Friday, September 19, 2008


It's been much more of the same BS this past week. Waking up feeling sad, disgusted, and hurt. The Brewers lost ANOTHER game that they should have easily won. I used the term "easily" because they were up 6-2 in the 9th with two outs. It wasn't until Ryan Braun made, what I thought was, an error. That (should have been scored as an) error proved to be costly as the Cubs went on a tear and ripped Tores for 4 runs. It wasn't until Derek Lee drove in the winning run off of Carlos Villenueva (with 2 strikes mind you).

I can't type. Too sad.

Thankfully, Prince has been on a hitting binge as of late.

Well, the Crew travel to Cincinatti to play the horrid Reds. Minus Dunn and Grifey Jr., one would think they could pull of a sweep and pull even with the Mets. The Metropolitians play a 3 game series in Atlanta and should drop at least one to them. Johan won't be pitching, as he did his damage yesterday at the plate and on the mound.

We are certainly to the point where we need the Cubs to now lose to the Cardinals this weekend, hopefully get swept (which is a long shot...i know). I just don't want them to lock up the central and then be in cruise control when they play the mets yet this season. We need to have our eyes on the Mets. We need the Cubs to clinch the Central during the first game of their series with the Mets. That way we shoud be even, or a .5 game under. We would then play a Cubs team that will rest its starters for the would think. A sweep at home to end the season isn't not asking the world here Brewer fans. They should be able to do that if the Cubs already clinched it.

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