Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brewers Look Better...But That Doesn't Count For Much

Prince Fielder giving the OH-SHIT, I just got caught looking-look.

Brewers certainly looked better in last nights showdown at Wrigley, which resulted in a 4-3 loss. Let's all face it, Chicago is the better team right now. One must give credit to this club of dirtbags.

The line up was a toss up for me. I like the veterans at the top, but Mike Cameron strikes out far too much. He is still a decent batter, just not in the lead off. If anything, Sveum should flip-flop Durham for Cameron. But that's just me.

Prince had a hell of a game, but failed when needed most. C'mon, you get caught looking? I don't care what Anderson and Schroeder say, that was a pitch that should have went yard. Wood challenged you with a fast ball down the middle of the plate and you got caught with your pants down. That ball should have been smacked out to Sheffield Ave.

That being said, most of the team did plaay decent. CC struggled early on earning his first loss in a Brewer uniform. It's as if Soriano plays his best ball against us (CC).

Tonight, Ben Sheets had better start raising his stock because he hasn't done jack shit lately. He wants the big bucks in the off-season? Well start pitching like it. And Sveum should have him pitch deep in to the game if we have the lead. Stop protecting his arm like we need him October, right now we need him tonight. Same goes with CC's next start, which should be Sunday against the Reds. And as for his "I never pitched on shortened rest" bull shit....throw that out the door. Drop McClung back down to the pen and go to a 4 man rotation. CC's arm will handle it!
-Milwaukee now has to shift it's focus on to the Mets, who have a 1/2 game lead over The Crew in the WildCard. Even if the Brewers win at least one game in Chicago, we could still quite easily take the WildCard. The Mets are also having a downward slide and it's between them and Milwaukee to limp in to the playoffs. I like our chances. Mets still have to play a menacing Braves team as well as the Marlins, Cubs, and Washington (currently playing the Nats). We still have a chance...with the Cards diminishing and the Astros barley holding on. Win one in Chicago and then both series' in Cincy and at home against he Pirates! By then, the Cubs will have clinced the Central and be in rest-mode when they come in to town for the last series of the season. Their magic number is 5 I believe! So...we almost want the Cubs to lock up the Central sooner rather than later. Sorry, twisted way to look at it. But it's the only way.

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