Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Go Time : Countdown to Brewtober's September 1st. You have only 1 month of baseball left to play before you know if you are playoff team or not. Plenty of games left and it can go either way. The Brewers certainly ended August with a bang, going 20-7 and holding on to second place in the central and on to the Wild Card.

This weekend Milwaukee did what it was supposed to do....that was sweep the Pirates, a team that they should to beat. They did more than that. Milwaukee came out and played good ol fashion knuckle ball with Dave Bush on the mound. What started as a dismal year for the sturdy right hander is ending to be fantastic season. In fact, if was not for CC Sabathia's 9 wins since coming on board and Ryan Braun's All Star season, one would have to consider Dave for team MVP. Long shot, but this pitcher has been the cornerstone of our starting rotation. It was this guy (thumbs pointing to myself) who called for him to be traded before the season start. I will be the first to admit that. Keep in mind, a lot has changed, and that started with Yovanni going down with (what appears to be) a season ending injury. If he comes back, it will be in the relief role.

Bush has allowed only 3 runs in the last 20 and 2/3 innings (1.31 era) with 3 road starts included. Even more impressive is that he is lasting in to the seventh innings, which was not the story in seasons past. Friday, Bush gave up only 6 hits and struck out 2 in 6.2 innings (94 pitches) all while maintaining his velocity and command.

Offensively the Brewer bats were quite most of the game, but struck when needed most. Ryan Bran blasted his 34th home run on the year in the first inning. The three run shot was all Milwaukee would get the remainder of the game. Braun would also contribute a double in the game.

Game 2: Saturday
Milwaukee walloped the Pirates, like they were supposed to do. Even more impressive was Jeff Supan who earned the win (10-7) throwing 7 innings and giving up only 2 runs. The veteran right hander went 5-0 this August and is proving why Milwaukee spent so much money on him two winters ago.
Sadly, I am limited to what I saw on Fox's Final Score to see just how well he threw. I was in Madison with my friends Kennedy (K) and Link to see the Badgers play. Plus, I had been consuming most of the afternoon.
Here is what the Brewers did:
Mike Cameron, continuing his outstanding season, went yard for his 24th of the season. Corey Hart also belted a HR (20) in a game that witnessed plenty of scoring. Braun and Fielder did go hitless in the game. Boy oh boy, do we need Prince to heat up.

Prince just had his worst month of his major league career batting .228 and only 6 HR's Granted, I couldn't do that playing RBI Baseball on Nintendo. But he was the man who was complaining in the start of the season about getting his money. That day will surely come, just relax and play. It is enevitable that he will heat up in September and still finish with at least 40 HR's.

Game 3: Sunday
Once again, I failed to watch the game because I was out and about in Madison. Of course, I picked the worst day to do such a thing. CC (9-0 since coming on board) continued his National League dominance by pitching a complete game 1-hitter. This game should be a no-hitter, and today we should find out if it is. In the fifth inning CC fielded an in-field grounder with his bare hand and misjudged it. In doing so he allowed the hitter to reach first base. Well, that come back to hit him in the ass, as it was his only "hit". The play should have been ruled an error considering the fact that he would have easily thrown him out had he fielded it successfully. It was a bare hand pick up that was off to his side. Yet the scorer decided to hate Milwaukee, probably because he was from St. Louis, and scored it a hit. If it is ruled an would be Milwaukee's first no-hitter since Juan Nieves threw one in 1987 season. A game that I still remember and is probably my first memory of baseball. Hopefully today, Bud Selig intervenes and lays down his iron first for his hometown. A poll on Sports Center (yes, I tuned in to see what those dillweeds would say) showed that 66% of the country believed that the "hit" should have been ruled an error.

"That's a joke," irate manager Ned Yost said afterward. "That wasn't even close. Whoever the scorekeeper was absolutely denied major-league baseball a nice no-hitter, right there.
"That's sad. It's just sad. He accomplished a no-hitter and wasn't given what he deserved. We had a great game today. It's too bad the scorekeeper had to put a damper on it. I feel horrible for CC."

Ned Yost has really turned around my feelings of hatred for him. You can't really call it hate, as I am very thankful that he has turned around the Brewers in 5+ seasons. Like my good friend Shawn Voigt said, he's a good enough skipper to bring the out of the cellar, but not good enough for the post season. Well, all the Ned bashers may be proven wrong. I will be the first to admit, I called for Ned's head after the Boston series, after last years Cards series in late September, and during the entire off-season. I still blame him for losing out last season. But this season has been a different story.

Sundays game ended with a 7-0 beatin' of the Pirates. CC gave up only 1 "hit" and struck out 11. The offense accounted for another Hart double (40) and a Weeks' homer (11). Fielder and Braun each had two hits. Lets go Bash Brothers II. It's time to take of the gloves and get your hands dirty. We need you more than ever in September and, I just started the next catch phrase.

-Hell, even Chicago Cub fans believe he should be credited. It won't feel the same if he does get the credit. Even Pittsburgh fans were chanting "change the score".

-In sad news....the Yanks are targetting CC in the offseason. They can make him the highest paid pitcher. I feel that it all depends on October. If the Crew is playing and make it to the second round, I can see him staying on board. He likes Milwaukee, or so he says. It's the exact same as Cleveland in that it is a blue-collar/working-class hero of a town.

With a month of baseball left until the Brewtober, Milwaukee has to face the Cubs twice and the Phillies. Not to mention the ever-threatening Mets in a 3 game series starting today.

-Corey Hart joined (yet again) the 20/20 club in consectutive seasons. He is the anchor in that line up. The one who can always be relied upon.

-New York is favored to win the first game of the series, today. Johan Santana takes to the rubber against the "struggling" Ben Sheets. If there is run support, Ben will notch the win. He is well overdue and the bats have come alive in the past two games.

I still feel that Milwaukee has a shot at catching up to the Cubs. They are now 4.5 games back and will play the Mets in a 3-gamer. Most feel that this is a preview to the playoffs. Chicago faces Houston in a 3 gamer. Houston just swept the Cardinals....who are a sleeping giant...right? Albert Pujols is a pathetic jerk who is still crying over the incident.

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