Friday, August 29, 2008

Brewers head to the 'burgh

Make no mistake about it people, this series could nip the Brewers in the arse and the Pirates could play spoiler. Milwaukee will hopefully be prepared for any and all sort of surprises this weekend against the Pirates. Let the Phillies worry about the Cubs. They will split this 4-game series with the Cubs, so says my gut.

Well everybody...we did it! The Brewers sold 3 million tickets this season setting a club record. Magnificent job to all of the Brewers' personel. Not just the players, but all the office scrubs, announcers, parking attendants, ownership, great marketing, and a loyal fan base. You look at the Tampa Bay Rays and see that they are ahead in the "toughest" division in baseball, yet they average 9-10k fans during the week days. That's sick. The Rays look at this and see hope. However, it's much tougher for them to do it. You have a state of transplants who have no allegiance to the "Devil Rays". They wait for their hometown team to visit before they buy tickets. Nice job Milwaukee.

-Perhaps we should slow our role on the post season. I am as confident as the next guy....but we still have a lot of baseball to play. This sort of thing is needed...proper planning. But hopefully it's not a sign of assumption.

-Dave Bush (8-9) takes to the mound against the struggling Tom Gorzelanny LHP (6-8 / 6.82) tonight.
Here is the series line up.
Let us not forget that PNC Park has been unkind to us in the past!

-Nice to see the Red Sox Nation suffer. Beckett is the artery to that team. If Beckett is out, so it the team. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when thinking back to that series. Although that did light a fire underneath them.

-Nice break down of prospects who may get the call in a week, around the league. I said it from the start....Escobar and/or Gamel will get the call. I don't care if Escobar is in AA or not. He is the future cornerstone of this team (along with Braun).

-Matt LaPorta (I miss you dearly) updated his blog...finally. Good insight on the Olympics.

-Mark Attanasio is very, very rich. I like it that he is investing in Milwaukee. Not just with the Crew...but with other areas.

-I feel that Milwaukee has a great owner in Mark Attanasio. This guy will only make Milwaukee better by increasing the pay roll in years to come, and may even surprise us this off-season with CC. I am sick of pretending that pay rolls don't win a World Series. Tell that to the Yankees of the 90's and the Boston Red Sox of the 21st century. It's not everything. But when you partner it with Doug Melvin's farm's a lethal combo! Congrats Mark.

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