Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7 Straight After The Shove Heard Around The World

Prince Fielder crushed one of his longest homers in his young career last night. The largest vegetarian on the planet stood motionless watching the ball vear right of the leftfield foul poll. He then peered in to the Padrea dugout for a second before gracefully starting his journey around the bases. Grand.

Although I could have done with out the stare down. Save that for the Playoffs.

The Brewers have now won 7 straight by beating the Padres last night 5-2. Leading the charge was Jeff Suppan, who fought his way through 8 innings! Longest outting of the season ( I believe). Even more strange was how he earned the outs, which were mostly fly-outs, grounders, and only 3 strike outs. Nonetheless, the veteran earned the win (8-7) and dropped his ERA a tad to 4.56 giving up only 2 runs off of a pair of solo homeruns.

Mike Cameron has been playing some decent ball in the month of August by batting .286 with 4 homeruns. He had a homerun as well last night, his 18 of the year. Additionally, the vet had a couple of nice fielding plays out in center...especially in the 1st inning, which was a "webgem". At times, earlier in the season, he looked like he didn't have much drive out there in Center. In August, he now seems fired up and enjoying himself more. Let's face it, Milwaukee was not a target of his during the offseason. Going from San Diego to Milwaukee is like going from Iraq from Kuwait. Not very appealing.

Milwaukee is an ideal city for the younger players, because they can focus on their careers and not spend the night out on the town. Jenkins and Hall were notorious clubbers the last couple of seasons. I don't know how many times I would look at and see pictures of them drinking up the night before a day game. Jenks is now doing that in Philly with Jimmy Rollins I hear.

***The win last night improves the Brewers road steak to 12 wins out the last 14 games since the All Star break. That's the big. Keep that up the rest of the month and a division pennant isn't so out of grasp. Milwaukee is now 3 games back, thanks to a postponed Cubs game in Atanta. You can't help but lick your chops on that one. The Cubs are pretty bad on the road, and for them to have to play two road games in one day is music to my ears.


-Yovani traveled with the team during the current road trip. FSN showed him a couple of times last night. Man, does he look young....well, he is young. It looks as if he may actually pitch at the end of September, out of the bullpen of course. He started throwing the ball again and experience soreness in his legs, rust. His arm felt phenominal that's promising.

-As I said before, I 'll say it again....Gabe Kapler is up there with Kendall and Torres for the biggest off-season additon. This Hebrew can bat the crap out of the ball and has been pretty clutch. He's a leader in the dug out too. It's as if the Crew lucked out and got a coach and a kickass player in one. Kapler is batting .303 on the season and 33 RBI's. Not too shabby for somone who hang up the cleats not too long ago.

-I anticipate Braun returning to the line up on Friday in LA. I still feel that Yost could have put him on the DL. However, playing su


  1. One big error. It was not the Padres dugout. It was the Brewers.

  2. I stand corrected. He was mostly looking at Ted Simmons.