Thursday, September 25, 2008

CC Pitches Gem / Brewers tied for Wild Card

Take out those folded up Brewer shirts you stowed away for the winter. Dust off the caps you put away this past weekend. And start apologizing to the Brewer players for withing they would trade Weeks, Hall, and Hart....okay, skip that last sentence there. The Brewers are back in it...officially.

CC tossed a hell of a game last night that resulted in a 4-2 win at Miller Park. Striking out 11 batters and retiring 13 straight before handing it to his relievers. That is why Melvin made the trade. He has been mr. clutch since coming on board, despite last nights win being his first in September. CC gave up only 4 hits and 2 walks, going 7 complete innings.

Eric Gagne has been very decent as of late, pitching a scoreless inning last night. That's just like him though. He will be plain stinky for 3 games, and then pitch 5 strong games after that. He's due for a mistake...a big mistake here in the next 4 games. Beware.

The Brewers only had 2 hits last night. That is a concern. Prince made his count as he drove in 2 runs. The deciding factor was the 6 batters Maholm (9-9) walked.

Weather will be a factor this weekend in Philly and NY. If double headers are scheduled, that could favor the Brewers with back-to-back doubleheaders being scheduled.

-What if Philly, NY, and Milwaukee all tie? Of course, being how unlucky Milwaukee is...they lost coin flips to both teams. Meaning Milwaukee can't host a do-or-die game.

-This moron tried to answer the question of who the Cubs would want to face in the playoffs...NY or Milwaukee? Well...look at the map genious. Chicago would consume Miller Park if they face Milwaukee. Meaning, they would play all games with a huge "home" crowd. Cubs need/want Milwaukee to get in. If they were smart of course. Not to mention the Brewers would play Philly (or the NL East winner), as they can't play someone in their division.

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