Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre's Leaving On A Jet Plane

Favre traded to the NY Jets. It looks as if his whimpering and complaining didn't get him far in his quest to play for MN or Chicago. He is now be shipped over to the AFC East, to a team that hasn't competed in decades. Eric Mangini...all eyes are on you. Your team has spent millions on new additions. It's now your duty to deliver.

The terms of the trade are quite unique and undervalued for what the Packers gave up.

If the Jets go to the Super Bowl and Favre handles 80% of the snaps in the season, it's a first round pick. Considering the fact that they play in the same division as the Patriots, that aint gonna happen.

If they make the playoffs and he handles 70% of the snaps...they get a second round pick.

If Mr. Favre plays 50%, the Packers get a 3rd round selection.

Right now the Packers stand to get a 4th round pick.

Favre here is to you and your great career in Green Bay. Enjoy the rest of it in NY Jets and we'll see you back in the NFC North next season, in purple.

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