Monday, September 8, 2008


Brewers were stomped, at home, and almost made history (in a bad way) in yesterdays ass-whooping. Padre RHP Chris Young had a no-hitter going in to the 8th inning. It wasn't until Gabe Kapler's homerun did Milwaukee fans breathe easier. Flashbacks of Verlander's n0-no last year in Detroit were lingering in our heads. In all, it was a horrific game that sheds light on the team being fatigued. There is no other excuse to struggle defensively and offensively.

Billy Hall has been awful as of late. Yet Ned continues to start him, thus ignoring the idea of starting Mat Gamel a game or two.

Prince Fielder had better heat up this week, he is surely do for some HR's.

Milwaukee opens a 3 game series at Miller Park with the Reds. They just came off a series win against the Cubs.

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  1. Are you getting nervous? That bullpen is going to sqaunder this lead all by themselves. And Yost seems on the brink of losing it.