Friday, September 26, 2008

Braun Pick Perfect Time To Wake Up

Miller Park Women divert their attention
away from Hardy after they see this guy.

Ryan Braun's (36) walk-off Grand Slam home run (lot of words, wow) ignited Miller Park and sent shock waves through the city that this team is for real. They control their own destiny. No longer should they watch the Mets scoreboard. They should in fact set their eyes on an elimination game at Shea Stadium early next week.

It was a close one and for a few seconds there I thought the Crew would fall a game behind the Mets, but they stood fast. In fact, Braun's walk-of HR came at a time when Milwaukee was questioning his mental and physical toughness. At least this guy was (thumbs point inward). Granted, he's had a ribcage issue the last 2 months which has effected his swing greatly. But sometimes the adrenalin gets the best of you.
-That was Milwaukee's first grand slam of the season. Oddly enough. What a great time to hit one Braunie.
-That was Braun's first homerun in 87 at-bats. You know the guy is hurting when you see stats like that.
-Yovanni Gallardo was lights out last night. That guy can throw. To think, it was only 5 months ago that we witnessed that horrid collision at first base in Chicago. In front of a sell-out crowd of 40k+ people, Yo threw 4 innings surrendering only 1 run (HR) 3 hits, and striking out 7 batters. Granted, he may be a liability at the plate come post season (yes, that's right, post season) as he simply stands there at the plate and allows pitches to whiz by. Can't blame him though, he hasn't touched a bat since Spring.
-Despite it being the lowely Pirates, our bullpen was magnificent. Throwing 6 scoreless innings. The only area of concern was the 3 strike outs. That should hope to be higher as the post seas (yes, post season) dawns upon us.
-Eric Gagne purchased 5,000 tickets last night and gave them away via website. Pretty nice guy. I mean, he has sucked balls more than not sucked balls this season, so this is his way to make up for it. I see no problems in giving up some change on that 10MM contract. Plus, he gives to charity more than most other players in the league.

Prince Fielder continued his hitting streak and inching towards JJ's 16 gamer earlier in the second half. He's at 14 games with a .407 average and 21-54 at the plate.
-Sheets' readiness is still up in the ayer...according to
-More on the weather that will be a factor (last night too) this weekend in NYC.

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