Sunday, September 7, 2008

CC and Sheets to the rescue!

This is what Yost and Melvin envisioned when they traded away a couple of top prospects for the seasoned CC Sabathia. Two solid pitchers, one who throws from the left the other from the right, leading the Brewers in the quest to reach the post season and possibly win the pennant. Despite Jeff Supan's flop on Thursday night (after going 5-0 in August) the Brewers threw their best stuff at San Diego.

Friday night consisted of CC going 7 innings and exiting the game with a victory in place. It would have been his 10th victory since coming on board the Brewers. Instead, a certain Canadian couldn't keep his pitches down, giving up a thunderous Brian Giles homer and then followed with a double given up to Rodriguez. Despite pitching himself out of further damage, Greasy Bear was able to get out of the inning. I urge Yost and the State of Wisconsin to not pull the plug on the veteran quite yet. He usually brings his best stuff after struggling a couple of games. We could use that when we face the Cubs coming up.

Back to CC...

The giant struck out 9 batters and gave up only 2 free passes.

It was the reliable (second half of the season) JJ Hardy that pulled the Brewers out of trouble again with a clutch hit that drove in the winning run.


Well, with CC pitching another gem the night before it was time for Ben Sheets to follow suit. And that he did. The righty pitched a complete game (5) shut out (3) and gave Brewer fans a quick, short victory. Most impressive was how he threw in the top of the ninth inning. It was a rematch from pitting two of the National Leagues most consistent pitchers, Jake Peavy winning the earlier match up a month ago in San Diego...barely. This time around it was Peavy that made a mistake to Prince Fielder who crushed a line-drive double. That hit brought home Ryan Braun all the way from first base, to give the Brewers a 1-0 lead in the third.

The game was a great display of pitching by Sheets (7 k's and 5 hits). He did need his fair share of help with some fantastic defensive plays be Craig Counsell and Rickie Weeks to name a few. Fun battle to watch between two supurb pitchers.

-Prince Fielder was 2 for 16 this homestand before he hit the (prove to be) winning double that drove home Ryan Braun. He is batting a lowly .264 on the season. He needs to heat up before we play Chicago.

-I am becoming more and more inclined to backing CC to win the NL Cy Young award. Prior to, I was pretty subjective to the thought of CC coming over to the NL for a little more than half of a season and competing with Brandon Webb. However, Webb has had a major problem in earning his 20th win and has pitched slightly above average (at best) in the last couple of games. That being said, CC's numbers (in only 125 innings) are hard to ignore.

9 wins in 12 starts

1.42 ERA

6 complete games (most impressive)

3 shut outs

1 hitter (should've been a no-hitter)

4 more starts left in the season

If CC Sabathia earns the CY Young, he would have a pretty good shot of coming back next year to Milwaukee. In my gut (which is large), the feeling I get is that CC would stick with Milwaukee because he has connected with it, similar to what he did with Cleveland. Plus, Antanasio would be hard pressed to pony up the bigger bucks to bring him back. It would be a win-win-giant win situation if CC wins the Cy Young. For all of those involved.

-Brett Lawrie was (finally) introduced to Milwaukee last night and he took batting practise. The kid is making the coaching staff salivate. Yost calls him young "Braunie", referring to Ryan Braun when he came on board 3 years ago. The kid has been using a wooden bat for most of his life. His swing makes for a nice smooth motion that most baseball recruiters/scouts have been raving about since his sophomore year in HS. The kid IS THE REAL DEAL.

-Yovanni Gallardo made some throws before the game last night. The young (possible ace for next year) righty could make some relief appearences at the end of the month and more in October.

-Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun also believes (as do I) that the Brewers will catch up to the Cubs and pass them in the final week of the regular season. This is almost a no-brainer with the Cubs health issues as of late. However, if Soriano's 3 HR's last night are any indication, they won't go down with out a fight.

-NFL starts today (actually Thr. was the start). I love autumn.

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