Thursday, August 28, 2008


The game last night between the Cards and Crew gave me heartburn that lasted through out the entire night. It was pitiful. Manny Parra pitches an exceptional game only to have it ruined by David Riske and Brian Shouse. Thanks to Eric Gagne being off to tend to his family (wife giving birth), Riske was tasked with the 8th. He had to follow Carlos Villenueva's fantastic 7th inning where he was able to fend of bases loaded. Riske came in and just flopped. What can you do? The guy has been very limited in his innings as of late and he had to face a pissed off line up consisting of Pujols, Ludwick, and Glaus. In all, the Cards rally to beat the Brewers 5-3 in a game that was great through 7 innings for the Crew...only to end in utter disbelief. You can't lose these games Milwaukee...not when you have a 3 run lead through most of the game.

Manny Parra was spot on last night, striking out 7 batters and giving up one run. This kid can flat out throw. There have been 3 or 4 games this season that he had exited the game with the lead.

Albert Pujols claims Carlos woke a sleeping giant. What is this...WWII? You guys have been soft the entire season. Perhaps Phat Albert should shut his fat yapper. Look no further at your own teammates who "respect" the game by slamming down their batters helmet in front of all to see. Or even yourself, telling JJ Hardy that you were gonna get him (Carlos) the next time, after you reached second on your double. Your pathetic. I have always read right through that prick. Milwaukee should not forget last years incident during the last week of baseball. Despite Ned's boneheaded call to beam Albert. These two teams should hate each other the same, if not more than the Cubs. This team is filled with pricks. The sad thing is that they could very easily leap frog us in the September. This game last night, was one of those do or die games. We blew it.

Prince Fielder had better start heating up again in September. He was awful at the plate last night (not at first though), going 0 for 5. He now has 10 hits in his last 51 at-bats and is hitting .233 in the month of August. His play this year has been spotty at through out the season.

Corey Hart leads the national league in Doubles @ 39

Call me selfish, rude, or unethical....but shouldn't Gagne be in the bull pen, despite his wife giving birth? It's almost September. There are soldiers in Iraq getting shot at who make 30k-50k a year, not able to see their kids....yet this Canadian takes a couple of days off against Milwaukee's arch rival, Cardinals. You know, the ones who are nipping at our heels for the post season. You make 10MM in one fricken year, perhaps you should give up some of the freedoms like watching your kid be born? Is that rude of me to think this way?

Do NOT blame Carlos Villanueva for "waking a sleeping giant". The kid flat out beat the Cardinals in his inning, when we needed him. That's an excuse for a celebration in my book. Headlines like this one piss me off.

St. Louis' press gives credit where credit is due. Despite their heralding of Pujols.

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