Monday, September 15, 2008

Ned Yost's Leash Finally Cut

I must say, I was suprised as hell to hear on WIFC over the intercom in my office that Ned Yost was canned. I mean...WIFC? Todays top 40 music radio station breaking it to TeamWisconsin that Yost was indeed let go? Wow.

Here is what I think of the events that transpired today....

A. I did not type a word about the Philly debacle on this blog. I figure that I missed one series the entire season (besides the first week) in my blogging endeavor. I couldn't bring myself to type. That being said, go read to get the inside scoop with what went down. They are a squared-away bunch of fellers who even have Jeff Cirillo blogging for them. His nice hair and all.

B. Yost being canned today was one that shocked me. I mean, has this ever went down before with the team in the hunt and only 12 games left? Probably not. I think the straw that broke the camels back was the no-hitter thrown by the dirtbag Zambrano, at our park. Mr Attanasio probably saw that and puked in his mouth before getting on the horn with Melvin to cuss him out. Yes, the Phillies series was surely a gut-wrencher for the ownership.

Now what? How will the team respond? ESPN quotted an undisclosed Brewer that something needed to be done. The player didn't mention firing Yost because he didn't make them hit bad. But "something" had to be done. Well, with 12 games left there isn't a hell of a whole lot a teams' brass can do.

Thus the firing of Ned Yost. In turn bringing us a lowly Dale Sveum to interim....hmmmm....not so sure about that one. I feel that a manager should never have job security. I feel that Yost felt that at the end of August, the club would simply coast in to the playoffs. That of course led to the manager taking a load off and letting things go on the fly. Like the Reds and Padres series respectfully. He did not speak a word of criticism to the team or any players. That's bullshit right there. You think ol' Lou would do that? No! He would be calling out everyone who played a role in playing shitty and letting them have it.

I like it that our ownership has balls. Granted, this could have been done after the Boston series....but Mark wanted to wait it out. Which made sense. But now it's too late and something had to be done. I feel that this will have a 75% chance of igniting the team and result in Milwaukee taking both series with Chicago, series win in Cincy, and a sweep against Pittsburgh. Will that be enough? One never knows. With the Phillies and NY Mets playing a weak schedule for the next two weeks, one can only imagine how extraordinary the Brewers will have to play.

-Sporting News feels that the front office wanted an escape door when things wrap up at the end of the season.

** I also feel that the Astros-Cubs series being played at Miller Park is complete bullshit. That should not have happened. Instead of Chicago flying back tonight from Houston or some other park in the South/Southwest, the Cubs have to drive back to Chicago and play our Brewers. Bullshit. How could this of been allowed to happen?


  1. My friend Donkey Kong said it best today. Dale Sveum is standing out of the basement, but not good enough to take you into a race. Whatever. I don't know much about this guy,well before today. I listened to his press conference and his is a jackass. His whole six weeks not 12days. then goes on to stumble about a genie. What a rock. Way to go Brewers. Thank god for football.

  2. Were you drunk when you wrote this?

    Are you saying that Sveum is not the answer? I would agree with you then. I thought Ted Simmons would have taken the role, but now he looks like he was busted down a few notches. Shawn thought Kremblas I'm sure....but he's fired too.

    Don Money or Robin Yount is my call for next year.

  3. I heard Brian Anderson is going to move down from the booth into the dugout and Dan Pleasac is going to take over the TV duties.

  4. Meanwhile, Darron Sutton is still growing grey hair...despite moving out of Milwaukee.