Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prince Provides Heroics

Wow. Another emotional roller coaster last night, even before the game started. I tuned in to XM Radio covering the Cubs-Mets game and saw that the Mets were down by 2 runs in the 3 or 4th inning. I thought to myself..."don't screw this up Brewers, let's pull even". I then turned on the Brewer game...

Well, it was a nailbiter to say the least. Thank God Bush kept it close giving up 3 runs and 5 hits. Karstens also gave up 3 runs for the Pirates. Tores notched another win.
-Mike Cameron went 2 for 5 last night with two doubles, in the lead-off. He also gave the Brewers the lead (briefly) with a clutch double. He has been playing some great defense lately as well, judging some tough liners out to center.

-Prince Fielder (34) hit a two run homer to win the game in the bottom of the ninth, with 2 outs. He crushed it. That's the clutch-Prince we've been missing all season. He may be good for a couple more homers this season bringing his total to 36 or so. Not bad, considering he hit 40 last year and was the youngest to do so.

-Jason Kendall hit a two-run double

-Our pinch hitting was HORRIBLE last night. Mike Lamb was the only one who got a hit. Mike Lamb.

-Mets still have two more games left with the Metropolitians. Let's all hope the Cubbies can pull off another win. CC is on the mound tonight for us, thus allowing him to pitch the finall game of the season and the first game in the post season. Yes, that's right, I said post season. Sveum doesn't know who will follow CC in the rotation for the remaining 4 games. One would think that Sheets would pitch Saturday, Supan (yikes) on Friday, and McClung tomorrow?.?.?

-Piece on tonight's game.

-Milwaukee activated Gallardo and Branyan from the DL. On the pre-game show yesterday Gallardo said that he has yet to pick up a bat. So one would think that he will surely be used as a relief pitcher for the rest of September. He and Parra both provide some deep help if our starters go adrift early on in the games. Not to mention Villanueva. I just hope YO isn't rughing back. He is our ace next year unless we land a different one.

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