Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NFL Predictions

NFC North
1. Green Bay- Rodgers will lead the NFC North in passing...by far
2. Chicago-No QB...again
3. Minnesota-Absolutely no QB, can AP stay healthy?
4. Detroit-Again...no QB. Rudi is not enough to power that O.

NFC West
1. Seattle-Too many good receivers for Matt to throw to.
2. San Fran-JT will surprise the league...including Green Bay.
3. St. Louis-Jackson will fall with season-ending injury. Isaac Bruce is wrinkly.
4. Arizona-Two hack quarterbacks commanding a team of over-hyped players.

NFC East
1. Dallas-I hate Romo...but they have too many weapons.
2. NY Giants-Eli is not that good, but either are DC and Philly
3. Washington DC- Campbell will be benched for Collins by week 5
4. Philly-Get it through your heads...Donavon can NOT play anymore.

NFC South
1. Carolina-Delhomme is back! People forget just how good he is!
2. Tampa Bay-Simply better than the two bottom teams.
3. New Orleans-Weak Defense, no weapons on O besides an undersized twerp in Bush.
4. Atlanta-Rookie QB has to pay dues first.

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh-Great offensive backfield and reliable corps to throw to for Big Ben.
2. Cleveland- Effective O-Line protecting Anderson. No one to back up Jamal though.
3. Cincinnati-Until they get rid of Ocho-Dildo, they will not go ANYWHERE.
4. Baltimore-Flacco is your starter? Holy Balls....good luck with that one!

AFC West
1. San Diego-LT and Rivers make them great....throw in Chambers and Jackson? Oh dang.
2. Oakland- Jamarcus should have a strong year with a great one-two punch in his backfield.
3. Denver- Too many cancers in that locker room.
4. KC- I just can't see Brody making an impact in the NFL. LJ is back though...for a short while.

AFC East
1. New England- The senior citizens can still play. Hell, they could win with Cassel at QB.
2. NY Jets-Favre is still Favre. A hungry franchise, now with a hungry leader.
3. Miami-Doing good things with Parcells as VP...but it will take a while. Williams is not it!
4. Buffalo- I didn't know where to stick them, so I put them in last because of Trent Edwards.

AFC South
1. Jacksonville- Even with their off field problems, these guys are just too good.
2. Indianapolis-Need Adai to have an even better year.
3. Houston- Your better off with Sage running the offense.
4. Tennessee-Vince Young will go down....again. Too fragile.

NFC Wild Card: NY Giants & San Fransisco
AFC Wild Card: Indy & NY Jets

Super Bowl: Jacksonville vs Dallas
Winner: Jacksonville


  1. I don't know where to begin, San Francisco in the playoffs? The Saints lack offensive weapons? I think this post was co-authored by Miller Lite.

  2. San Fran has the D and the offensive tools that could succeed if they have a new face at quarterback. You are right though, I should be like everyone else and not go out on a limb.

  3. There is going out on a limb, and there is jumping out of the tree.

    Who knows, maybe you will look like a genius. The real question is do you have $ on it?