Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brewers Fail To Beat Rookie & Mets' Pen

Ouch. How does a 21 year old kid come up to the Bigs and wax the Wild Card leading Brewers in his first game? Good question. Man that was ugly last night. How many times did Mike Cameron bite on that breaking ball?

Anyways. The Brewers lost last night and Manny Parra got absolutely rocked by the Carlos Brothers. In all the young south paw gave up 6 hits and 4 earned runs in another shaky start for Parra. The bull pen was actually pretty damn decent last night and held the Mets at bay for most of the game. Had it not been for an uncommon miss throw by Jason Kendall to Rickie Weeks, who was covering for Prince.

The game was hard fought by both sides, only the Mets wanted it just a little bit more. Mike Cameron has certainly cooled off a bit going 5 for his last 25 at-bats. He went 0 for 5 last night, which is quite a surprise, considering the fact that the Mets threw a first-timer at them in Jonathon Niese and then a bunch of scrub relievers.

-Rickie Weeks had a huge game last night by going 0 for 4, yet the guy couldn't notch a a hit in Milwaukee last at-bat. What happened to Milwaukee's clutch hitting?

-Chicago Cubs lost.....again, to the Houston Astros. Make that 4 straight now. The sad thing is Milwaukee keeps on losing.

-Milwaukee is now 4.5 games ahead of Philly, and 4.5 games back from Chicago. So, we're still sitting purty.

-I really like Brad Nelson. They guy is just simply gi-normous. Love him. How is his defense though? Can he bend down to pick the ball up? I'm a fat guy, and I have a hart time tying my shoes.

-Ben Sheets will make his next start. Same can't be said for Zambrano, who's injury looks worse than what they are telling us.

-Yosts' confidence in his club can be scary at times. However, when you're a guy in his position who faces the certainty of being fired if they don't make the post season, you're suddenly a guy with nothing to lose. I like the relentlessness he displays.

-It's about fricken time that the Brewers team up with Harley-Davidson in sponsorships. Miller Park will offer a new fan-zone "Harley" section in the outfield that will offer a deck, both elevated and at ground level. Looks pretty sweet...not over the top either. Perhaps they will give away a bike again to whomever hits for a cycle. I don't believe Chad Moeller received one. This new seating section will be ready by the 2009 season.

-This is a story on "Where are they now" that covers Prince Fielder's old man, Cecil.


Did anyone catch the Tennessee-UCLA game on Monday Night? I forgot to type about it. That game was phenomenal. A great game to watch that only proves that College Football is better than the NFL. Where else can you rush the field after the first win of the season? Well, for Rick Neuheisel's team that was the case on Monday. They celebrated like they won the damn BCS title game! It was a nice accomplishment, considering that he was the first UCLA coach to win in his debut. Here is a good story on his baggage that he his bringing to his new job.

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