose to, which is much

different than the last couple of years.

For Milwaukee's fans to think that taking the division is a long shot? I ask you to annalyze the situation a little closer. Closer than the amateur numbers I just provided above.

If Milwaukee takes the Pad's 3 games to 1...we are then positioned to take the penant, in my eyes. Chicago will probay sweep the Reds...that's a given. But there is no way, come the end of September, they can win a series in NYC and then in Milwaukee. With no days off in between. No Way.

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